The Isle Alberto Legacy Guide

The Isle Alberto Legacy Guide 1 -
The Isle Alberto Legacy Guide 1 -
This is a guide to help you grow and play as Alberto in Legacy



The Alberto is a sandbox dinosaur. Because of this, it is extremely unbalanced. Playing as Alberto leaves you incredibly overpowered in some situations, and horrifyingly underpowered in others. 
You can abuse this power against others, but know, that some may abuse your weaknesses in turn. 
Oh and, Albertos can’d smell or nest. 

Growth Duration

Here’s a handy chart to see how long it takes to grow Alberto from any point. 
Basically, every 0.1 of growth takes 40 minutes.The Isle Alberto Legacy Guide 

How to grow

As juvie Alberto you are basically a glass turret, even more so than in its adult stage. 
The Albertos bite doesn’t seem to scale with its weight, so you do more damage than any other juvie. 
But since it doesn’t have a true juvie stage, and is just a tiny adult, it is also extremely slow, has a terrible turning radius, and its lack of camouflage makes it even more vulnerable to attack. 
So you may be able to beat any other juvie at facetanking, but you’ll still die in one hit by anything other than a Utah, until you start weighing as much as them. 
Oh and, you need a ton of water. Food isn’t a problem, but you’ll have to drink about twice as much as you eat, and since Alberto’s water intake is terrible, it’ll also take forever to drink. 
You better find a good spot to drink without being seen, otherwise it’s over. 

Adult Alberto

In General the Alberto is an extremely fast fighter. You won’t need to use your ambush, but you’ll have to defeat your enemies fast, as you have neither much stamina nor much bleed. 
Your turn is good when sprinting and ambushing, ok when crouching, terrible when trotting or y-walking. He also swims pretty fast. 
Health and Bite damage are good. 
Heal is ok. 
Bleed heal is bad. 
Stamina and Stamina regen are terrible. 
Any fight will leave you without much stamina, so you’ll need to commit to any battle, defeat your opponent as fast as possible, while wasting as little stamina as you can. 
In short: Overwhelm your enemies, and don’t stop till they drop. 
WARNING: The Albertos major weakness 
The biggest problem that Alberto’s lack of balance creates, is its lack of stamina, which means that if a Giga or Acro gets close to you, it will kill you. 




The Acro’s sprint is much faster than Albertos, even if its shorter, and its trot is one of the fastest in the game. Keep your distance to Acros at all times, and if it runs after you, run and hide. There is almost no way for you to beat an Acro in a 1v1. 


A Giga is almost as bad of a matchup to an Alberto as the Acro is, it’s much slower than the Alberto at sprinting and ambushing, but as you should know, the Giga is even better at long distance travel as the Acro is. If a Giga feels like abusing this weakness of yours, it can run you down, and force you to hide. 
There is however a chance to defeat a Giga. In a 1v1, it’s possible to ambush around a Gigas right side, and butt ride it to death. An easier way to defeat it, is to run at the Giga, tank a bite, and immediately butt ride it. If you hit most of your bites, and never let the Giga bite you a second time, you can kill it before you bleed out. 

Good Matchups



You can easily destroy an Allo, it’s not a fair fight. The Allos’ turn when sprinting is about as good as yours, but you have speed on your side. You can run down an Allo, even when its in ambush, so most Allos will run when they see you, if you can’t manage to get behind them though, you can always use your sprint to run through them, gain some distance and turn around. 
But stay on your toes, the Allos’ bleed can get your health down quite quickly. 


Ceras have a much better turn radius than you do, so don’t try to butt ride them for more than two bites. Luckily for you, Cera is a terrible Dino, so you can just hit and run, and you will kill them much faster than they will kill you. You can run them down almost as easily as Allos. 


Dilos get absolutely bullied by Albertos. 
The Dilos sprint and ambush is slower than Albertos’, so they get destroyed in a fight. 
Try to not be mean to them. 


If you hit a Utah once, it will bleed out seconds later. Your turn when sprinting is pretty great, and your ambush is almost as fast as a Utahs’ sprint. If you don’t let them get behind you you’re good, and Albertos stop on the spot. If a Utah manages to get at your butt, trying to brake check them is a good tactic. But a great Utah player will manage to kill you if you let it, not much you can do about it. 


This is a bad time for Alberto. 
Suchos have a much better turn radius at slow speed, more health, damage and bleed. 
Only try it if you have the numbers. 

Sub Giga:

You shouldn’t try it. The Giga will kill you if you try to facetank it, and its turn is much too good. Only fight a grown sub Giga if you can ambush it, don’t 1v1 it. 

Sub Rex:

Go for it. Sub Rex is basically a more balanced, tanky version of the Alberto, it has more health and a stronger bite, but you’re faster. If you keep sprinting around it, you can take it out. But it’s not easy. 


Rexes are a great match for an Alberto. You can 1v1 a Rex by getting behind it, by ambushing around its right side (very risky). Butt riding a Rex will take you less than 50 hits to kill it, and you’ll waste about half your stamina doing it. It’s dangerous, but fun. Your sprint is a bit faster than the Rexes, but be careful, the Rexes ambush is faster than your sprint, so if you disengage from a crouching Rex, it can catch up to you. 
But if you keep about three body lengths away from it, it won’t catch up before its ambush runs out. Most Rexes don’t know that, so you can bait them to waste their stamina ambush running after you. 
In a group fight, a smart Rex might never sprint, wait for an Alberto to waste its stamina, then run after it and kill it. Always watch your stamina, it doesn’t regen very fast. 


Albertos are strong against Pachys and Theris. 
Alberto is the only mid-tier fast enough to outrun a Theri, so in a 2v1 you can beat it. 
Maias are faster than your ambush, so that’s not great. 
A Diablo will beat an Alberto in a 1v1 easily, a 2v1 isn’t great either. 
Ankys and Stegos beat Alberto. 
Trikes you can buttride at your own risk, and they’re worse at running you down than Gigas or Rexes. 
Shants are slightly slower than Theris, and don’t cause bleed, so you can tank a few hits. They do about 20% damage per hit, so you can survive 4 headbutts, but one Stomp will kill you. You can buttride them in a 2v1 fairly easily, as they have even less stamina than you do. 
Camas aren’t gonna go down to an Alberto, due to your low bleed damage. 

Glass Cannon

The Alberto can be very powerful, but it has its limits. 
Don’t abuse your power by killing every Mid-Tier you see, ok? ^^ 

Written by Solitary Day

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