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PlateUp! Map seeds list 1 -
PlateUp! Map seeds list 1 -

These are just a few of the things I wish that I knew sooner.


This is my first guide for steam. It's great to have you here.
This guide is current as of version 1.0.5 (294,c)
* For pizza, oil can also be placed in a pot. You can then grab flour and "double tap" it to get your flour to a flat, round state. It also frees up oil counters to be used as normal counters (and chopping stuff)
PlateUp! Map seeds list - Tips/tricks/misc - 16EDB19
various appliance quirks:
*combiner works in a slightly different manner on the sink, if water is needed for dough. If I understand correctly, you simply place it next to the sink and point the blue Arrows towards the sink.
*Hobs won't cook bread or plates. Applying one to cooked food on a stovetop, either manually or via an electric combiner, will stop it from burning/cooking and allow the combined items to sit on top of the stovetop. This renders safety gas mains and safety hobs practically useless.
*The tray doesn't seem interested in picking up 2 clean dishes, even if they are (big bummer)
* Blueprint desk, discount desk, and Copy desk upgrade into one another on a cycle : Copy>blueprint>discount, I believe. The research desk will be upgraded to a random one of the 3.
*Research desks cannot work through rooms, so don't place one outside of a half-wall counter with filing cabinets on the other.
*Sinks don't cause debuffs on tables on the other side a half wall counter. It counts it as if it is in another room, even if your character is actuating from the table (.
*In a pinch you can use an automatic dishwasher to clean a dishrack. But don't forget to hit the "use" key if you don't have the time.
* Plates will not be fed into an adjacent plate rack (boo /) by an autoplater
* The autoplater seems to only hold 3 plates, and not 4. ?
Customers and Tables:
* Customers will grab their orders on a conveyor belt if it's adjacent to their table (. This allows you to artificially increase the table's profile while maintaining a limited customer capacity …. see next bullet point).
Placement of tables, chairs, and merging
* The "use” key/button on the green chair can be used to place or remove them. The "pick up/drop" button can rotate and count the chairs at an adjacent table. You can put 2 of these tables flush together to create a larger table. But you can also use the larger table's profile to make it easier for customers to reach the conveyor belt.
Also, tables placed diagonally) (corner-to-corner won't merge. They must touch another table with one of their sides. As far as I know, you can't prevent basic tables from merging if they are adjacent. So be mindful.
* Customer "self bus” optimization: You can influence where customers place their plates after they are done. The section in which they leave their dishes is determined by the number of people who can be seated at that table. This allows you to move the table by picking up and lowering tables. This can be very helpful in reducing the distance diners would need to travel, especially when it is used with conveyor belts.
PlateUp! Map seeds list - Tips/tricks/misc - 1F4F05E
random bits:
*The sedate card doesn’t affect players who are in different rooms than the customers. Therefore, you can deliver to tables that are adjacent or near half-wall counters, conveyor belts, etc.
*If you have two identical items in the garage warehouse, you can exchange them both for a new random object. The same holds true for upgraded items. Two upgraded items will be enough to spit out the new item from the conveyor belt in the back.
*Rerolling on "decoration days" will result in more decorations. But if you're doing franchise runs with the gold card that grants you a new plan every time you buy one of them, the new ones won’t be decorations.
*Bringing a Vase (will give you one formal theme) to the run. It will allow you to have two themes in a restaurant, but you won't be able get a chance to fill out the second theme to benefit from the bonus.
*Info on how dumbwaiter interacts is sparse (. Are conveyors pointless for this???)

Map seeds

SEEDS of interest :
I have found some cool maps by playing with the seed entries.
This simple key will denote the properties I noticed with these maps:
= large/good eating area (, with the entrance from outside)
+ = big/good kitchen
& = good half-wall countertops and/or door placement
| = clean/straightforward
? = It seems good or fun
* = zany, or hard
goldy ^ + | ?
Wasp +
kitty ^ + |
voxel ^ + |
eb26il ^ + &
ca77lof ^ | ?
ca77luf ^ + |
utsf7 ^ + |
y55scv ^ + |
jikol | &
+ corpse
cramped *
tiles ^ |
Funk (can also be gunk)
nickel ^ &
titan ^ ?
table + *
eb7il ^ |
cjrsq ^
thrillho +
xdty323 ^
vg7734th (This is the backwards submission of a weekly/daily Challenge seed)
ca77lyf (if youre looking for an odd challenge


Written by Muice Knuckle

Here we come to an end for PlateUp! Map seeds list hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!


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