People Playground Human Hospitality Guide

People Playground Human Hospitality Guide 1 -
People Playground Human Hospitality Guide 1 -
A full and official guide on how to be of good hospitality to your human(s)




Human Hospitality Guide


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An official guide to correctly taking care of your human.


Basics of a Human


A human is a fragile creature consisting of 14 Total Limbs. 
The human can be easily damaged and too much pull or push force can result in severe or fatal injuries. 


How to avoid accidentally hurting your human


Things you should NOT do  

  • Drag your human around 
  • Turn a human in a direction other than up 
  • Allow multiple humans on top of eachother at once 
  • Test weapons around your human 
  • Allow your human within 15 Feet of a gorse 
  • Give your human too much Ultra-Strength juice without proper restraints

Things you SHOULD do  

  • Transport your human using conventional means; e.g conveyor, Hand tool, Or allow it to walk 
  • Use a knockout syringe if you are going to rotate your human 
  • Instead place them side by side as opposed to a pile 
  • Cover your human with a bullet resistant material or add a thick barrier between the weapon and the human. 
  • Instead use a knockout syringe on the gorse or put a barrier between the human and the gorse 
  • Using to much Ultra-Strength juice can cause the human to flip out and eventually break they neck. It is recommended not to do this unless you have an expendable human and a proper reason.


Human resuscitation


Humans can be hard to keep alive which is why you must know the proper steps of successfully bringing life back into your human. 
If your human has drowned 
Use a defibrillator or a small charge near the lungs/heart, use two or three charges to resuscitate the human 
If your human has bled out 
Push blood into the human via a blood tank and use the defibrillator to allow the heart to pump the blood efficiently to the brain. 
If your human is unconscious 
In the event your human has lost consciousness due to blood loss, lack of oxygen, or a non-lethal blow to the head monitor the human’s heart via a heart monitor carefully, and pump blood into the human as an added safety procedure. 


The likes and dislikes of a human


Humans have specific tastes believe it or not and in properly taking care of a human it is vital to know these things. 

  • Sitting down 
  • Adrenaline Shots 
  • Being near other humans 
  • Walks


  • Being in any body of water 
  • Knives 
  • Bleeding 
  • Having it’s arms moved 
  • Being tripped 
  • Getting shot 
  • Having limbs torn off or crushed 
  • Being hit with fast moving objects 
  • Gorse 
  • Being cleared 
  • Being left alone 
  • Watching another human be shot 
  • Having their eyes popping out of their sockets 
  • Too much armor 
  • Pain in general 
  • Being blown up 
  • Having their body parts deformed in pause mode 
  • Being forced to hold a gun and kill another human


Accommodating your human

Properly accommodating your human can be easy if you know how to properly do it 
Recommended accommodations 

  • A comfy chair 
  • A table 
  • A generally nice environment 
  • Nice climates 
  • Company from another human 
  • A safe and non-hazardous environment 
  • A general house structure and a sense of security




Now you know how to correctly take care and have a healthy happy human.



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