The Isle How To Play The Allosaurus

The Isle How To Play The Allosaurus 1 -
The Isle How To Play The Allosaurus 1 -
This Guide might change in the future because of EVIRMA.



A few warnings to say before you read my guide on playing the Allosaurus in The Isle. 
1. I am not a god at playing the Allo in The Isle and I am not very decent at player combat right now but I am decent at AI combat. 
(If there are any good techniques or tips I can put in the Combat section of this Guide for dinosaurs I don’t know how to fight I will be glad to include them as long as you can say how it works and how good it works and etc.) 

Survival Tips And What To Do.

The first thing you wanna do whenever you spawn in is grab the nearest electronic device or go on google on your PC and search up The Isle Coordinate Finder or something like that and click on a link that has the The Isle map you are playing on and put in your cords to figure out where you are or without any coordinate finders you can calculate where you are and then you can sniff to see any water sources nearby if there is walk to it or run to it but if there is not any just run in to the forest for a few minutes and then sniff also do not run into the forest 1 calling or 3 calling because you might die and don’t go to find ava in the forest because more AI will spawn near water and you will starve to death trying to find ava that is not near the water.Whenever you are at the water source just go AFK for awhile and do whatever you want but you still have to lookout for anything like AI,carnivores,herbivores that might kill you on sight,etc 
Find a place to hide like a big bush or a place that has a lot of a trees so you will not get killed while AFK unless you wanna end up like this guy. 
The Isle How To Play The Allosaurus 
It is good to partner up with a few friends so you can hunt easier and stay alive easier or if you are good on your own you can go solo. 
Link to a Coordinate Finder for all maps except DV Testlevel 

Combat Tips And Techniques.

Of course like I said before I am not a good combat expert or is at least decent at combat so I will just give some advice and some techniques on some dinos that you can actually fight. 
Rex: Avoid the head and aim for the body and tail and you should Run And Bite also you should watch out for the ambush speed and if you can do all of that you can hunt a Rex. 
(Gigas and Rexs 2 shot Allos) 
Giga: Same as the Rex but the Giga I think is slower than the Rex and also the Giga has the highest bleed damage in the game alongside the Allo and the Dilo. 
Allo: Well it looks like a cannibal wants to kill you well you should break check it and aim for the body and tail not the face.Also allos have good bleed on one bite which is 9.25 bleed every few seconds 
Cera: I don’t know I need more research… 
Dilo: I don’t know I need more research… 
Carno: I don’t know I need more research… 
Utah: I don’t know I need more research… 
Trike: Avoid the horns and bite at the tail and body and use the technique Run And Bite and watch out for some tricks up its sleeve like it charging towards you,break checking,etc and you should be fine. 
Diablo: The Diabloceratops is horrifying its body is so short which means if you use the strategy I use which is Run And Bite you will probably be dead because you are gonna hit the face most of the time so idk how to kill it. 
Para: Same as Trike. 
Maia: Maia’s most likely wont beat you up with its hoofs but if it does just run and bite because it probably can do good damage to your allo also it is able to run faster than you so you should use your ambush speed it to kill it. 
Galli: You need to watch out for Trollimimus they are annoying and live in packs and use their weak attacks and spam it to kill Rexes but I haven’t encountered one yet anyways you should use the element of surprise to kill’em because they are faster than you probably. 
Dryo: You really think a Dryo can kill you? But it is fast so you gotta use the element of surprise to kill it. 

What Do Allos Do That Allos Only Do?


A Allo Pack will 99% of the time after they kill a Player or a entire Pack they will 1 call for victory no matter if it is day or night or where they are. 
(If there is any other stuff that Allos only do in The Isle that you want to be in this section of the Guide just just chat with me about but i’m not doing voice chat only text chat on steam.) 

By armyant08

This is all for The Isle How To Play The Allosaurus hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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