People Playground lore of the r’ag’nhak imperium

People Playground lore of the r’ag’nhak imperium 1 -
People Playground lore of the r’ag’nhak imperium 1 -
(ignore the thumbnail i’m too lazy to put a screenshot there) this is the lore for the r’ag’nhak imperium, a faction of my creation


general overview

the r’ag’nhak imperium originates on planet ur’tak and occupies nearly the entire northern hemisphere. the southern hemisphere is home to several dangerous beasts and so it has not been conquered. the r’ag’nhak imperium consists entirely of creatures of the r’ag’nhak species, hence the name. r’ag’nhak resemble humans, but are much taller, the average height being 7’8″(233cm). they have superhuman strength and reflexes and a natural resistance to pain. these are all enhanced by a drug cultivated in their underground factories which is extremely potent, and trace amounts of it can drastically increase their abilities to the point where they have been known to redirect tank turrets, take cover from bullets fired 10 yards away from them, and things that would normally cripple a being encourage them to carry on. the effect does not last for long, however, so it is stored in tanks surgically implanted in their backs and a regulator places a dose into their bloodstream when the effects are about to diminish. a key distinguishing feature is the fact that the r’ag’nhak army essentially turns its soldiers into walking weapons by building guns, chainsaws, and rocket launchers into their bodies, among other things. these enhancements vary from soldier to soldier, so there is no real standard, it is impossible to predict what you will have to face next if you kill one. 


the hierarchy of the imperium is simple due to the r’ag’nhak naturally being a warrior race and not needing a complex social system. the hierarchy is as follows: 

  • the ruler, or k’ar’nak, he has control over the military, which consists of most of the imperium. 
  • the generals, or ja’nhah, who command individual units, known as ba’tar, which contains 300 soldiers 
  • the soldiers, or ro’nahk, who fight 
  • the scientists, who are enslaved from other civilizations and work on a) augmenting the soldiers and b) working on new ways to improve them


planet ur’tak

ur’tak is located in a system named SS-11A (the r’ag’nhak do not possess the technology to leave their planet and thus do not know they live in a solar system, so they haven’t named it), which is not populated by any other sentient species. The geography of ur’tak is very mountainous and lots of r’ag’nhak buildings are underground, giving the planet the appearance of being deserted. several hatches have been dug into the ground which connect to the nearest military establishment. soldiers can then be deployed via magnetic pods which take them up to the hatch, where they can then climb out on unsuspecting invaders. ur’tak’s surface is covered in a substance that looks like snow, but is actually sand made from pearl-white rocks that once littered the planet, however they were destroyed eventually by the harsh winds ur’tak experiences frequently. dust devils often appear on the surface around the equator, due to oppositely-blowing winds from the south and north hemispheres colliding in the middle. the southern hemisphere is home to several dangerous species, however images of them are unavailable as none have had the time to upload any images taken of them. 


as stated above, all soldiers in the r’ag’nhak k’or’ax (the term for the military) are biologically and technologically enhanced to be capable of ripping apart hundreds of infantry soldiers and maybe a few light vehicles before dying. the k’or’ax does possess artillery cannons, which are controlled via wires inserted into the pilot’s brain (specialized pilots exist that have special outlets allowing them to establish a link with the cannon) so they can fire the gun with a thought. they are loaded through a large drum magazine on the side, and fire 150x457mm rounds that, when detonated, release a toxic gas that r’ag’nhak are naturally immune to through centuries of exposure. this does not have immediately lethal effects, however it causes dizziness and blurred vision, and later muscle atrophy, which leads to death. the dizziness begins to kick in a few minutes after inhalation, and will last until the subject dies. blurred vision takes effect soon after, sometimes accompanied by hallucinations (often of sounds, though visual hallucinations are not unheard of). this gas, paired with the explosion of the round (they are mainly meant to be AP rounds, but do have some explosives in them to spread the gas faster), gives the k’or’ax soldiers ample opportunity to tear apart as many things as they can. the r’ag’nhak have been known to resurrect individuals so that they may fight again, however this is rare and does not happen often, as their technology is still being perfected. 
(if you want to imagine what a r’ag’nhak war would be like imagine 7’5 cyborgs ripping people to bits with this playing 


baton empire=none, neither one knows the other exists 
copper republic=ditto 
literally every other official faction=ditto 


you have reached the conclusion of this guide, feel free to ask me to elaborate on anything (i will probably add screenshots much later if ever) 

By سوسسوس اموعوس

This is all for People Playground lore of the r’ag’nhak imperium hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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