Subnautica: Below Zero The subnautica franchise storyline

Subnautica: Below Zero The subnautica franchise storyline 1 -
Subnautica: Below Zero The subnautica franchise storyline 1 -
The 8 storylines of subnautica+below zero.



There are 8 storys to follow in the Subnautica franchise, they are: 
The lifepod storyline 
The Aurora storyline 
The first Precursor storyline 
The degasi storyline 
Samantha Ayou’s storyline 
The second Precursor storyline 
The alterra storyline 
The Mercury 2 story 
The storys are intertwined with each other, and the degasi one streaches into Below zero from the first game. Now, lets get started 

The lifepod storyline

This is the aimplest storyline, it provides fragments and databoxes. But you can do the game without it. It’s in subnautica 1. It starts when you fix the lifepod radio. You then get messages from lifepods, starting on 3 or 17, and ending on 7 or 2. The biomes their in get deeper and more dangerous as you progress. You’ll visit the crash zone, creepvine forest, mushroom forest, 2 of the grassy platues, blood kelp 2, the crag fields and the spares reef in this quest to discover what happened. 
This is to try and find out what happend to the other survivors, but mostly to no avail. It was added by the devs to scare you as the lack of traces left by them lead to only one thing: A programmed killer. That’s the warper, by the way. The rest are known: 
Lifepod 3 were eaten by stalkers 
Lifepod 17 was destroyed with the crew by one of the eel things in the jellyshroom caves. 
Lifepod 2 had one disappear and the other was eaten by a reaper 
Lifepod 19 was eaten by a reaper along with one of the crew of lifepod 2. 
Lifepod 4 was eaten by a reaper at the different end of the Aurora to 2 and 19 
Lifepod 6 was blown up by misuse of a flare 
The lifepod in the mushroom forest reached critical tempretures and the crew was presumably baked or blown up. 
The rest were Killed by warpers, everyones favorite cerial killer. 

The Aurora storyline

This story ending is discovering why the aurora crashed. The answer: it was shot down by the QEP. It starts the moment you pop out the top of the lifepod. Along the way you discover the players name (Riley Robinson) and (hopefully) fix the drive core. You can get many blueprints and fun decorations. You also get blueprints for your ride home. Or not. Riley (the player) isn’t the kind of guy who can pull 1 or 3 trillion credits. Not musch else to say. 

Precursor storyline 1

This starts when you fix the radio and ends by you shutting of the QEP. After a while you should get a transmission from the sunbeam. When they get blown up in a landing attempt you’ll be near the QEP. Thats the big gun. It’s then the Desise research facility where you get stage 2 of the virus. You then follow the heat to the thermal plant and then the primary containment facility. You meet the sea emperor, hatch her baby’s and get cured. Then you shut down the QEP and ride home. 
The virus is mentioned in below zero at the end. 
There are 2 catches to refill on ion cubes. 
The third catche is for below zero. 

The Degasi storyline

This is a juicy storyline. It starts in subnautica one where you get reondevous co-ordinates and ends in below zero when you discover how Margurite ended up in this, arctic hell. 
At lifepod 19 you get rondevous location marker. Up on the floating land mass there there are three degasi bases. This is where Bart died of the virus. Theres a hidden PDA I usually only find on my second trip which gives you a location for the second location. 
Down in jellyshroom there’s a base and a lot of smaller depots around, including a little base. The main base has all the story bits. You can get many blueprints there. It ended up leaking. Near the main base theres a log by Margurite Maida on how she hates Paul. Theres a log in the ain base with the location of the last subnautica 1 base. 
Even deeper, below the first base, is the final subnautica 1 base in the Deep grand reef. Paul died nearby. Margurite was presumed dead here before below zero came out. Theres a cuddlefish egg and the only orange tablet you can find lying around. 
In below zero, it start when your about to reach Delta station. Margurite (the pilot)jumps down, knockings Robin (the player) down by jumping off a cliff. You then follow a ping to here base, where she asks you to stop alterra coms. One thing required to make the thing to stop coms can be scanned in the Mercury 2 wrecks. After a while you make it and plug it in to the coms tower. You recive a call from her. In it she gives a rough location of her greenhouse. Go there and she’ll be suddenly happy about you. You can find 2 PDAs there. You can harvest non-native plants there. You can go to her base and pick up a final PDA about how she got there. You couldn’t do this before as her pet snow stalker was in the way. 

Samantha Ayou’s storyline

This starts when you begin a new game of below zero and mostly ends when you cure the frozen leviathan near phi robotics. 
First you go to Delta station on Delta island. It’s in the thermal biomes (Thermal Spires, purple vents and tree spires) mostly on the first and on the border of the others. You then find your way to outpost zero or phi robotics. You can discover where Sam worked as a roboticist or where she spent her final days on the planet. 
You then should find Outpost omega or the Koppa mining site. Omega was damadged by a ram and a fire inside the main room. The koppa mining site has valuable materials and contains a precursor artefact. Finally you discover a cure ( I might do this before Koppa or Omega) for the frozen leviathan. It’s found in a cave in a part of the glacial basin with trees with purple leafs. the cure is in the area between a large area with water in the basin and the forest area in a spy penging area. Plug it in and see it get cured. The cave it’s in contains useful materials. 
The goal is to find out what happened to Sam. Answer: Her plan went wrong and she and Parvan were crushed by rocks. 

The 2nd precursor storyline

On the way to delta island, you’ll here an SOS while passing the twisty bridges. There are some lights in the cave the sanctuary. Robin (the player) thinks the storage medium is her PDA. When she tries to download the voice that sent the SOS, she gets it in her brain (more specifically, her ceribal cortex, an area at the front of the brain). When you enter the drop pod (or other habitat or alike), it reveals it’s name is AL-AN. Robin calls her Alan. 
To make a new storage medium you must scan three components. 
The first is below Outpost omega, it’s the skeleton and is located at the deepest point in the deep lilypads (the place with really big flowers). 
The second is in the far northwest corner of the arctic spires. Its near the ice worm boneyard. Be careful, as running is a death centence. Meaning you should pack some warm stuff. And flares to ward of snow stalkers. Not forgetting all the usual stuff. It’s the tissues component. 
Finally is the organs deep in the crystal caves. There are two enterances marked by crystals pointing down. It has a long walk in a leaky passage. So be ready to walk for a bit. 
Then you need to gather all the eqipment and materials needed, and set off for the fabrication facility in the fabricator caverns, below the crystal caverns. Build Alan’s body. Get him out your head. Discover how he caused a planetwide quarentine. And go to the phasegate facility. 
In order to get a precise location of the first component, and rough location of the two others, you must scan artifacts. There are fifteen hidden around the map. From fossil samplers to a greenhouse. you can find many things. 
When you build his body, you’ll get a location ping for a phasegate facility. When you arrive. Alan tells you you can’t go back through the portal, and you must do any final buisness on the planet before going through. When you go through. You see the phasegate emerge from a huge hatch in the tundra void. Help Alan align two energy pillars using two of his arms. He’ll build a ship around him. When its done, an energy lift will smack you into the ceiling. Brace, and you’ll fly through the two phasegates, after the second you’ll see a precursor city, the screen fades to white, and the credits roll. 

The alterra storyline

Here you discover what happened to alterra and why did they leave the planet (answer: it was because of Sam’s death). Theres not much to say about it. Goodbye. 

The mercury 2 storyline

Why is the mercury in bits? What happened? You’ll find this out. 
Two logs are by someone on a research team, who got the virus (it must have been some time ago) and were quarentined in a cave. 
A few are by the captin of the ship. 
Two are by a person reparing the thrusteres and survived. 
Three are by someone who did something and survived the crash. 
The QEP was active when they took of. Only two crew members were known to have survived. But they died soon after by something unknown. 


As you can see there are many storylines to follow. It’s likely there will be another subnautica, with about four storylines. 
Or maybe Unknown worlds won’t make another and the community will make addons and the alike. 
Yours sincerely, 

By q_r

Here we come to an end for Subnautica: Below Zero The subnautica franchise storyline hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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