Hunt: Showdown Serpent Moon All Chapter Walkthrough

Hunt: Showdown Serpent Moon All Chapter Walkthrough 2 -
Hunt: Showdown Serpent Moon All Chapter Walkthrough 2 -

This is a simple guide. I will gather all of the stories from Serpent Moon (222) and bring them to this book.

Referenced Characters

Ira Ozols Is The Prescient
Isaac Powell is The Night Seer
Circe Elias, The Witch Hunter
Mary Burgess, Hail Mary
Mr. Orwell Chary is the one who rewards you with Dark Tribute Daily.
Kevin Linus is…

Chapter 1

The Moon, in all of her glory, was about to die. Even those unaware of the corruption could sense her fall. She had a sickly glow that cast a shadow of misfortune and dread over New Orleans. The innocent and the ignorant could not help but gaze up at the source that disquieting light with reverence, growing trepidation, and even more fear. The Moon's first assault was starting to take effect on those left unaffected. Panic spread, and along with it came despair. More hearts were exposed to the devastation caused by her pallid effervescence. Oh Night's Eye! Mother of Twilight and Tide! Could your steady pulse be stopped? Could your light bulb be turned off and dimmed?
The corruption was known and those who knew it were recruited to end the tragedy. Hunters of all faiths and walks of life came together to support Mr. Chary in the hope that they could help him solve his own problems. But hope can be corrupted easily.
Kevin Linus viewed the scene from his window, right by the pond. Outside, Mr. Chary stood beside the circle that he had drawn in dirt on many Moonlit nights. He would not be forced to wait for long. We are all slaves of habit and desire in the end.
Mary Ochenkov, a grim silhouette, walked into the circle immediately without hesitation or greeting. The bag in her dirty, dripping hands began to burn. Kevin wept when her clothes started to burn. He would scream along with her, would share our pain, and would stop the terrible cycle. But he couldn't make any sound.
As the flames grew, twisting around Mary's neck and neck, she suddenly turned her attention to Kevin, with a knowing, accusatory expression. While Mr. Chary watched in awe, Mary ran toward the house, sparks erupting from the places they broke, and crossed the ritual markings. She ran towards the house, screaming, and tore at the panels till her nails broke and bled.
"WHY DIDN’T You HELP ME!" She wept.
And then he woke.

Chapter 2

All encounters were the exact same. The chase. The trail of blood. The confrontation and defeat. As constant and cyclical like The Moon.
Only one thing had changed was the behavior of snakes.
Kevin Linus had been following Mr. Orwellchary for several weeks across southern Louisiana. The boy had been following the AHA Administrator from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and back. His focus was interrupted only by the Hunter assassins Mr. Chary employed to stop him. The Moon had been kind enough to bless Kevin, and he had a newfound intuition for gunplay. All went back to Mr. Chary who was unable hunt.
He finally captured Mr. Chary at Ascension Parish.
"My my! How you've grown!" Mr. Chary said this as he extended his arms in mock welcome. His three Hunter friends kept their guns vigilantly focused on the boy.
"Haven’t you done enough?" Kevin responded by pointing his pistol towards Mr. Chary. The man only smiled.
"Young man you're in my path." The shot rang out into darkness as Mr. Chary snapped at his fingers. Kevin looked down to find a red flower growing from his stomach. He looked up to see a second shot.

Chapter 3

Kevin fell to the ground as he clutched at his bloody stomach, wailing.
"What an amazing sound," Mr. Chary stated. "Truly fitting that this is the last thing anyone hears from you." Mr. Chary approached the boy and knelt him on his back. Kevin was overcome with emotion as he convulsed and groaned. However, when he tried to expose the bullet wound with his hands, he discovered that it had become a bloody bloom and was now writhing in a sea of protrusions.
Then, a snake emerged from his bloody sleeves.
The snake was small and milky-eyed, and covered in Kevin’s blood and viscera. Kevin pulled at the shirt, widening his tear to reveal a small brood made of small snakes nestled within the wound.

Chapter 4

For two hours, Mr. Orwell Chary stood over Kevin's body, tearing and cutting at his flesh as he moaned from tired agony.
"What's happening?" Kevin asked. The question was met by silence and another incision. Mr. Chary took the body of a snake from the open wound.
Every time Mr. Chary pulled a serpent from the wound, the animals would bite into his hands. It was exactly what Mr. Chary needed. He pushed his hands deeper into each wound, probing for more.
The final incision was a bloody and jagged line running from the hip to the heart. This is where the largest snake was found. Mr. Chary's assistants tried hard to get it into a bag. But it was too powerful for three large men and it ended up around the ankle of the tallest Hunter. It did not rush him but left his victim paralysed and helpless as a silent witness to Mr. Chary’s administrations. Was this really what they were fighting against? To torture an innocent child?
"Thanks, Kevin," Mr. Chary whispered. "You've won my mercy." The Administrator drew closer, holding his gun to the temple of the boy. He took his time, taking in the moment by touching the trigger. Kevin looked to The Moon and back to Mr. Chary. He pulled himself together and pressed his teeth into the man's wrist with all his strength.

Chapter 5

Deep in Kingsnake Mine Isaac Powell was known only as the Night Seer. He watched Ira Ozols weave. The result was a large, basket-like structure made from strips of dried flesh, rosemary oil, willow pieces, and straw. Oil dripped from its plates and footsteps echoing from the nearest mineshaft.
The faint breeze blew through the lamp and the shadows danced when Mr. Chary entered. He looked at Ira's art and nodded. He then turned to acknowledge Ira's work and nodded.
"Isaac? You didn't say you had already met!" Mr. Chary treated that figure in the corner with respect. A rare occurrence.

Chapter 6

Ira Ozols had learned to weave baskets from her mother. Although she found comfort in the repetitive work, she now seeks distraction from thoughts about what she will be asked.
Nadia, his most loyal acolyte and Night Seer, was disappointed that she had been trusted by him with the task. Ira wondered, as the others argued and planned about the relationship between Mr. Chary & the Night Seer. Who was really being exploited by who? But she didn't care. It was the Night Seeker's vision that intrigued her. She ended up being left alone with Mr. Chary.
He said, "Ira! It's so nice seeing you again. And with Mr. Powell no less." The Night Follower felt a little nervous when Mr. Chary whispered. She suppressed an icy shiver.
Ira replied firmly, "Where Isaac goes I follow." The Administrator smiled.
"I see he trusts in you," said Mr. Chary, intimately. He paused at this.
"We have a common goal." Nearly done with the structure, she began checking for unintentional flaws.
"And what is the goal?" The Administrator asked.
"You said that he believed your vision. I heard you. I didn't think that you needed to ask.
Isaac Powell had already told his acolytes about what he had seen. Ira felt there was something missing. They felt that he had kept something too horrible — or too important — from them.
Mr. Chary stood beside the altar, and spoke. "I see he didn’t trust me enough to tell us. Well. What if you told me that I knew the way to find out? He stood and offered his hand. "Come along with me. Perhaps I can show it to you."
After a brief hesitation, she took his arm.

Chapter 7

"Be strong, courageous. Don't be afraid Do not be afraid! The LORD your God will be with all of you wherever you go. Mary Burgess said the words into her Vetterli's stock before looking at her partner. Circe Elias looked back at Mary Burgess and murmured a quick, "amen," before moving forward into night. Circe was not religious but any help, whether divine or not, would be greatly appreciated. They moved slowly but surely, as the Moon was bright and full.
After the women had accepted his contract, Mr. Chary had introduced Mary to him. Mary was easy for Mr. Chary to convince. The Bayou was full if sin and Mr. Chary a servant of God. If the Administrator was still alive, Mary would ask God for forgiveness. She would do what was necessary.
Circe was more difficult for me to convince. She was relentless in her pursuit of the creature who had murdered her sister and stolen the skin of her sister. And as the last Elias fortune heiress, she didn’t care about glory or gold. To win favor from the Witch Hunter Mr. Chary used an old trinket: a locket with a portrait Circe's family.
Mary and Circe made their way through the Bayou ignoring the familiar moans and whines of the Grunts and Hives as they stumbled through night. They also ignored the creaks of the Armoreds papery shell. Their attention was drawn to a soft, human-like whimpering coming from within a half-collapsed structure, hidden by rotting clumps and earth.
Mary nodded at Circe and they began to prepare their weapons. This was the spot, and their quarry clearly hurt. They'd be finished in time to receive morning communion.

Chapter 8

Kevin was surrounded by two snakes, both comfort and shackle. He will never forget how it felt to feel as Mr. Chary's nails prickled into his flesh. The writhing, scaly bodies were pulled from his wounds and the delirium of the poison they left behind in their panicked biting attacks. Now, the snakes both protected him — keeping away the Bayou monsters — and guarded his body — making him a prisoner in the shack that Mr. Chary had left. Only when The Moon was full again did he find strength to rise.
He staggered to get to the door. But, rather than swinging open, when he pushed the button, the door creaked and fell off its hinges. The sound it made as it struck the porch's warped wooden boards took the two women who were outside by surprise.
Mary and Circe looked at Circe, who saw the boy silhouetted by the rotten body, his face ruddy and covered in tears. There were countless scars on his neck, face, arms, and neck. Two snakes swarmed at the boy's ankles. He sighed and raised his pistol, the moonlight glinting off his clinking chain bullet chambers.
Mary was looking at Circe. "This him? He's barely grown." She thought about her sister.
Mary's answer was sure. "Even Satan disguises his self as an angel light." Kevin spoke and she started to raise her weapon.
"Mr. Chary did send you, didn’t he?" Kevin slowly lowered his weapon. He hoped they would listen to him.
Mary narrowed the eyes, but before she could reply, a strange silhouette filled in the gap behind Kevin: A hooded, snake-like figure with a large snake attached to their necks.
"Enough." The voice that spoke was hoarse, raw, and utterly inarticulate.

Chapter 9

Delara was slowly lowered by the Viper as they brought their arm up to Delara’s fanged mouth. The snake flicked her tongue twice and then gently sunk its teeth into the wrist. The Viper's body quarrelled as Delara’s venom ran through their veins and into the heart.
The Viper was Delara's partner, and it would be a terrible loss if either one of them lost this fight. The Viper and Delara were preternatural fighters with Delara’s venom coursing through their veins. Kevin was still agile and deadly because of The Moon's hallowed gifts. Every shot was true.
Meanwhile, snakes all sizes were quickly converging outside the shack, surrounding Mary Burgesss as well as Circe Elias. They now stood back-toback. As Kevin and Viper fought, bullets bounced off walls and splintered them. Kevin was tired of violence, death, and the pursuit of happiness.
But violence and death were not his only concern. Delara approached from Delara's right, her jaw open and her fangs dripping. The Viper approached from the Viper's left. Kevin shot at Viper, but Delara, lunging for her ward, intercepted Kevin's bullet and he was killed.
The shack rang out with a broken airy scream.

Chapter 10

The Viper, who had fallen in grief and anxiety, lay in a catatonic state on the floor, with Delara wrapped in his arms. Mary had applied a dressing to stop the bleeding and Circe had applied the healing salve. But the damage was done. Delara tried to comfort the Viper around his neck, but Mary and Circe set out to follow Kevin’s lead.
The Moon's largest snake, a mottled-brown, arrived as they were leaving. It was the only survivor from the slaughter. The Viper remained still as the approaching vehicle approached, its tongue smelling the air, and slithering left to right. It stopped as it approached striking distance. It then tasted the air again with its tongue. Then, it struck.
The Viper was faster and pulled one thumb down the snake’s throat, dripping its head. The snake tried to bite the Viper, but its fangs dripped venom. But the Viper was too strong to resist. The Viper had been taught respect for predators. Each predator has a weakness. This abomination was no different.
"Delara! Let us feast!" The Viper sped quickly and took The Moon's snake in his teeth. Then, he tore the pieces and gave them to Delara. The assassin then dragged the gangs, still covered with venom, into his own neck using the now loose jaws of the dead serpent.
The effect was immediate. The Viper heard conversations and screams like a crowd reeling from the infusion of raw experiential information. They heard Mr. Chary convince Kevin that he wanted to join the circle. They heard the screams and screams of those who had been burned alive in Chary’s dirt circles. They heard Kevin crying and waking from nightmares, as well as Mary Ochenkov's screams.
They felt Kevin’s pain.
It lasted for only a few moments, but it felt like hours to Viper. The Viper understood when it was over. Kevin was not the enemy. Mr. Chary had no choice but to stop him.

Chapter 11

Ira Ozols was suffocated by the black dye's vile odors. She felt panic rising in the pit of her stomach as she pulled the blindfold tight around her eyes. She didn't know how Chary came across the ritual, but she felt it worked immediately. The visions began to emerge in bright, intense flashes as she moved through the cool dark of Chary's mind. She stepped cautiously into a tub of black liquid, aware that the dye was staining her legs as well as the mud surrounding it. She reached for her razor and began to cut her robes.
The Night Seer's vision of evil was untrued, and he had hidden it from them all, pretending to serve a purpose to no one. All they had done would cause horror and pain to those they loved. She would say and do things that she regrets. Ira ripped at her right sleeve. It fell into dye.
The Night Seer as she tracks her own.
The razor sawed through her left sleeve.
Isaac is told by Mr. Chary of her betrayal.
The razor meeting soft flesh. Isaac raising his gun towards her head.
Blood dripping into the dark, inky water from the gash.
She wept and wretched yet again.

Chapter 12

Kevin didn’t make it very far from the shack. Instead, Kevin curled up on a patch if brush and rocked, his screams from the Viper over Delara merging with Mary Ochenkov's as she blazed. He hoped The Moon would comfort and soothe him, but she was too sick and tormented. He had failed.
So he rocked. He rocked, and rocked, and rocked, and rocked.
Mary and Circe were able to find him in no time. He was tired. So he sat down and waited. Next: voices. The Viper, now covered, had also caught up to the hunting party. He had failed, and he was finally found. He didn't make a sound when the women pulled his from the bushes.
"Why is that?" The Viper began to murmur, slightly muted by the wicker mask. "That that man wants to you dead?"
"Because it is my duty to stop him. If I don’t stop him, people are going to keep dying and The Moon is going to fall."
"How many people have you killed?" The Viper asked.
"None! I made sure they all died!" Kevin was furious. "The only blood on his hands will be mine."
Mary and Circe nodded at the expressions found there, as the Viper looked towards them. They lowered the weapons.
Mary was the first to speak. "Child I can't, in good faith strike at you down knowing what my knowledge now." She had been told of their vision by the Viper, and it was identical to what she had heard about Kevin's Hunters.
"The bastard was likely lying to me, too. Let's find out what he has in store for us. Circe offered her arm to Kevin and, after he carefully took it, he was lifted to his feet.
Delara was grabbed by the Viper, who placed her around their neck once more. They nodded.
"To the mine."

Chapter 13

The sound of gunfire echoing through the depths of Kingsnake MIne prompted the four-man group to be cautious as they entered Kingsnake MIne. Mr. Chary had previously told only a handful Hunters about his sanctuary. They paused, listened, but then the gunfire stopped.
"Enter now to see the Night Seer end, or follow your own path." Ira Ozols is the one who echoed out from the mine. They all looked at one another, and then they headed deeper into mine.
In the dimming light of the oil lamps, they saw Ira Ozols (the Night Seer) standing in a standoff, with weapons drawn. Both were exhausted from fighting and bullet cases littered their floor.
"And what's this all about?" Circe asked.
"His vision merely serves to send us all to hell," he said. Ira said that she would not allow him to corrupt another soul for his benefit. "And I," she said. She took a deep, winded breath.
"I will cut out the false seer's tongue, and we can carry on our work," the Night Seer replied, with his eyes still fixed upon Ira. "And I see you have brought the boy."
Circe said, confidently walking towards Night Seer, "The boy's not our enemy." "We've been lied too."
Kevin felt a hand on his shoulder. It was the Viper. He took a leap forward.
"Listen, ok? Mr. Chary. We have to stop him." Kevin's voice grew confidenter as he spoke.
"Stop me from doing exactly what?" Everyone turned to hear Mr. Chary's voice. But he wasn't in the room. This was due to the mine's acoustics. Kevin panicked at the sound, as he felt his stomach churn. But he wasn't shaken enough to forget the gun on his hip. He raised it and was ready to face off against Mr. Chary.
It was time for an end to all of this.

Chapter 14

There was something — someone — in the mine. Deep. Trapped. Keening with grief, rage.
Ira was unable to see Kevin or Mr. Chary in her visions, and both were blurry. Remember that Isaac Powell had his gun ready for her and that four other arrivals had only complicated their standoff. That was all she could handle. But what about the bottom of that mine, she didn't know. She wasn’t sure if they were equipped to handle it.
They continued their arguments, unaware of Mr. Chary's buying time with meaningless phrases and empty smiles. Kevin continues to ramble on about The Moon. And that nun, always quoting The Bible. Mr. Chary was speaking to them all. "And what can this little child give you that I don't?"
"Your honey words will not tempt God's children any longer!" Mary stood by Kevin. The boy was trembling but he kept his cool and prepared for battle. Mary was joined by the Viper and Circe, who formed a line against Mr. Chary.
"But the devil offers excellent rewards," Mr. Chary responded. He looked at the four Hunters and the two seers in front of him. They were all Hunters with great talent and Mr. Orwell Chary could die if they worked together. With just one Hunter by his side and a little patience, he might be able to make it to the end alive.
"Mister, please. It doesn't matter how you are doing it, or what you have done in the past, it can end right now. Kevin trembled as the Administrator confronted him again.
"You are absolutely right, Kevin. It can, and it will. I'm grateful to you for everything. Farewell." He said goodbye and snapped his fingers. Isaac Powell saw Ira from behind the four Hunters and he fired. And Kevin fell.
It felt like time had stopped at that moment. The Hunters looked in disbelief as Kevin's corps fell to the earth. They didn't stop Powell or Mr. Chary as the two of them ran towards the surface-ward passage. The Viper fell to his knees and held Kevin in their arms. They were brought to their senses by the dynamite that Mr. Chary lit while he ran.
They were trapped in Kingsnake Mine after an explosion, a rumble, then a collapse.

Chapter 15

The lamps hanging from walls began shaking as dust and rock settled on the area where the five Hunters had been. Circe walked over and assessed the damage to the entrance. They could probably dig themselves out using the tools left behind by the miners, but that would take several hours. She thought back to the Viper as well as the boy.
Kevin began to bleed on the floor, and the Viper gently held him. Enemy or uneasy ally, no one deserves this.
Kevin then blinks.
"Where am I this moment?" The boy looked around and saw Delara, the Viper and Kevin.
Mary whispered, "A Lazarus between us," as she ran with Circe to join them.
"How is it possible?" Circe asked Kevin, as she kneeled down. She raised her head to check on his healing wounds. The flesh and bone grew like a mushroom.
"The Moon! "The Moon!" Kevin closed his eyes, curling into Viper's arms as he healed. "A Linus isn’t supposed break promises." Delara wrapped her tail around him in silent assurance.
The three Hunters exchanged a determined gaze. They had seen the cruelty Mr. Chary could be. "We will help to end this." The Viper spoke but all nodded in agreement.
Ira gasped on the other side. The thing in Kingsnake was finally coming into focus.
"We'll need to fight soon. Ira shouted, "Get the boy safe," as she reloaded the gun.
"What-?" Circe was interrupted by a loud, piercing scream. Kevin, still healing from his injuries, thrashed trying to flee the sound. He had heard it many times in his nightmares.
"What is it?" "What is it?"
"She's here." He couldn't have said more.
From the depths of the mine, something was coming to greet them.


Written by PsychoDriveBy

Here we come to an end for Hunt: Showdown Serpent Moon All Chapter Walkthrough hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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