Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Enhanced Edition Lord Dragon (Gold Dragon Build)

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Enhanced Edition Lord Dragon (Gold Dragon Build) 1 -
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Enhanced Edition Lord Dragon (Gold Dragon Build) 1 -

Welcome. This Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Enhanced Edition Lord Dragon (Gold Dragon Build) Guide.

The Lord Dragon (Gold Dragon Build)

There aren’t many dragon builds online so I don’t understand why Gold Dragon isn’t a solid mythic path. But I mainly bought this game to be a gold Dragon.

The logic behind the build: You only get Gold Dragon at end of the game. So you need to be able do something while you wait.

Second, a high-BAB martial class is a waste of money for a Gold Dragon. Once you have your powers, it will set your BAB to 15+ your mythic level, outclassing any martial class. It’s better to go with a spellcaster.

Many things go unutilized/don’t matter when you become a Gold Dragon. Any bonuses or feats that pertain to weapons or unarmed attack (natural attacks will still work), it is a waste to concentrate on mounted combat and then transform into a Dragon who will never use mounted combat again.

What’s the solution? Concentrate on passive bonuses that will greatly benefit your Gold Dragon and use the character to cast spells until you can access Dragonkind buff. Then you can become a ghetto Dragon until you are a real dragon.

What would you keep and how would you benefit as a Gold Dragon? Double stacking AC bonuses with lots of charisma, spellcasting, sneak attacks, and spellcasting.

Class :

1 Level of Oracle with nature’s whispers Revelation will substitute our DEX with CHA.

1 Level of Scaled Finger will give our CHA bonus for AC, this stacks well with the Oracle one.

8 Levels of Charisma-based main Arcane Spellcaster. For this guide, I will be using regular Sorcerer but you could also go for Witch (Stigmatised Witch). Witches don’t get as many fire spells so you will have to rework a lot of things, but the principle would still work. Until you become a Dragon, you would be a healer/melee type, not an offensive spellcaster.

10 Levels of Arcane Trickster. We keep progressing our spellcaster level while gaining sneak attacks. This is possible without getting any Rogue levels. 2d6 sneak attack bonus for picking the Trickster mythic pathway at level 10/mythic 3.

Race : Any race offering bonuses to STR or CHA can be used, as we dump almost every other stat. Dumping stats can be as good as a Gold Dragon, as eventually all stats below 18 will be upgraded to 18.

There are many choices:

Aasimar, angelkin

Pitborn, thiefling

Oread, gemsoul

Dhampir, moroi

Half-Elf, Kindred (you can get double the CHA starting bonus with this).

You can also choose Human, but I find it incredibly boring to play a Human in fantasy games.

Alignment – LG (You’ll need to start LG as a monk and then make every possible conversation choice to become CG so that you can complete the trickster questline. After you have completed this part, you can make other choices. Once you get Gold Dragon, your alignment will be NG.

Background: Pickpocket for 2 Initiative

Deity – Your choice

Aasimar is an example of starting stats: 20, 7, 13, 10, 7, 19,

You could increase your STR by 4 levels and your CHA by 1 level. However, you could also go full-CHA or STR.

Skills: Start with Mobility till 4, Trickery until 4, Arcana Till 4, and then it’s up to you. I would then go up Persuasion, then Athletics. You can also use magic devices for extra points.

Level 1: Oracle (1- (Enlightened Philosopher), Spell Focus (Evocation), Hellbound / Cure Spells / Nature/Nature’s Whispers

Level 2 – Monk (1 – (Scaled Fist). / Dodge. I know you could choose Crane Style and skip dodge, but I want Dodge. This is the only way to get it. A monk feat skips requirements. We discarded our DEX.

Level 3 – Sorcerer (1– / Crane Style/Gold Dragon Bloodline/ Spell Specialisation(Burning Hands).

Level 4 : Sorcerer (2 –

Level 5: Sorcerer (3- / Spell Perpetration / (Mobility Trickery, Arcana and Mobility should all be at 4)

**** You should be using Mythic 1 right now.

Level 6 – Sorcerer (4– / Spell Specialisation, Scoring Ray)

Level 7 – Sorcerer (5– / Greater Spell Penetrating

Level 8 – Sorcerer (6– / Spell Specialization (Fireball).

**** You should be using Mythic 2 right now.

Level 9 – Sorcerer (7– / Outflank/ Bloodline feat: Toughness

Level 10: Sorcerer (8- / Spell Specialization (Controlled Fireball).

**** You must get Mythic 3 now or the build will not work. If you reach level 11, don’t stop leveling.

Level 11: Arcane Trickster (1-) / Greater spell focus (Evocation).

Level 12: Arcane Trickster (2-3) / Spell Specialization (Fire Snake).

**** You need to get Mythic4 Now

Level 13: Arcane Trickster (3- / Completely normal spell)

Level 14 – Arcane Trickster (4– / Spell Specialization (Hellfire Ray).

**** I run my group with a Brownfur Transmuter, who will provide the Dragonkind buff. If you don’t have a party that has that type of buffer character, you can get the Dragonkind spell in place of Hellfire Ray.

Level 15 – Arcane Trickster (5-5 – / Crane Wing

**** At the beginning of Act 4, you should Hit Mythic 5 immediately.

Level 16 – Arcane Trickster (6

Level 17 – Arcane Trickster (7– / Improved Critical: Bite

**** Act 4: You should Hit Mythic 6 immediately.

Level 18 – Arcane Trickster (8

Level 19 – Arcane Trickster (9– / Improved Critical? Bite

Level 20 – Arcane Trickster (10

Mythic Path: Trickster

Rank 1: Near the Abyss/ Ascendant Ellement (Fire).

Rank 2: Extra Mythic Ability – Last Stand

Rank 3: Trickster / Arcana Armor / Arcana 1. Spell / Expeditious Retreat. Feather Step. Vanish

Rank 4: Spell Penetration, Mythic / Perception 1, perception 2 / Spells: Snowball Mirror Image, Blur

Rank 5: Master Shapeshifter. / Athletics 1

Rank 6: Improved Critial, Mythic / Persuasion 1, / Persuasion 2.

Rank 7: Ever Ready/ Mobility 1/ Persuasion 3.

Rank 8: Gold Dragon / Toughness / Mythic

Rank 9: Dragon Feats: Shatter Defenses and Improved Cleaving Finish, Greater Weapon Spezialisation (Bite), Mythic Charge

Rank 10: Mythic Sneak Attacker

Suggested Spells :

Level 1: Divine favor (oracle), Shield.

Level 2 – Mirror Image, Scorching Ray Blur, Glitterdust and Sense Vitals

Level 3: Fireball, Greater Magic Weapons, Haste, Dispel Magic

Level 4 – Controlled Fireball, False Life(Greater), Dimension Doors

Level 5: Angelic Aspect. Fire Snake. Icy Prison

Level 6 : Hellfire Ray, Sirocco, Transformation

Level 7 – Ice Body, Legendary Proportions (unless it is on the transmuter), Joyful Rapture and Summon Greater Elemental

Level 8 – Angelic Aspect (Greater), Sea Mantle and Iron Body

Level 9 : Tsunami

Fully buff, getting attacked in melee, I have 126 AC level 20.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Enhanced Edition Lord Dragon (Gold Dragon Build) - The Lord Dragon (Gold Dragon Build) - B966B9F

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