People Playground survival log #1

People Playground survival log #1 1 -
People Playground survival log #1 1 -
NOTE:this is a fan made log series and i am not trying to steal the oringinal story and i am making up my own story and characters


Le log

Today i saw the weirdest thing, it was just a floating white arrow….thing…..and it was just flying around doing stuff, and i started recording what it did in my trusty journal. But then… went….ballistic..or something like that it just started destroying everything in sight….i luckily escaped with some supplies and a boat (that i may or may not had stolen just then) as i was sailin off i saw that the entire place was on fire…i eventually reached more land and took the boat apart and..built a house…but that proved to be a mistake because that thing…found me and sent gorses to destroy me…i lived…quite obvious judging i wrote this log…anyway…i saw the arrow hovering over the destroyed house and i think it knew i was alive still,cause next thing i know it’s flipping house parts around and squishing gorse heads.It was then i realized this was our extinction and i decided to take up arms against it.i immediately realized this was a bad idea….at least without an i ran and started searching around…i found a couple of others only one follows me against this white arrow though…his name is Jake.Oh speaking of names i bet you’re wondering who i am (whoever this reader is) the names Bill and i am the leader of the new resistance group i guess you could call it…anyway im gonna keep searching for more survivors if you happen to come by this log maybe you could find my base it’s at a big hole in the ground like…i’d say round…50 miles deep…pretty dark…but that’s the perfect cover.Anyway…thats bout it for me first log hopefully i stay alive long enough to write more… 

Extra notes

(this doesn’t have anything to do with the story just some extra notes by me) 
i tried to keep this as far away from the story of the oringinal as possible so please do not get angry if you think i stole the entire story and i also hoped you enjoyed it 

De cursors view

What in the world is this game? it seems so weird and cool….is that a guy watching me? go away! oh no what did i do!?!? EVERYTHINGS ON FIRE!!!!! grrr…im gonna kill that human, he will pay for making me do this… 

The journal notes

this object seems to place anything at will and has no gravity at all and can move freely across the sky.the object seemed neutral but quickly turned hostile more notes coming soon… 

Written by Free to Play

Here we come to an end for People Playground survival log #1 hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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