Isonzo How to Complete Every Class Challenges and Achievements

Isonzo How to Complete Every Class Challenges and Achievements 1 -
Isonzo How to Complete Every Class Challenges and Achievements 1 -

Thank you for visiting, and welcome to the Isonzo How to Complete Every Class Challenges and Achievements Guide!

Foreword: Structure and what you can do in the guide

What is the significance of this achievement? All you have to do is:

Complete all Class Challenges

Although it sounds simple in theory, it’s quite difficult in practice. You must be able to level up and complete all 42-class challenges in the base game. Specific challenges require that players change their style or mindset to complete efficiently. This is why it is the second-most completed achievement in the game. We are here to help!

The guide will be structured in the following manner:

  • Part 1 will cover leveling tips as well as being the king of the ease of all classes to level up


  • Part 2 is the most exciting part. It covers from the easiest to the most difficult, as well as all the class challenges within the base game.

Let’s put aside the talk and get to the good stuff!

Part 1 Part 1: Tips for leveling

To unlock the most challenging challenges, first, unlock them. This is done by leveling up the classes to levels 5, 10, 12 15 18, and then 20. You’ll need around 21 450 exp points to get from level 1 to level 20. . Each class includes 1 introductory challenge, which you can complete immediately after you begin playing.

The primary strategy is when you unlock the new challenge for any class, you need to start focusing on it asap. It will open the gear that is needed or assist with challenges. Don’t delay!

If you’re not willing to face any challenges, I recommend the following:

  • General advice General advice You can earn more exp for killing the objectives (that is either you or the enemy being on the same side) and you can realize actions that will give you good amounts of exp by sabotaging defuses, plantings, and, of course the goal of capturing them ! To gain some exp, you can bandage your team members if you stay with them.


  • Although I have said that you should ptfo but not be focused on blind kills, kills do matter is in their numbers too! While focusing on the first point, try to get as many as you can.


  • If you do all the above, you should receive lots of medals during matches: they count for your class level and are therefore very important.

After the generalities have been discussed about, let see about more class-specific advices:

  • Mountaineer: This class is the easiest to get leveled up. Make use of flare guns as much has possible. It will make it very easy to gain a lot of exp, particularly when you don’t enhance the effect of your flare by firing them in rapid intervals. There is less time and no artillery buff but more area coverage, which equals more exp. If you know someone advancing his rifleman, ask him to get an ammo box. You will both be capable of accumulating a lot of experience together and create a wonderful feedback loop.


  • Officer: Some people say it’s easier to advance than mountaineer, and they are not wrong at all. Spamming charges with the assault officer perk (the first one you receive) making orders when your team is bunch ups and then wasting the reconnaissance plane call in will propel you to the top of the leaderboard without breaking much of a sweat! If you can figure out how to increase the number of kills you get from your most lethal calls-ins well you could surely be level 20 in one good day at the end of a week !


  • Rifleman: This venerable rifleman has plenty of tricks in his arsenal to improve his skills, as previously hinted at. Indeed, if you treat it as an instructor class, by supplying the ammo box and resupplying/ bandaging everyone who requires it, you’ll be able to get experience quickly. Make sure to pull out the rifle from time to time to take a few shots… you’re an experienced rifleman !


  • Engineer (gaming): Being an engineer implies that you are able to build things and then take advantage of the enemy’s. Remember the double Bs: Build anything, break everything, and level 20 will surely follow.


  • Marksman: You can only prioritize the people you kill in this class, particularly when it is equipped with a scoped rifle. If you’re not on the point the focus should be set using such.

    – Enemies on targets that are easy to headshot

    – Enemies on Objectives

    – Enemies outside of the point that are easy to headshot

    The rest

    You don’t require the scoped rifle, however you can use ptfo in case you don’t have one.


  • Assault: Honestly chief… This one is kinda dry ngl. You can equip Grenadier perks and construct grenade containers, but if you don’t want to waste time, it’s better to concentrate on your goal rather than hurling explosives on your enemies.

With the tips out of the way let’s now focus on the meat of the potatoes, which I’m sure 90% of people are here for: the class challenges, and how to proceed efficiently with them!


The Isonzo How to Complete Every Class Challenges and Achievements section of this guide has concluded. Please let us know if you have any inquiries or suggestions about how we may enhance this topic. Thank you so much, and I hope you have a fantastic day! If you liked this post, you should check back regularly because we publish new information every day.

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