Airborne Kingdom Is desertion problematic? Explained

Airborne Kingdom Is desertion problematic? Explained 1 -
Airborne Kingdom Is desertion problematic? Explained 1 -

Hello and welcome to this Airborne Kingdom Is desertion problematic? Explained guide.

Is desertion problematic?

Desertion indicates that there is an issue in your city. But how do you avoid desertion? It is dependent on your playthrough goals, but generally , desertion can be defeated.
To avoid being completely deserted, it is essential to manage your city effectively with a lot of planning ahead and be prepared. are a few paradigms that are out of tune with an adventure-based game.

Since patch 1.1.0 recruits can regenerate for a long time in settlements. This means you can always make up for losses due to defection – provided you’re patient and are capable of meeting the demands of recruits.

Desertion is the only method to eliminate workers. It could be an ideal and healthy option in certain circumstances.

Before you begin the process of rebuilding your city following a deforestation wave, take a moment to think about whether the deprivation was actually beneficial to you at the time. It can reduce water and food consumption and could even solve the issue of the housing shortage.

It is possible to deliberately shed the newly rescued workers during an expedition to the tundra.

When desertion happened

Situation: The waves of desertion disperse all your employees with mediocre satisfaction. Only happy workers remain.

Solution: Find the bottlenecks that hinder you from achieving your goals and address them prior to inviting more.

Situation: The city shrinks to the previous level of population.

Solution: A The smaller threshold for the population has reduced the satisfaction requirements which makes it easier at the moment. You must meet additional satisfaction requirements before you hire more employees. Also, be ready to meet them soon after the recruitment.

Situation: Your erratic workers are ruined by deertion. There is no one left to build new structures.

Solution: Get a worker from the nearest settlement as soon as possible. If you are unable recruit due to a lack of satisfaction, take buildings down to make room for new workers. If you cannot resolve the issue of satisfaction immediately then you must take action. Your new, unstable workforce is likely to leave soon.

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