Ready or Not How to Install Mods Guide

Ready or Not How to Install Mods Guide 1 -
Ready or Not How to Install Mods Guide 1 -

The steps:

Okay, so like most games, installing mods for Ready or Not – despite not having the convenient workshop support yet – is very easy and done in a few minutes, if that even… Here is how:

Make sure you have programmes like WinRar or 7zip so you can extract the files before doing any of the steps/downloading any mods.

Step 1: Right click on Ready or Not in your Steam library and click on “properties”, then you press on local files and lastly, press on “browse” top right.

Step 2: Press on the “Ready or Not” folder, then “Content” and lastly, press on the file that is called “Paks” – this is where you will extract your mods to.

Step3: Nexus Mods – []  Head over to nexusmods and find whatever mod(s) you want and press on download (you will need to register on the site in order to be able to download).

And finally: Download the mod(s), open the WinRar or 7zip file and extract the PAK(s) files into the folder called “Paks” (refer to step 2) – and you should be done! Enjoy!

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