No Man’s Sky Tips How to Use Trading Chart

No Man’s Sky Tips How to Use Trading Chart 1 -
No Man’s Sky Tips How to Use Trading Chart 1 -

This is a single page distilled down from the trading information available on the brilliant NMS Wiki at the Fandom site ( – [] . I wanted something that showed all the info I needed on just the one printed page. It’s useful for me and someone suggested I chuck it up here to see if anyone else can use it.
IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE A GUIDE TO TRADING, only a description of the one page tool I created for myself!!
To get the information you need to make sense of the page you have to have an ECONOMY SCANNER installed on your starship and be in the ‘Galactic Map’ (The star colours that I list next to the economy types can be seen by selecting ‘Economy’ in the ‘Galactic Map’ filter). Check the above Wiki for a rundown on how to use the ‘Galactic Map’ for those not familiar with it.
The left of the page is split into two trading blocks, one of three economy types and one of four. The orange arrows showing the order in which you purchase and sell your trade goods within the block and the Green Arrow showing the final trade in the respective block.
The info in each square is: ‘Economy Type’ in BOLD then ‘Specialisation’ below. To the right of those are the trade items for that ‘Economy Type’ (NOTE: Only ‘High Wealth’ systems will have all five trade goods available). As far as I can tell the items available for trade in the ‘Economy Type’ are not determined by what I have called the ‘Specialisation’ (correct me if I’m wrong please).
To the far right is a table showing the terms used to describe the different wealth levels of the system’s economy. So, for instance, you may have ‘Construction/Flourishing’ which would indicate a High Wealth Manufacturing Economy in Construction, whereas something with ‘Energy Supply/Struggling’ would indicate a Low Wealth Power Generation Economy in Energy Supply.
You primarily want to deal with ‘High Wealth’ systems as they have more trade items at better prices(generally). Though I don’t intend this to be a trading guide, one thing to note is that you get better prices at planetary Trading Posts than the Space Station. For the full low-down on trading check the above mentioned Wiki. You also need to take into account buy/sell margins for the individual planetary systems but, as mentioned, check out the Wiki for the full trading info.
I hope someone finds it helpful and if you have anything useful I can add to this text (not in depth trading tips) then leave a polite comment (not a graphics person of any kind so unkind comments on my skill level will be ignored) 🙂

Trading Cycle and Info Page

No Man's Sky Tips How to Use Trading Chart - Trading Cycle and Info Page - DC7F005

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