My Summer Car How to get all the achievements in the game

My Summer Car How to get all the achievements in the game 1 -
My Summer Car How to get all the achievements in the game 1 -

Hello, this guide will help you to achieve all the achievements in the game.

The manual was updated 18/09/2022.


There are many achievements you can make even though you are permanently dead.


1. Proudly mortal

You must enable permanent death to start the game.

2. It’s gone!

Permanent death allowed

3. Total idiot & complete idiot.

When you take the passenger seat, Pena ((the driver of the green Fiat)) must see your middle finger.

4. Feel alive.

While you’re in the passenger seat, the Pena should accelerate to 90 km/h. He will accelerate if you show him your middle fingers.

5. Thank you government.

You will need to pay a large fine.

I recommend you to consume about 1 case (of beer or 1 bottle) of vodka to achieve this feat quickly. Fuel oil can also be used to refuel the van.

Then, you will be fined. However, you must stop by the police.

6. Rusting fast

It is necessary to accelerate “Satsuma”, to 200 km/h.

1. Ease Satsuma completely. We remove all (seat except the driver’s).

2. Take out the muffler.

3. Set the car to the maximum speed of (3.700

4. Show off your driving skills

7. Can’t give up smoking…

You must get addicted to smoking. To achieve this, you will need to smoke approximately 4-5 packs.

8. Flying Finn

You must take the first position in the rally.

9. First loser.

You must be in 2nd place during the rally.

10. Sliding Swede

You need to be in 3rd position at the rally

11. Kiddy champ.

You must win the rally, in “Junior”, class.

12. Hannes Kolehmainen.

The rally route must only be walked and not ridden, and without water or food.

This is the most tedious achievement. It can take up 1.5 hours to complete. To start it, register for the rally. Then, go to the finish.

You can achieve achievements without permanent death


13. I am a coward.

Permanent death must be disabled before you start the game.

14. Ultimate survivor.

You must quench your thirst by drinking your urine. When you are done, point the camera at yourself.

15. Party time.

You only need to have one bottle vodka. It can be found on the table at our uncle’s place as a gift.

16. It works.

You must assemble the “Satsuma”, and start the car.

17. The poor go away.

Teimo’s shop will require you to spend over 2000 mark.

18. Finland is your home

You must take a steam bath at the sauna.

19. Case solved.

24 bottles of beer are required to be consumed from one box.

20. Jonne!

You must bring a moped to Teimo’s store.

21. A true hillbilly.

You must drive a tractor to Teimo’s shop!

22. 100 km.

You must drive 100 kilometers with “Satsuma”.

23. 1000 km.

You’ll need to drive 1000km by “Satsuma”.

24. 10 000 km.

You’ll need to drive 10 000 km by “Satsuma”.

25. Golden steam.

It is necessary to alleviate the need for coal which is located inside the sauna. The sauna must be sufficiently warm!

26. Finnish wedding

You need to consume a lot. 1.5 cases of beer is sufficient.

27. Magic portal.

The player must consume so much alcohol to lose consciousness.

28. An idiot.

It is necessary that Teimo, himself, breaks the window of Teimo’s shop.

29. Grand Theft in Teimo.

You must smash Teimo’s window at night, when Teimo has not been there.

30. Spend your money wisely

You must pass the MOT in order to be eligible for license plates for Satsuma.

31. Responsible citizen.

You must pass inspection in the City to get “Satsuma” license plates.

32. You have a friend!

We need to take Jokke home.

Jokke may call you at night to ask you to bring him home.

33. Festival of yeast.

You must drink one bottle of your own alcoholic beverage (in bucket)).

34. Granny’s little assistant.

You have to fulfill the request from your grandmother. That is, you must bring her food!

She can also call to let you know what she needs. (A dart may also appear on the map.)

35. Saturday is the work day for a man.

You must drink vodka only on Saturdays.

36. Mr. Kilju.

Jokke requires us to sell a bottle our own alcoholic drinks.

He will be seated near his home, just across the railway crossing. Jokke will give 170 marks for a perfectly prepared bottled.

37. You have a computer.

You need to order (and) a laptop, then install it in the room.

The letter that will arrive in our mailbox can be used to order the computer.

38. Dakar rally.

You can look into the “Satsuma” racing radiator

You can do this by purchasing a racing radiator, drinking some water, and urinating down the radiator neck.

39. It is full of crap.

The truck should be completely filled. 10 liters.

40. Finnish Summer

You must take a steam bath at the sauna, located in the cottage that is on the island.

41. Do not answer the phone.

The player must be struck by lightning. This can happen when you get a call during a thunderstorm.

42. Pimped!

You will need to purchase (pink) deluxe body kits for the “Satsuma”, and have them installed!

43. Bad Guy

You are required to serve any term in prison.

44. Satsuma GT.

Get a copy of Satsuma poster.

This is what we need:

1. Gear knob – located near the body (Scrap Metal) “Satsuma”. It’s random!

2. Rudder and head – can be found near the workshop, near traces of a stop.

3. Ventti is near the wheels.

4. You can order the catalog to get the front lip, rear spoiler and 2nd carburetor as well as rear window spoiler.

5. Painting GT – Order from a locksmith

We only need to collect the car and get it started.

45. True Perajarvi Dalton!

You will need to steal a machine for poker from a pub.

46. Jackpot!

You will need to get 3 coins from a slot machine at Teimo’s shop.

47. Smoking is deadly

You must die from a gasoline station explosion. This can be done by smoking while you refuel your car, preferably with gasoline.

48. You have now reached 100 kg

To help, you must gain 100 kilograms, chip and scales (at the parents’ house).

49. Greased Rust.

Drag racing 1/4 mile in 17 seconds

This is a difficult feat, so I recommend you to completely lighten your car, and then install nitro.

50. Too much power and not enough skill.

You must die in a red BMW.

51. We are grateful that you played!

You will need to read the storyline.


How to navigate the story

1. We must help Yani (, who is the driver of the yellow sports car in the city). It’s not that difficult.

2. We take Suski out from the car (. She will loudly ask) for help.

3. You will carry her to home and either place her on our bed or on the bed of her parents.

4. We go to bed. If you get a note after you go to bed, then you did everything right.

5. You’re ready for a date. Satsuma, and you, need to be ready.

1 – Install leopard covers (ordered through the catalog).

2 – Install an (speaker system, amplifier).

3 – We install and remove the passenger seat.

4 – We will take 2 cases of beer, and preferably one more bottle of vodka. Place 1 case beer in front of each passenger.

5 – I am not sure, but I recommend you to wash your face before you leave for the trip.

6. We are going to the City, preferably in afternoon and preferably on Thursday.

7. Suski will be either at Teimo’s shop or near her house (next to the church).

8. Now, show off your driving skills. Do not exceed 80 km/h.

9. If Suski is happy with everything she does, she will ask you if you’d like to go to the slide or to the dance floor.

10. Suski will convince us to drink “a little” alcohol once we arrive, so that we experience a complete loss of consciousness.

I believe you can see what is happening between a girl who is in strong alcoholic impairment and a guy who is in strong alcohol intoxication.

11. We are waiting to hear from Suska. (Within 2 hours of real time.)

12. Suski calls and informs us that Suski is pregnant.

13. The player has the option of continuing or stopping the game. You decide.

52. Finnish sisu

Participating in rallies requires that you have a suspended suspension.

53. Darwin Award.

The breathalyzer should measure 3.5 ppm. I recommend you drink 1.5 cases of beer, one bottle of vodka, and a few bottles beer.

54. Methanol Man.

You can’t drink alcohol Spirit unless you are blind. You can only get 3 bottles of this drink in one place, Jokke’s apartment. Sometimes there will even be a party. Jokke’s friends may be around, and there might be some “Spirit”.

55. Reetipokeri Master.

You must win at the Pub’s poker machine.

56. Kela-Taxi.

You must give your grandmother a ride to church.

With such a request she will call on Sunday morning. However, if she takes too long to get there, Grandma may go to church on her behalf.

57. Lottery winner

You can win any amount of the lottery.

58. It was quite shocking!

You will need to urinate on either the TV or the computer. Then, the player will be shocked and die.

59. 1000 Strawberries!

You need to gather 1000 strawberries.

The word “collect”, not the total number, refers to how many times you have poured strawberries into boxes.

60. King of Tuning.

You will need to purchase all the tuning needed for “Satsuma” in the magazine.

Achievements related to computer-game in-game games


61. Wow, look at Chopin there!

You must play 13 notes in the “Pieno” program.

((D F D E E D C C C C E E D D F D E E D C 17Y

62. You will find it if you look.

You must complete the “World’s Man” game.

63. Philosophy Master.

You must win the title of President in “Filosofiapeli”.

64. A cure for illness.

You will need to complete the “Rapula” challenge.

65. PTSD.

You must complete “Massacre”.

66. Wife for victory

Complete the “Johnny F. Kemedy Racing Challenge”.

67. Full stash

You must complete the “Allikio” game

68. My finger slipped.

You will need to complete the action for 0.12 “Wild Vest”.

69. Grill master.

You need to properly serve 20 customers in the game “Grillisimulaattori”.

70. Catch-A-Fish.

You must catch British fish in “Fish Game”.

71. You should aim like a pro.

34 points earned in the game “Sormileikki”.

72. Gauntlet survivor.

You must complete 20 levels in the “Run the Gauntlet!” game.

73. You are the wall.

You will need to complete the “Pasi Invaders” game.

74. I am Santa Claus.

To reach level 4 in “Joulu”, you must be a member of the community. The game will be displayed on the shelf in the living area.

75. Kahen kilon siika!

In Pilkki, you will need to catch at least 2 kg of whitefish.

76. Engine started!

Try to start the game “rally95”. The game crashes every time!


This is all for My Summer Car How to get all the achievements in the game hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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