Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Enhanced Edition – Fiora’s mercenary build and Roleplaying

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Enhanced Edition – Fiora’s mercenary build and Roleplaying 3 -
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Enhanced Edition – Fiora’s mercenary build and Roleplaying 3 -

Tips and Tricks for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Enhanced Edition – Fiora’s mercenary build and Roleplaying

Roleplaying-focused mercenary build for Fiora, from League of Legends. Suitable for Core difficulty or below.

The portrait can be found here – [] .

Character Creation


Attribute Choice Comment
Race Human Well, duh.
Background Noble – Leader She comes from a noble family, and eventually becomes their leader. This background also makes you proficient with rapiers, so it fits Fiora in every way.
Stats 10-19-14-14-12-10 Racial bonus and all extra points to DEX.
Skills Mobility (max), Knowledge World, Perception. Those are the main ones. The rest can be anything your party needs (stealth and nature are both good). Just make sure to get mobility at every level.
Deity Atheism Even though her background story doesn’t mention atheism in particular, it also doesn’t give any clues as to deity worship. Demacia is also not a religious kingdom, even though some might worship The Winged Protector or The Veiled Lady as religious deities.
Alignment Lawful Neutral Fiora is all about principles and honor, and she will challenge anyone who dares defies those values. But she doesn’t really care about the concepts of good or evil. She’s neither a zealot nor a tyrant.

For voice, I’ve picked Pragmatic. I couldn’t find her birthdate.

This is the best I could do for her appearance (sadly, can’t add her purple hair stripes):

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Enhanced Edition - Fiora's mercenary build and Roleplaying - Character Creation - 16783CF

Leveling Progression


Level Class Feat Comment
1 Slayer Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus: Rapier I’ve added a specific section explaining this choice of class and weapon. Weapon Finesse lets you do attack rolls via Dexterity, while also helping with Duelist’s requirements. Steal Camellia’s rapier during the prologue 😉
2 Slayer Combat Style: Menacing – Dodge Another Duelist requirement that also fits her story.
3 Slayer Fencing Grace – Rapier Now you add your Dexterity on your damage rolls. I don’t even have to say how this fits Fiora’s background, do I?
4 Slayer Combat trick: Blind Fight Making sure you don’t miss that much.
5 Slayer Combat Mobility Once again, a Duelist requirement that also fits her story.
6 Slayer Combat Style: Menacing – Shatter Defenses It is as if you’re dealing true damage…
7 Slayer Outflank We could go Duelist now, but Slayer 7 gives us Studied Target as a swift action. If we don’t take it now, we’ll only be able to pick it at level 17. That’s a loooong way of wasting our move turn to apply the effect.
8 Duelist The big moment has arrived.
9 Duelist Improved Critical: Rapier Fits Fiora’s critical strike capabilities on League. You also get the Parry ability.
10 Duelist
11 Duelist Piranha Strike The equivalent of Power Attack for DEX builds. You also get Combat Reflexes for free. Attacks of opportunity for days.
12 Duelist You now have Riposte, also known as League’s most broken skill.
13 Duelist Critical Focus Making your critical strikes even easier to land.
14 Duelist
15 Duelist Lunge You’re fully lore-accurate now.
16 Duelist One more attack of opportunity, free initiative bonus, and deflect arrows. Thank you.
17 Duelist Staggering or Sickening Critical You also get the Crippling Critical ability, applying an additional effect of your choice on every critical strike.
18 Slayer Uncanny Dodge You never let your guard down.
19 Slayer Accomplished Sneak Attacker. More damage is never enough.
20 Slayer Dispelling Attack Lots of good options here, so this is only a suggestion to make the last dungeon a little bit easier.

This is how it should look on level 20, with no buffs. Please note that some feats are out of order because I’ve changed things around while making the guide but didn’t want to start over lol But it is all there.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Enhanced Edition - Fiora's mercenary build and Roleplaying - Leveling Progression - F0B1AB7

Mythic Progression

Mythic Feats and Abilities:


Level Choices Comment
1 Last Stand This is pretty much mandatory for any melee character, even for non-tanks.
2 Weapon Focus (Mythic): Rapier Self explanatory.
3 Ever Ready More attacks of opportunity? Yes, please.
4 Improved Critical (Mythic) – Rapier Your critical strikes are even deadlier now.
5 Unrelenting Assault Pressing the attack.
6 Piranha Strike (Mythic) Huge damage.
7 Defensive Study Makes you extra durable against your target.
8 Mythic Sneak Attacker More sneak attack damage? Yes, please.
9 Always a Chance or Leading Strike Not so many good options remaining. Pick your favorite.
10 Flawless Attacks Small buff to our hit chance, can’t complain.



Listing the most fitting weapon for the build and some useful armor. Nothing particularly special for the other slots, so use the best you can find for those.


There’s an unique rapier in every act, thanks to Camellia, so you will always have something to use until you get to act 4. For act 1, use Finnean. For act 2, there’s an unique cold iron rapier on Leper’s Smile (underground, next to wand of zacharius), which will be of great help on Drezen.


Name Source Description
Interceptor Act 4, Wirlong Black Mask, Fleshmarkets This +5 keen rapier grants its wielder a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls on attacks of opportunity. If an attack of opportunity results in a killing blow, the wielder can make one extra attack during the next round. You will have a lot of attacks of opportunity with this build, so this fits quite nicely.





Slot Name Source Description
Chest Lady Callandra’s Chainshirt Act 1, Tower of Estrod Has no Armor Check Penalty, and a Max Dexterity Bonus of 6. Pretty good for most of the game until you get to act 4.
Royal Messenger’s Chainshirt Act 4, Wirlong Black Mask, Fleshmarkets +4 bonus on Reflex saving throws and +10 competence bonus on Mobility checks. Same max Dexterity Bonus of 6.


Shirt White Wind’s Cloak Act 3, Ivory Sanctum The only Duelist-specific item on the game. Gives a +4 competence bonus to attack rolls while parrying. Additionally, the Precise Strike ability now adds 1.5 of her duelist level as a bonus to her damage rolls.


Reason for Slayer

Why Slayer and not Fighter?

Fighter fits, that’s true. But check the in-game description of the Slayer class: Slayers spend most of their time honing their weapon skills, studying the habits and anatomy of foes, and practicing combat maneuvers. Everything in this fits Fiora’s story and abilities.

Honing their skills: “Her mother had the finest craftsmen of Demacia fashion the most lifelike dolls for her to play with—but Fiora gave them to her maids, and took up her eldest brother’s rapier, forcing him to give her lessons in secret. Her father obtained a set of dressmaking mannequins for her personal seamstress to craft wondrous gowns—but Fiora merely used them to practice her lunges and ripostes.” (Source: official LoL lore page – [] )

Studying the anatomy of foes: she is skilled at finding enemies’ vital spots, as per her LoL passive and ultimate. This matches the Studied Target ability of Slayers very nicely. The only 2 other ways of getting the Studied Target ability come from the Inquisitor and Paladin, but they both don’t fit her lore.

Practicing combat maneuvers: also fits her backstory. She is all about circling her opponents with gracious dexterity, making it almost like she’s dancing, which also feats her LoL mobility ability.

She is also not hesitant of slaying anyone who tries to shame her family honor. Here’s another piece of her backstory:

“My lady,” said Ammdar, her second older brother, handing her a mid-length rapier with a bluesteel blade upon which light moved like oil. “Are you sure about this?”

“Of course,” replied Fiora. “You heard the tales Umberto and his braggart brothers were spreading in the Commercia?”

“I did,” confirmed Ammdar. “But is that worth his death?”

“If I let one braggart slide, then others will think themselves free to wag their tongues,” said Fiora.


“How many is that?” asked Ammdar, coming forward to collect her sword. “Fifteen? Twenty?”

“Thirty,” said Fiora. “Or maybe more. They all look the same to me now.”

“There will be more,” promised her brother.

“So be it,” answered Fiora. “But every death restores our family honor. Every death brings redemption closer.” (source – [] )

General tips about the build

The build is pretty straightforward. Position yourself to get a lot of attacks of opportunities and use Lunge at will to attack safely behind your tank. Make sure to pick the Outflank feat on every melee character on your party as soon as possible.

Mark your enemy with Studied Target if you need the extra chance to hit on your first attack or if you’re not flanking the enemy (i.e., you go first and there’s no other ally engaging the target yet). If you’re already flanking, it will be applied automatically with your sneak attacks.

Remember that you can use your Parry to protect others. If someone is in danger of dying on the next turn, you can use Parry-Others to prevent an enemy’s attack on them. When you succesfully parry, you’ll get a free Riposte attack.

Activate Piranha Strike for an extra boost of damage. Be careful though because it reduces your chance to hit quite a bit, so turn it off if you’re facing an enemy with high armor, or if you feel like you’re missing a lot during lower levels. You should have a lot of buffs from your party to compensate for this penalty, though.

Starting at Duelist 10, you can add a debuff effect to your critical strikes. Reducing AC or saving throws are the most useful ones, but choose according to what you’re facing.

Make sure to buff yourself with the Fox’s Cunning spell for more armor. You add 1 point of Intelligence bonus per Duelist level as a dodge bonus. So, since you start with 14 INT, you should be using the buff starting from level 10, unless you’re already using an INT headband.

We hope you found Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Enhanced Edition – Fiora’s mercenary build and Roleplaying informative and engaging, inspired by a brilliant piece by Sophis. If you have any ideas on how to make this post even better, please let us know in the comments. Have a wonderful day, and make sure to visit us regularly for new updates!

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