Isonzo Officer Pros and Cons

Isonzo Officer Pros and Cons 1 -
Isonzo Officer Pros and Cons 1 -

So you want to become an Officer? This guide will help you become a good Officer by giving you some simple tips.

Officer Intro


You’re thinking of becoming an officer in Isonzo. I’ll tell you, if your smart and stick by your team, it can be a rewarding experience. This is especially true if your passion is leading your team.

Let’s begin. First, officers have unique abilities. You have the ability to issue orders (which allows you to cut down on the respawn times for your team and to direct your team towards an attacking point). The Flare gun (allows you to fire off markers. The passive is the last. I personally only use the x2 officers whistle because it allows me more people to fight.

Call In Artillery! !

Isonzo Officer Pros and Cons - Call In Artillery!!! - 5632A3B

Call in Artillery to keep things simple. Be aware that you could cause more damage than help. You must first be an Officer in order to call in Artillery.

Isonzo Officer Pros and Cons - Call In Artillery!!! - C92AD95

This is the (menu that was granted by an old dev blog. It allows you call in artillery and gas, as well as aviation. Aviation is my favorite because of the rolling bombing process with the bomber squadron. As an Officer, it is important to know which direction your enemies are pushing you in. For example, if the enemy is funneling through the backside of A, I will use the flare gun to mark it and either drop Artillery or call for a bomber. You must avoid the Forward spawning points if your defense is being done. If you are able to see over the battle, you can call in anything and keep your team on track. I tend not to change my mind about the Call boxes.

Pros and Cons

Because you are an officer, there is always a target on your back. Keep in mind that you are not Bruce Willis from Die Hard. Your pistols can be difficult to use. While you can shoot faster than the average Rifleman, you have a slower range drop off and a longer reload. You need to take it slow and clear out the trench slowly. Officer is a very well-rounded class. Be smart and share your knowledge with your fellow officers!


Written by Truegritmike

Here we come to an end for Isonzo Officer Pros and Cons hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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