Ready or Not How to Check for Traps Tips

Ready or Not  How to Check for Traps Tips 1 -
Ready or Not How to Check for Traps Tips 1 -

You have probably been blown up by a trap or seen someone get blown up by a trap. Here are a few tips and tricks to help your team achieve a successful mission.

Mirror Gun

Now here is the main thing you need:
This gadget can be used to look under doors to check for suspects, civilians, and most importantly TRAPS!
Just look for a wire. The door is wired to a grenade or flash bang that pulls the pin when the door swings open.
A good indicator a door has a trap is if its locked.
If you do not have a mirror gun you can also PEEK THE DOOR.
If the door has a trap and you peek the door the explosive will not detonate.
Which exposes the wire and allows you to use your multi tool to cut the wire.
I discourage rushing in this game because its an easy way to sit out for the rest of the game and spectate.
Thanks for reading! spread the knowledge so you are not down 3 officers within 2 minutes of the start of the mission due to someone bashing in a door and blowing up.

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