Terraria how to beat Pre hardmode on master mode

Terraria how to beat Pre hardmode on master mode 2 - steamsplay.com
Terraria how to beat Pre hardmode on master mode 2 - steamsplay.com
This is a guide to passing pre-hardmode on master mode using tips and tricks approved by me who has 475 h of experience. Please note that not all tricks from normal mode will work due to master mode enemies having new abilities that could disrupt the trick.



KING SLIME: What you need: Lava bucket, rope and skillz. Mine a pool in the ground on the surface of about 1 block high and and 12 blocks wide. 
Method: Pour the lava in and place 25 ropes above the middle of the lava pool goind directly up. Be very careful to get onto the rope while spawning king slime and don’t touch the lava. When spawning he should be repeatedly damaged pretty quickly from the lava and should die after 4 mins. When he teleports jump up and attach back to the rope. He should spawn underneath and not leave a scratch on you. Repeat till victory is yours. 


EYE OF CTHUHLU: What you will need: A ton of rails, a good minecart (don’t use the starter one that you have automatically and craft yourself a proper minecart) and a good ranged weapon that preferably can cause burning. 
Method: Position your minecart tracks right above the trees and stretch it out for about 200-400 blocks. When spawning move from one end to the other repeatedly while staying out of range and shooting him. 


QUEEN BEE: What you will need: Alot of healing potions, a queen bee spawn (made one), spectre boots, campfires around the area, boomstick or any good ranged weapong also suitable for pretty up-close combat and a ton of grenades. The reason this will use a made queen bee spawn is because there is more mobility on the surface. Make sure to have armour that can protect you enough and good ammunition for your weapon. 
Method: When in her charging attack be sure to get a hit in with a ranged weapon while she’s charging and jump over when she’s close, when in her stinger firing position or bee spawning, make sure to dodge the projectiles and try to hit her overhead with some grenades. 


BRAIN OF CTHUHLU: What you need: a bunch of platforms, grenades and ammunition for a good ranged weapon. 
Method: set out the platforms smartly to increase mobility. When in 1st form be sure to use alot of grenades to quickly get rid of the eyes. In 2nd form take him out with a ranged weapon and be sure to move around alot because he teleports much. 
EATER OF WORLDS: What you need: just healing potions,bombs and a big melee weapon. 
Method: When he’s still in one peice or 3 make sure to throw lots of bombs to deal as much damage as you can. then when done to half health finish him off with a big range weapon. 


SKELETRON: What you need: Make sure a nurse room is set up nearby and make sure you’re stocked up on ammo, heals and grenades. 
Method: While he is doing the spinning attack make sure to hit him in the hands with grenades. 
When he is in his swinging attack make sure to deal ranged damage. 
BEGGINER TIP: taking out the hands will make it a ton lot easier to evade attacks. 


WOF: What you will need: a bridge made of any solid block (DO NOT use platforms). In normal mode platforms can be used without consequence. However in expert and master lava slimes can drop lava when killed and will destroy the platform eventually making you end up in a lava pool. gather a bunch of beenades from queen bee. 
Method: Make a hole every 2 blocks in the bridge so if a lava slime is killed the lava will go through and not spread. Spawn the WOF at the edge of the world and while throwing beenades at him move away from him until he dies. 


The reason in the guide why I use alot of ranged weapons is becuase mastermode bosses deal a bunch of damage when with contact so it’s better to evade them then do melee. It’s better to use grenades because if used properly they can deal a bunch of sweet damage you’re gonna want. 

Written by Burrito Cat King

This is all for Terraria how to beat Pre hardmode on master mode hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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