How to Complete Raid and Full Map in Ready or Not

How to Complete Raid and Full Map in Ready or Not 1 -
How to Complete Raid and Full Map in Ready or Not 1 -

How to Complete Raid and Full Map in Ready or Not

Hey there, Ready or Not fans! Ready to dominate Level 1 at the Gas Station? Here’s your game plan to nail it.

How to Complete Raid and Full Map in Ready or Not 2 -
How to Complete Raid and Full Map in Ready or Not 2 –

1. First Things First, “Site 2”:

Start your raid at “Site 2”. There’s usually a baddie lurking around here, so stay sharp!

2. Sneak in Right:

Get into the Gas Station through the “freezer room” on the right. It’s a cool way in, literally!

3. Tidy up the Front Store:

Next up, sweep the front store. Make sure no bad guys are hanging around.

4. Office Time:

Move to the office, but here’s the trick: you can either sneak in from the left (that’s the Toilets) or from the right (near the Veteran). Either way leads to the diner.

5. Office Cleanup:

Make sure the office is all clear. No surprises wanted here!

6. Diner Check:

Any baddies in the diner? If yes, show them the door!

Outside Look:

Outside the Gas Station is mostly chill, except for “Site 2”. Peek through the store front windows; sometimes you can spot troublemakers. And hey, be extra careful near the diner’s glass door.

Site 2 Secrets:

Usually, Site 2 is cool unless there’s a troublemaker. If you find one, handle them swiftly. But remember, sneaking into the toilets from here can be risky – you might get caught in a tight spot!

Freezer Entrance Tips:

The freezer is your best bet to sneak in. Tiptoe though, or you might get jumped!

Store Front Strategy:

Be wary near the cash register; someone might be waiting to take a shot at you. The route to the register is tricky; you’ve got to watch all sides.

Office – Toilets Tactic:

This area is tricky with two doors to watch. If you can, block one door to focus on the other. If someone’s in the diner, they’ll probably come to you.

Office – Veteran Side Advice:

This route to the office is generally safer. If there’s a suspect in the diner on this side, it might be wise to take them out. But don’t go past the dead dog; you’ll be exposed in the diner.

Office – Kitchen Caution:

Passing through the kitchen? Watch out for that glass window; you’re an easy target from the diner. Stick close to the wall for safety.

Office – Main Room Moves:

Entering from the toilets? Approach from the lockers for a straight-on confrontation. Coming from the kitchen? Don’t hang around here; it’s too risky.

Office – Administration Area:

This spot’s usually safe. But entering the cash register room from the front store? That’s risky with all that glass around.

Office – Storage Safety:

In the storage area, watch out! Suspects in the diner can shoot through the glass. And that door to the diner’s cash register? It’s a vulnerability. Don’t linger here.

Diner – Cash Register Room:

Big no-no! This room is super risky. Avoid it to stay safe.

Main Room – Diner Dangers:

Be careful in the diner. It’s a high-risk zone with no place to hide. Scout first before moving in. And hey, don’t use the back door; too many corners to check, making you super vulnerable.

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