SCP: Secret Laboratory Best & Effective Tactics for MTF Edition

SCP: Secret Laboratory Best & Effective Tactics for MTF Edition 1 -
SCP: Secret Laboratory Best & Effective Tactics for MTF Edition 1 -

A list of tips and information that will hopefully help MTF in SCP: SL play more effectively.


SCP: Secret Laboratory Best & Effective Tactics for MTF Edition - Introduction - 0728588
As of the Parabellum update, many players of SCP: SL have found it increasingly difficult to take out a team of SCPs effectively as MTF. I aim to help solve this problem with a written tactics guide that outlines useful information and strategies that, in theory, would work well with proper communication and execution.
These tips are meant for people who already have a basic understanding of how the game functions.


1: Better to die with glory, than live with defeat.
Unless you have a sizable amount of your platoon willing to retreat at that moment, it’s better to fight to the death and deal damage instead of retreating and only delaying the inevitable. This is especially important when fighting SCP-096, as once you’ve seen his face, you probably won’t live for much longer. Better to dump a mag into him, less you die in vain.
2: Communication is key.
You won’t get much done with a disorganized lot of inexperienced soldiers. Establishing proper communications is essential to performing well. Make sure people only speak when they have something important to say, and ensure that people follow orders given.
3: Use spectator mode to your advantage.
Spectator mode can provide useful information to plan your offense accordingly. For example, if you see SCP-173 near Gate-B before you spawn, you would know to rush in the moment you spawn so you could catch him off-guard. Or, if you saw the SCPs setting up a trap at the HCZ checkpoint, then you’d know to be careful when first opening the checkpoint.
4: Control the map.
If you can spare the soldiers, keep at least one operative in important locations around the facility. They can assist in helping you find the last member of the enemy team or alerting the rest of your group to the location of an SCP. This also means that some personnel may be designated to scout ahead of the others, to inform them of any dangers ahead.
5: Stick together.
Unless you are scouting ahead, or remaining in one area to spot remaining targets, it is recommended to stick together as a group of MTF. Concentrated fire from a large force of MTF will typically take down any SCP swiftly.
6: Take initiative.
If no other member of your group is ordering other people around and playing the leadership role, be that person yourself. Give helpful advice to your fellow operatives and inform them of the threats ahead.
7: Detain when you can, kill if you must.
It’s usually a good idea to detain unarmed Class-D, they can be a great asset if you can escort them out. However, it is not advised to trust any random Class-Ds wandering the map. If they are still alive by the time you reach them, they are most likely armed. Order them to drop their items before you go near them. If they don’t comply or make up an excuse, shoot them. If you want to be extra careful, then order them to face the opposite direction while you detain them so they cannot swiftly pull out a pistol and shoot you.
8: Use the right loadout for the right situation.
To prevent being caught off guard by a Chaos Insurgent while you have a loadout more suited for fighting SCPs, you should have a few presets ready to change as the situation demands. If you’re fighting SCPs, go for a high fire-rate and high damage (JHP rounds) loadout. If you’re fighting armored targets and/or SCP-173, go for better armor penetration (AP rounds).

Final Notes

If you have anything you believe would useful to this guide, type it down below and I’ll consider adding it.
This guide is called a guide for a reason, it is not a strict rule-set on how to play. These are just some tips I believe are useful in SCP: SL’s setting.

Written by OnionMan

Here we come to an end for SCP: Secret Laboratory Best & Effective Tactics for MTF Edition hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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