WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – Dove & Lark Story

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – Dove & Lark Story 3 - steamsplay.com
WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – Dove & Lark Story 3 - steamsplay.com

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Main Characters (Pt. 1)

I have two main protagonists. Dove and Lark. The image to the right was created by myself. (I traced a wolf, using a real photograph, and not somebody else’s art.) Dove is Dove’s name and she is two and a half. She is a mix of wolf and dog. She looks more wolf-like than Lark. This could be a good or bad thing.
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Main Characters (Pt. 2)

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition - Dove & Lark Story - Main Characters (Pt 2.) - 3955C64

This is Lark. He is Dove’s 2 1/2 year old brother. He looks much more like a puppy than Dove. It was a blessing to him.

Prologue (Pt 1 –

I am Dove. I am still a Wolf despite having dog blood. I am wild, I am free. But it took me a very long time to realise that. I used imagine myself in perfect futures and tried to make those come true. But it didn’t. I never imagined the actual situation. What made me who I am. What made me what I am? I want to share with you, my story.

Prologue (Pt 2 –

I am Lark. When I first started out, I refused to believe that life had any downsides. I wanted nothing more than to frolic in meadows while basking in the sunshine. I didn’t have a clue where my life would take me. I didn’t realise how miserable life could get. I never thought I could be so lonely or so empty. I want to share my story with you, the story of who I became. Who I am now.

Chapter 1 –

I sat in the opposite direction of the sunset. I was staring out at a pond of crystalline water that had the last desperate rays in it. Like always, I imagined my future. I was picturing a large, brown sire who had gentle yellow eyes. I hadn’t yet thought about our dungeon… ooo… there were plenty places for that.

I sighed. Harpy has always snickered when he sees me. He was an older gray wolf with a deep hatred of wolfdogs. And even more so for actual dogs. He was my dad’s nephew, but I knew he hated mother. Technically, he wanted to get rid of both, but he only had one problem. He didn’t have a partner, and that was understandable. I don’t think anyone would want to pair with that grumpus, at least not anyone I knew. Well, I would say he was a bit of an annoying old snitch. This was a big problem because you need a mate to keep having puppies, to grow your pack and so on.

I was surprised to have even stopped imagining my future, but today I had enough imagined. I flipped my tail to remove the dust and got up. I probably shouldn’t have gone after the elk because the sun was already spreading its tendrils over the hills in the distance to the west. It wasn’t an issue, but it was nice to get back to our den site before sunset.

I heard familiar footfalls behind me. I spun my neck and saw Lark. “Aw, it was my intention to sneak up behind you!” he exclaimed, before settling himself down and pouting. “Well your big shoes make that difficult.” I responded, laughing. Lark said, swishing the tail of his dog in the dirt, “Oh, yeah, Harpy has sent me to you.” “He said that I really needed to start coming back earlier.” I frowned. Lark smiled and said, “That is‘s true.” He thinks he has the authority, but he won’t ever fight his father. He could be naive until now, but that was not very helpful. “I suppose we can go back …”,” he said, as he sighed and stole a last glance at setting sun. It had already vanished over the mountains by then. Together, me and Lark walked to our den with the mountains behind us and our destiny in front of us.

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