House Party How to Start the new Hijinks Questline

House Party How to Start the new Hijinks Questline 1 -
House Party How to Start the new Hijinks Questline 1 -

How to Start the new Hijinks questline introduced in version 1.0

How to start

-Start a new game and select the female playable character
-Next we’ll need to start the “muse” questline so as soon as you are loaded in find and talk to Madison. Be friendly with her saying your Brittany’s friend and how bakers keep score and all that.
-Next she won’t want to talk with you for a few minutes so go upstairs and discover the art room.
While you’re up here grab her phone from the master bathroom.
Next find Derek and Amy chat it up with them.
-Now you should be able to talk to Madison again. Give her the phone back and be friendly, this should get you to being good friends with her.
Now Talk to about her secret art room upstairs, saying stuff like:
“Wow, you’re so individualistic!”
“Please don’t turn me into a skin lamp …”
“I volunteer as tribute.”
Talk to Madison again and ask her what kind of art she’d like to see.
-Next go find Amy and ask her if she knows anything about art.
-Now its time to build the master sculpture (all you need to do is fail this part.)
Go into the garage and Inspect the penguin. Next find Ashley and talk to her for the first time, tell her she’s prettier than her sister and talk to her about being the co-host of the party. You can even secure her top if you want extra friendship points.
Now talk to her again and ask her about the penguin in the garage. Ask her if you can take it and she should give it to you.
– The penguin
– The salami from the fridge
– The coffee next to frank
– Rip the whales poster in Ashley’s room
– The sunglasses on Madison’s dresser.
-Now put the penguin on the dresser, (use with)
and start putting the items on it. (doesn’t matter which order)
-Go find Madison again and tell her you are ready to show off the sculpture. Go back to the room and everyone will meet you there.
you will now lose the art competition and Derek will win.
-Derek will approach you after he is declared winner.
Just select the third dialogue option (I Lost on purpose)
after that just talk through it.
once done speak to him again and select:
“Madison really loves her mind games, huh?”
talk through the dialogue.
after you finish up speaking with him the Hijinks quest will begin.
you can Save and follow the quest through both achievements.

How to Complete

Now that the quest is started it’s time to find out about Derek’s missing cat
-Talk to Amy and see if she knows anything about the cat.
-Then talk to Steph about the same.
-Now go to the dirt pile behind the hot tub. Click inspect and the click again and select search. The poor kitty’s collar will pop up. Take it and give it to Derek. Talk through the dialogue.
This is a good time to save
-He’ll ask you to find the master bedroom key. It is placed on top of the fireplace. Just grab it and return to him. (if it’s not there for some odd reason check the green cutting board next to the sink.)
-Once you give him the key he’ll talk about the prank. Basically he wants to blindfold Madison and send someone up there to see her.
-Ask who you should send up there. (I chose Frank but the choice is yours.)
-Next run upstairs and grab the sleeping mask from Madison’s nightstand. Return to Derek and give it to him.
-Now its time for the big prank. he’ll ask you if you ready and when prompted tell him you need a minute.
Now save the game and go back into dialogue. talk about the prank and tell him to think this through. Proceed to talk him out of it and say this is the beginning of a great friendship.
Congrats you just got the hijinks averted achievement.
now reload the save and do the prank.
-Derek will walk up to Madison and do the do.
-Now talk to whomever you picked for the prank and tell them Madison wishes to speak with you.
-Now talk to Derek and tell him the operation is a go. He will then unlock the door.
-walk up to the door and pick “open slowly”
now crouch and follow Derek into the closet.
Simply wait and enjoy.


Congratulations you now have both achievements!
I’d appreciate if you fav’d the guide. Thanks for following it.

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