The Isle EVRIMA Ptera Combat Guide

The Isle EVRIMA Ptera Combat Guide 1 -
The Isle EVRIMA Ptera Combat Guide 1 -
Some ptera guide that should in theory, teach you how to pick your fights much better, as well as fight better in general.


1 | Picking your fights

As the Pteranodon, you have the greatest mobility currently ingame. Period. But how could I use that to better myself in potentially dangerous scenarios? 
The first thing you want to know is that, anything above 400-500 KG+ will have the upperhand in combat. For this reason, you should test out other creatures before really starting to practice Ptera. This doesnt mean growing a full adult, just getting the feel of the others and seeing their stats. This will help you evaluate from looks of a creature alone, if you can take it on or not. 
The second thing you should know is what you can fight and what you cannot, which I’ll list here: 
Yeah no, this is a no brainer. Never fight a deinosuchus, they are by far the most powerful carnivore in Evrima, and have zero problem tearing you to pieces. If you want a chance at taking one on, wait for Elders to come out and have a full possee. 
This is a peculiar case. You will almost never have to fight a Ptera, as most of them are very calm and enjoy teaming up with people. But in the case that you’re up against one, potentially in a squabble for food. Try to stay behind them. Ptera has a suprisingly bad turn radius for such a small creature, and if your able to, probablly by flying about and managing to get behind. Put in as many attacks into them as you can. Dog fighting as Ptera is a strange one, as it can be very hard to hit somebody with your attacks in the air. Try to avoid this, but if you must fight in the air, then my only suggestion is to practice on that. Yeah. That’s basically the entire ptera matchup, practice. 
…Basically the same as Deinosuchus. Don’t take one on. The only difference for Carno is that now you dont have to all be Elder! (yay) 
This is probablly the most fair Terrestrial carnivore matcup Ptera has. If you end up fighting a Utah as ptera, make sure to play smart with your stamina. You want to always be flying, and only going in for attacks when its safe. Remember, Utah is extremely mobile and can definitely turn around and insta kill you if you try a*s riding one. One thing that may help, is prior experience with Ptera or Tropeo gameplay in BoB. As you will be doing alot of the dive bombing attack patterns that are often done there. 
Do I even need to repeat myself here? It’s the same as Deinosuchus. 
Tenonto can seem like a huge threat to you if you happen to be a Ptera. But, in reality if you’re all good enough you only really need 5 Pteras to take one down. In practice you want to do the same tactic as for Utahraptor, do the dive bombing thing. This time it will be like twice as effective though, as Tenonto is less mobile than Utahraptor. Practicing this dive bomb tactic can make you capable of taking down larger things than Ptera is really meant to do, so just practice it. 
Mostly the same as Utah, however a bit easier. Dryo has less health and damage than a utah, and is not as good at the whole fighting thing. But trying to catch one that has spotted you is impossible. I kid you not when I say this, but getting just one good dryo down can take 6+ Pteras all scowering and looking for it. All in all, if you’re in a straight fight with these guys, use the dive bombing tactic. After you see visible damage on them, it’s slightly viable to actually drop down and attack them on the ground. Ptera can at 100% tank a single hit from a Utah, making this a horrible strategy. But at 100% Ptera can tank 2 or 3 hits from a Dryo, on top of this Dryo appears to have slight delay in its bites making it hard to hit them. Make sure the Dryo is low however, you do 50 damage at 100% meaning you should get in 4-6 hits in before doing this. 
Do what happens in the update 3 trailer, which is to say sneak drop down on one and bite it. Hypsi gets 2 shot by you, so if you get the drop on one its dead. 

Hope you enjoy the post for The Isle EVRIMA Ptera Combat Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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