How to Fix Game Crash on Startup + Performance in Ready or Not

How to Fix Game Crash on Startup + Performance in Ready or Not 1 -
How to Fix Game Crash on Startup + Performance in Ready or Not 1 -

How to Fix Game Crash on Startup + Performance in Ready or Not

Yo, MW3 squad! Struggling with ‘Ready or Not’ after the 1.0 update? You’re not alone. We’re here with some nifty tricks to help you blast through those pesky problems. Stay tuned as we keep updating this guide with fresh tips from the Ready Or Not Forum.

Boost Your Game’s Performance

Feeling the lag? Here’s how you can power up your game and smooth out those rough edges:

  • Switch up your DirectX version – it’s worth a shot!
  • Turn off DLSS in your game settings. Sometimes less is more.
  • Keep your system in top shape with the latest OS updates.
  • Update your graphics drivers. NVIDIA folks, click here, and AMD users, check here.
  • Shut down those extra background apps.
  • Hit Windows key + R, type “%temp%”, and clear out the clutter.
  • Wave goodbye to unused programs on your device.
  • Unleash your CPU’s full potential with QuickCPU here.
  • Open PowerShell as an administrator and enter

powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61


Game crashing as soon as you hit play? Let’s fix that:

  • Right-click ‘Ready Or Not’ in Steam. It’s time for some detective work.
  • Find ‘Manage > Browse local files’ and dive in.
  • Head to ‘readyornot\content\paks’. It’s cleanup time!
  • Keep only the essential files (windowsnoeditor 0-20 pak files) and delete the rest.
  • Visit “%localappdata%” and say goodbye to the “ReadyOrNot” folder.
  • Last step – check if your game files are all good.

If it’s still not playing nice, try this:

  • Clear out the ‘Ready Or Not’ folder entirely.
  • Uninstall, then reinstall the game. A fresh start can do wonders.

Game Still Showing ‘Modded’ in the Corner?

If ‘Modded’ is still hanging around, here’s how to give it the boot:

  • Right-click ‘Ready Or Not’ in Steam and go file-hunting.
  • Choose ‘Manage > Browse local files’.
  • In ‘readyornot\content\paks’, keep it tidy – just the essentials.
  • Pop over to “%localappdata%” and clear out the ‘ReadyOrNot’ folder.
  • Double-check your game files for any sneaky issues.

Animations or AI Acting Up?

Animations and AI not playing nice? Mods might be the culprits. Here’s your fix:

  • Right-click on ‘Ready Or Not’ in Steam – it’s investigation time!
  • Hit ‘Manage > Browse local files’.
  • Go to ‘readyornot\content\paks’. Time for some spring cleaning!
  • Keep only the crucial files and show the rest the door.
  • Make a quick stop at “%localappdata%” and clear out the ‘ReadyOrNot’ folder.
  • Give your game files a quick integrity check.

Still stuck? No worries! Join us in the Ready Or Not Forum, and we’ll get you back in action!

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