Hunt: Showdown Dual Wielding for Malding Player Guide

Hunt: Showdown Dual Wielding for Malding Player Guide 1 -
Hunt: Showdown Dual Wielding for Malding Player Guide 1 -

These are just the opinions and experiences of a Hunt player. They are meant to be shared with other new hunters. You want to be the Gunslinger who drops your guns instead of reloading. This is where you should be looking.


Hey everyone! I'm just an amateur malding player, who wants to share what I know about Hunt's dual wielding!
At the time of writing, I have played over 900 hours of Hunt. It's not a lot compared to other games, but it's a lot. I'd say about 500 hours would be dual-wielding. Let's get on with it!

Core Values

Dual wielding has two core values: accuracy by volume, and being in the right spot at the right moment. The majority of pistols have compact ammo, while a few have medium ammo. There are only two long-range ammo pistols. It's important to know your ammo limits and where you can afford to be.
It is important to remember that accuracy is best when you stop moving.). Otherwise, you can afford to play a lot and hope for accuracy. If you have a head shot that is free and you are close enough to be able to guarantee it, you should take it. Worst-case scenario: you miss, make adjustments, and sling your lead.
Remember that you must be in the right spot at the right moment. Dual wielding requires you to be able to evaluate the odds, a*sess them, use your map knowledge, and recognize gun shot sounds. Every gun has a unique sound and you can usually identify how a player will move or play by the ring. You can a*sume that a Mosin Nagant will squeeze off a round and not want to be near you. Keep your distance between you and them. You can also avoid becoming spaghetti if you hear someone shooting a shotgun. Information can also be gleaned from being hit. While there aren't exact numbers, you can make educated guesses as to the extent of damage such as a Lebel. Dual wielding makes knowledge power.
The most important thing about dual-wielding is to have fun and sling the lead. Be the rootin’ totin' cowboy you want to be.
Below you will find every weapon that you can use in dual-wielding and my personal thoughts.

NagantM1895 tree

The NagantM1895 Silencer is part of the Nagant tree. These two pistols can be used as a starting pistol, starting at rank 1. They have a lot to offer. Let's begin with the basics.
-Low Rank- These can be used to dual wield, starting at rank 1
-7 rounds per pistol – Pretty average when it comes to dual wielding, oddly enough
Good accuracy – Fairly precise accuracy, which is consistent across all single-action pistols
-Cheap – Both pistols can be purchased for a low price, making them affordable and fun to experiment with.
-Easy-to-level – If you want suppressed pistol pairs it's easy enough.
-Low damage – Compared to other pistols, and consistently three-taps the body
-Mediocre Types Of Ammo – The custom ammunition is pretty meh. If you throw a lot of it you'll be praying that RNGesus will throw you an unwound box.
-Low overall range – These pistols have the hardest drop off (, aside from the sparks gun)
-Be Ambidextrous to be fully productive
Nagant M1895 and Nagant 1895 Silencer
They behave nearly identically for the most part. These pistols work best at mid-range. You can fire shots at any distance from mid to long, provided you don't move before you fire. The damage is not too significant outside of shotgun range. However, be careful about being aggressive against teams who aren't aware of their armaments. You can ruin your day with one shotgun or one cav saber. You don't want the fight to drag out and you shouldn't fire more than once unless it's your last chance or you're certain you can win. Don't overdo it. You'll thank yourself later. What does this mean? Guerrilla tactics. Take a few shots and then move on. Your positioning should be unpredictable but you still have the ability to support your team with a push. There are many options for custom ammo.
High Velocity
HV (high velocity,). HV is nice, however, your accuracy from dual wielding is reduced so I don’t find it very useful.
Poison Ammo
Poison ammunition is a different kind of ammo. Because it does the same amount of damage as standard ammunition, the only thing you lose is penetration value. It doesn't matter as much on the Nagants because of the nature compact ammo and its function, so I'd recommend it if you're looking for a custom ammunition. Otherwise, standard ammo will suffice. Poison On Silencer is a nuisance to encounter.

Scottfield Model 3 tree

The Scottfield Model 3 tree contains several very powerful pistols, including a Scottfield Model 3, Scottfield Model 3 Brawler (Scottfield Model 3 Brawler), Scottfield Model 3 Spitfire (Scottfield Model 3 Swift) and Scottfield Model 3 Brawler (Scottfield Model 3 Brawler).
-Low Rank- These can be used to dual wield, starting at rank 1
-6 rounds per pistol – This is about average for pistols
-Fantastic accuracy. Extremely precise accuracy when dual wielding
-Moderate Prices – Your pistol-pair starts at 154 hunt dollars and can go upto 261 huntbucks.
-Extremely efficient – This weapon is very strong for dual wielding, and it has the best dual-wielding weapon in its tree
High Damage – Deals a base 107 Damage with the medium ammunition model, which means its ammo is more effective at longer ranges.
-Fantastic ammunition types – Extremely flexible and fun to play.
-None, really. This weapon set has a lot of flexibility and doesn't really have any negatives other than the cost if your goal is to hunt or die a lot.
Okay, let's get started.
Scottfield Model 3
These pistols are very effective at all ranges and, yes, with luck and the right circumstances, you can even pelt snipers with them. It's quite amusing. I prefer Standard Ammo but you could also use FMJ. Although I don’t like the muzzle velocity cut for mid range engagements it can work perfectly. These are very solid and you cannot go wrong with them.
Scottfield Model 3 Brawler
These pistols lack the accuracy and precision of the base model 3, but the bra*s knuckles are added to the gun. The knuckles are extremely strong and can be useful in many situations. However, dual wielding with them is not recommended. Dual wielding with these pistols is something I strongly recommend.
Scottfield Model 3 Spitfire
These things are either very successful or very unsuccessful. They are even less accurate than the brawlers. However, they can rearm twice so you can throw lead down faster. These can be very hit-or-miss and I would not recommend them. But, you can use them if youre into gambling.
Scottfield Model 3 Swift
It is undoubtedly the strongest of all dual-wielding pistols. They have the same accuracy and range as the base Model 3's but come with a neat trick. Reloading reduces your reload to 4s instead of 9s. Although you lose all remaining ammo and must reload, people often push the reload button and expect you to be ready to roll. These are my go to for dual wielding.
Full-Metal Jacket increases your muzzle velocity (and round travel). In exchange, it offers significant piercing capabilities. FMJ can be used to punch through thin metal. This is a great tool for striking a defending bounty team, or getting the follow up hit to a tag through their covering. It is incredible for its travel speed. This weapon can be used if you have low muzzle velocity weapons.
Incendiary ammo
This ammo may not be the best, but it is funny and versatile. Fire ammo is able to kill all AI (with the exception of Bosses and Meathead) in one shot. This makes it a great choice for clearing AI that are being attacked by aggressive AI. It also sets players on fire in just two shots and instantly detonates every type of barrel. I have seen many people get killed by this barrel. It's very situational and very fun. Although it isn't something I recommend as a regular ammo type, it is very, very enjoyable.

Caldwell 92 New Army Tree

Unfortunately, the Caldwell 92 New Army does not exist at the time this article was written. It is currently only available in a tree and two custom ammunition variants.
-Low Rank- These can be used to dual wield, starting at Rank 12.
-6 Rounds Per Pistol – Right Around Average
-Small Tree: It is easy to get custom ammo types
-High rate of fire – Spray and pray bay-bee
-Good ammo types – Bleed and FMJ are excellent options
-Low Accuracy- It's often miss at mid-range and close range. They can be hot/cold.
Compact ammo can be very close to you so it is a good choice.
-Neces Ambidextrous to be fully productive
Caldwell 92 New Army
You have one option with them: barrel stuffing people and spraying till they are gone. If they try to run, don't stop shooting. It can take a while for your reload to complete so don't give them the chance to push you. These pistols should be used aggressively.
FMJ is just like any other pistol, if you can manage the low muzzle velocity.
Bleed ammo has a very strong effect. I find myself trading with people when they can't stop the bleeding quickly enough. You lose penetration but you gain something to play off of.

Caldwell Pax Tree

The Caldwell Pax currently exists in a small, bare tree, which includes the Caldwell Pax Claw (the Caldwell Pax), and two custom ammo varieties.
-Early Rank Pistols – Can be used starting at Rank 18.
-6 rounds per pistol – Pretty Average
-Good accuracy – Fairly precise accuracy, though still slightly less than Scottfield Model 3's
-Easy-to-level – Small tree so you can easily get the variants and the ammo types.
-Good Damage– Uses medium ammo such as the Scottfield Model 3's
Good Ammo Types – Bleed pressure is good, and fire is flexible
-Sad Variant Noises – The Pax Claw sounds worse than the base Pax and isn't as effective.
It is almost as solid as the Scottfield Model 3's.
Caldwell Pax
These medium ammo bombers are very effective. They are extremely effective at close range, mid-range, and close quarters. They are reliable and consistent. Try to play to your strengths in mid-range, while trying to remain effective and in the fight. The overall idea is very simple. Use your ADS to gain headway.
Caldwell Pax Claw
It's a shame to admit that these weapons are just a bit of a disappointment. These weapons are wonderful, but I find them lacking in many ways. The Pax Claw's accuracy is lower than the base Pax. While the attached knife is great to deal with AI, it's just as bad for players. It's not a good pistol, and it's worse as a dual pistol. Avoid these unless youre experimenting or playing.
Flexible and entertaining, but not great. This is a very flexible and fun tool, but you don't have penetration.
It is very effective in aggressive play. This makes your enemies think about how to kill you, or how to retreat to heal. Pen is lost, but the extra bleed is quite nice.

Caldwell Conversion pistol Tree

The Caldwell Conversion Pistol Tree has a long list of components. It includes the Caldwell Conversion Pistol (Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol), the Caldwell Conversion Uppercut (Caldwell Conversion Uppercut) and four types of custom ammunition.
-6 rounds per pistol – Pretty Average
-Excellent accuracy. Very tight accuracy
-Cheap – Both pistols are relatively affordable
-Good damage – Highest Compact Pistols
-Very Good Ammo Types: FMJ, Bleed. Incendiary. Explosive. What more could one want? !
-Lots Of Variants – It takes a long while to clear the tree
There are no real downsides.
Caldwell Conversion Pistol
This paired pistol is equal to the Scottfield Model 3’s dual wielding. Compact ammo means more ammo. It offers excellent range, accuracy and damage. It can be used for short range, long range, mid-range, or even CQB. It is an extremely powerful weapon.
Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol
These are quite funny, okay? 17 rounds per belt, lots of rounds for good reserves. These are not recommended at all, but they can be fun if you use certain tactics. FMJ can be used to lock people in a certain area or halt their movement. Spray lots of bullets and pray. It can take a while to reload from empty. However, you can cancel it at any time to get back in combat. It is not recommended for all users, but it is fun.
Caldwell Conversion Uppercut
Now. The hand cannon that revolvers use. One of the few pistols that can fire Long Ammo at a high rate of damage and range. These are extremely niche because of their crippling recoil as well as their accuracy. I don't recommend using these, but if this is something you want to do, you can take the ammo in the exclusive tree and run double explosive ammunition. You can basically be a walking grenade launcher. These are not recommended for use in standard methods.
Amazing, low muzzle velocity, and lots of penetration. A great choice all around. It is hard to go wrong with this.
Fire. It can ignite people, barrels and AI. It's a good tactical choice but it loses Pen.
Excellent choice for spam and aggressive players. Bleeding makes your enemy want to deal with you, or you can drop everything to stop the bleeding.
Unique to the uppercut. Moderate damage within a narrow radius around the impact points. This can quickly bring down players, especially when using dual wield mail. You can also use it to open shutters and windows, gates, and concertina wire easily.

Bornheim No. 3 Tree

The Bornheim No 3 tree, which is moderately large, consists of the Bornheim No 3 Extended, the Bornheim No 3 Extended, as well as two custom ammo choices.
-High fire rate
-Compact ammunition – lots of reserve
-Very Expensive, especially when used in tandem
-Very high rate for fire
-Lower Accuracy
-Lower Range
-Mediocre Options in Ammo
-Lower size base magazine than most side arms
Bornheim No. 3
So when I said Spray and pray for New Army 92's that was mild compared the things these do. Your 5 rounds can be ripped like wet tissue paper. It is fed via a blockclip, so it doesn't need to be fed in individual rounds. However, the range of the feed is very limited. You have two options: bring lots and flashes, and rush down any person who tries to tell you otherwise. You can be very aggressive. They are very nice, but I don't use them because of the high cost. Although they are not very flexible, they are still the SMG's Hunt.
Bornheim No. 3 Extended
These are the exact same thing as the standard Bornheim No. 3. Although slightly less precise, it is still quite accurate. 5 more rounds per clip. You can now rip into two magazines of 10!
High Velocity
HV ammo is generally very good, but it's best used with single weapons that can use the sights. I don't recommend this type of ammo if you need to get close enough to spray people down.
It's very funny with high spam, and since you're trying to be really close to the target, cover shouldn't really matter. It can really be hot and cold so I would advise you to use it at your own risk.

Nagant M1895 Officer Tree

The Nagant M1895 officers tree contains two dual wielder pistols, the Nagant M1895 Offizier and the Nagant M1895 Offizier Brawler, along with two ammo types.
-7 rounds per pistol – Pretty average when it comes to dual wielding, oddly enough
Ratatatat: High Rate of Fire
-Compact ammo – Lots of it.
-Low accuracy- Fairly loose accuracy that is consistent with all rapid fire pistols
-Costly – It can be very expensive to purchase a pair.
-Mediocre Ammo Types
Nagant M1895 Officer
The M1895 Officer is a terrible pistol for dual-wielding. It isn't as fast as the Caldwell New Army 92 or the Bornheim No 3 but it has less accuracy. This is a horrible pistol to attempt dual-wielding.
Nagant M1895 Officer Brawler
The M1895 officer brawler is essentially a standard officer but it's much worse. It works great as a single gun, but the extra function of the knuckles for greater accuracy is not a good idea.
High Velocity Ammo
For a single officer, you can go all day. It doesn't really matter if you're a pair because you're unlikely to hit anything unless you're barrel stuffing.
Poison Ammo
Sure? Yes.

Lemat Mark 2 tree

The Lemat MK 2 is the most customizable pistol in the game. You can choose from two different types of ammunition and toggle between dual shotguns/dual pistols. It really does bring a lot to this game. The Lemat MK 2 Tree houses the weapon itself as well as five different types custom ammo.
-VERY Flexible Double Shotgun for close to, double pistols mid to long
Good Accuracy – Although it is not as accurate or as the Scottfield Model 3's and the Caldwell Conversion Pistols they are, it is still very good.
-Excellent Ammo – Good ammo options
-Good Rates of Fire
-Has The Bra*s Flower Legendary Skin
Compact ammo is compact and allows for a lot of shots.
-Has a higher cylinder round count than any pistol, except for the Dolch96 Extended and the Bornheim No 3 Extension.
-Costly when used in combination, especially when using custom ammo
-Shotguns may not be consistent with the OHKO range. Most often, it takes two shots just to put someone down.
Lemat Mark 2
So. The most flexible, customizable, and unique pistol available in the game. This pistol can be customized to fit any occasion, with three different compact rounds and three shotgun shells. Although you can only carry one type ammo with the gun, it is still an excellent gun for dual-wielding. The compact ammo does enough damage to cause two taps at close range to target, and is accurate enough to put them down at midrange. If they try to get too spicy, you can just give them buckshot. This is best paired with a long-range weapon, such as a quartermaster gun or something similar to a hunting rifle. These pistols can be used in all styles. Keep in mind the basics of dual-wielding and you will be fine.
Incendiary is the only alternative to standard compact ammunition. Flexible, but it's more of a meme that it is actually useful. Useful for AI, barrels and players, among other things.
Full Metal Jacket is a great choice for piercing walls and long range. Although it has a low muzzle velocity it is an absolute beast.
These shotgun shells can be compared to mini-slugs. They do 1 damage and set things ablaze with a low muzzle velocity. They are often difficult to pick and not worth the investment until they do something.
Dragon's Breath
THIS. Oh my God, yes. Is it good? It is not. It is funny and fun. Ohhhh yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. It's basically buckshot that, in addition the OHKO function of shotguns has the ability to light things on fire. This includes barrels and AI, players, and bosses. The range at which you can light things on fire seems absurd. It should be considered for not only lighting people on fire but also for marking targets for friends. It's hard to lose the large beacon of light.
They're slugs. Think of big bullets that hit like trucks. They have been nerfed and are no longer as strong as they were. They're funny and fun on the Lemats but I have not had much success with them. Stick to buckshot or dragon's breathe.

Dolch 96 tree

The Dolch 96 Tree only contains two weapons. Only one of these weapons is capable of dual wielding: the Dolch 96.
-High rate of fire
-Large magazines can be loaded using s*ripper clips or a single top off
-Highest accuracy of all rapid-fire pistols
-Sickest Ambidextrous reload animation
-VERY expensive at just 750 hunt bucks per pop
-Not recommended for close range.
-Distinct sound which seems to attract people all over the map
Dolch 96
The Dolch 96 can be a very interesting weapon. The Dolch 96 is very interesting. It has a high rate of fire which means you should be close. However, the rate of fire indicates a rush-down style of play. Flashes are best if you need to rush. Med shots are better if your goal is to play within a certain range. Keep in mind the basics and you will be fine.

Sparks Pistol

-Very high damage
-Long ammo means damage lasts over longer distance
-High Muzzle Velocity
-Good Ammo variants
Can cheese the reload and save lots of time
Swaps for Blackbeard pistols
-One shot, only one kill — at the very least, you hope. Because you only have two.
-Decently meh accuracy
Recoil has led to them being called "The Wristbreakers".
Sparks Pistol
So! I think the best part about this thing is wiping servers with 4 of them. You can bring two pairs and pretend to be a pirate. Fire two, switch, and fire the next two. If you don’t want to play this manner and have a rifle, then go for it. It's fun to play, but can it get expensive? Dodging, ducking, diving, dodge and dodge are the best ways to keep yourself in mid-range. Don't stop moving. If you have to heal, move to cover. Because they are single shot weapons, you can carry two types of ammunition for the pairs.
Fantastic. Your cover doesn't really matter anymore. I tag you and hit you through the brick wall. This is insane with the pistols. Aside from the fact that it increases your recoil, it also seems like it adds a little more accuracy. This is a win for me.
Poison ammunition that does rifle damage but stops people from healing for eight seconds is absurd. In exchange for the benefit of penetration, you trade it in. But man, it's solid.

Closing comments

I hope this "guide" will help you see more of Hunt:Showdown's offerings in the art of slinging leads. My favourites will always remain the Caldwell Conversion Pistols using standard ammo and the Scottfield Model 3 Swifts using standard ammo. I hope you find this helpful in illustrating what you can and cannot do. I hope you have any questions, comments, or concerns. This post will have comments enabled. I will do my best to answer them.
Good luck Hunters, and I'll be seeing you in the Bayou ((or whatever Desalle is supposed)) soon!


Written by Son of Vulkan

This is all for Hunt: Showdown Dual Wielding for Malding Player Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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