SCP: Secret Laboratory Best Strategy How to Play as Fight + Survival Tips

SCP: Secret Laboratory Best Strategy How to Play as Fight + Survival Tips 1 -
SCP: Secret Laboratory Best Strategy How to Play as Fight + Survival Tips 1 -

This Guide will show you how to play as, fight, and survive SCP-096.


In this Guide i will use some terminology that some people don’t know, here’s what they mean:
LC: Light Containment
HC: Heavy Containment
EZ: Entrance Zone
SF: Surface Zone
SCP-173: The gross, wall-nut looking SCP that you NEED to look at.
SCP-939: The gross, dog/frog looking SCP that can only see you when you are moving.
SCP-079: The Computer SCP that controls all doors and cameras, if you see a camera with a blue dot in the lens/ that is moving, RUN.
SCP-049: The plague doctor looking SCP that makes Zombies (049-2)
SCP-049-2: The “Zombies” that 049 Creates.
MTF: The soldiers that arrive in a helicopter in SZ.
Chaos: The…. “soldiers” in gas masks that arrive in the truck below the bridge.
E-ll: The long, rifle like gun that MTF Lieutenant(s) and MTF Captain(s) spawn with.
Hopefully this guide will help low to mid tier players with fighting/playing/dodging/Attempting to survive SCP-096
And with that out’ve the way, Lets Begin!

Description And Position

SCP-096 (who i will refer to as 096 as of now) is gray/white, tall, humanoid SCP. He will SPAWN at his containment chamber, but most definitely move around the zones. His Containment which looks a bit like a closet, its one of the smallest rooms in the game. Its a dead end and therefore will be found near the sides of HC. He will make a not so loud sobbing noise, if its completely silent then you can hear it about three normal sized rooms away. But, if there’s even a little noise, his cries will be muffled greatly.
Btw: If you are a complete newbie and don’t know anything about this game, 096 is a player, not an NPC

Playing: Part 1

You have spawned in as SCP-096 first, you need to open the door, and enter HC, begin walking around and try to find a room with 2 elevators on the left and right side of the room, go down these elevators and through the “checkpoint.” Keep walking around, if you hear talking go that way. If you see a room labeled #914, go in the room and right click the large gate. If you hear doors opening go that way. If someone s e e s y o u r f a c e, wait until you see them become a large red dot. Then, run up to them, left-click, and…. TEAR THEM APART.
Or, you can try to find a checkpoint in HC. And go through there, keeping walking around until a facility guard looks at your face/shoots you, then. Go up to them, left-click, and…. Kill them!

Playing: Part 2

This part will go over strategy’s and more complicated parts of 096. Once you’re in the “Aggravated” state (when you can kill people) First kill everyone that saw you, you can do this by 1. Left Clicking on them. 2. Pressing Right click to charge at them. if you hit them during your charge they will die. Or 3. Scaring them into suicide/accidental murder. you can also Left click to break small doors, or Right click to pry open large doors. Try to break doors sparingly, especially if you have a Computer (aka SCP 079 aka PC)
After you kill them, if you know other people are around with guns that haven’t seen your face (which will make them invisible until you are out of your aggravated state) run away. if not, run around breaking LOCKED doors, (the doors you need a key-card for) do NOT break normal doors. Unless you are chasing someone and are worried that your charge will run out before you kill them.
When you are Aggravated, people will look down, therefore not able to be killed by you. That’s why having other SCP’s by your side will make you much MUCH more deadly. Most notably with 173 or 079.

Fighting: Part 1

Most likely, you wont fight 096 without a MTF/Chaos squad. If you don’t have a squad, don’t shoot at him. Look down and slowly walk around (while still looking down) DO NOT jump.
When you see him, shoot him, don’t be the little p***y that kills the entire team by not doing his part in damage. He is most vulnerable In his “gettin mad” state (when hes about to enter his aggravated state) and his “cooldown” state, (A little bit of time after the “Aggravated state”) If there’s about 5 people or more, (assuming they all have MTF weapons, such as Crossvecs and E-ll’s) he’s f*cked, like seriously f*cked. If he still manages to get into his “aggravated” state and is beginning to kill your team. Then KEEP SHOOTING as you’re as good as dead, you might as well do little bit of damage to him, or even kill him! Keep shooting while backing up, if he reaches you, start dodging while still shooting.

Fighting: Part 2

If he’s with other SCP’s he is the main priority. If you have sniper attachments on your E-ll, SHOOT HIM. 096 is by FAR the most annoying and deadly SCP in the game (beside 079) if hes in the game, everyone will target him. If hes with 173, then HIDE. Eventually, they will separate, that’s when you charge in and kill one of them. Or, you can absolutely obliterate them with a full squad and a Micro.
The Micro H.I.D: The most effective way to kill SCP 096, keep looking down while charging (left click) and wait until its starts firing. If hes running away, chase him down while charging/firing. Then, F*UCKING OBLITERATE HIM. He will NOT be able to kill you in time. (unless you wasted too much charge, or couldn’t catch up to him.)


If you are in a situation in which you need to dodge 096, Stay outve his range and move forward after he has attacked, go through him, turn around, and repeat. He he begins charging, jump an opposite direction of the charge and pray, pray to the NorthWood Gods and hope that you’re far enough away to survive the charge.

SCP Combos

096 and 173: Almost unstoppable if they stay inside and together.
096 and 079: A very strong combo, even able to kill players that haven’t seen 096’s face by telling him where they are.
096 and 939: Powerful, but not very reliable with smarter players.
096 and 049/049-2: Just a Upgrade to the 939 combo, Zombies (aka 049-2) are a good meatsheild.
096 and 106: A very defensive combo, 106 is the best meatsheild in the game.


I hope this guide has helped you with playing and killing SCP 096, if you believe i have missed anything, or you have any questions, ask me in the comments.
Ta Ta!
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(I don’t have a YouTube Btw)

Here we come to an end for SCP: Secret Laboratory Best Strategy How to Play as Fight + Survival Tips hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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