House Party Console Commands in 2021

House Party Console Commands in 2021 1 -
House Party Console Commands in 2021 1 -
This is a list of the console commands that i have been playing with on my mess around save of house party. I’ll keep adding more as i find out how to work them.

If you guys/gals could give me a thumbs up for doing a half-way decent job on this. It would really make my day and motivate me to keep going with it.



The console commands are used for testing, story making, information gathering or just generally messing around. 
They help with story progression, undressing the people at random or more importantly. Let you f*ck the person you want to without going through the “missions” 
Do be aware, the minute you type the first command. All achievements are disabled 
I’ll try to update the commands (or add new ones) on Sunday’s. So hopefully you’ll be unlocking new secrets at least once a week 
~Additional Note~ 
Sometime soon, (possibly within a couple of weeks) I’ll be writing up the commands for Values. This is by far the biggest section that I have found, so alot will be covered. I’m still deciding whether to add it to this guide, or make a guide just for it. (Shame I can’t do a youtube video on this…or can I?) 

Getting started

So how do you access the almighty console commands I hear you ask. It’s simple, just press the button on your keyboard that looks like this: 

Its usually located to the left of 1 and above the tab button (on UK keyboards, might be different on others. Not entirely sure about that) 
Once you press it, a black box appears at the top third of the screen. All console commands are entered here. 
How onto the fun bit 
These are the NPC that the player can have fun with, talk to, attack, make drunk, get nak*d with or generally ignore if wanted 
Leah, Lety, Vickie, Madison, Derek, Ashley, Patrick, Rachael, Katherine, Frank, Amy, Stephanie, Brittney, Dan and Arin 
When first starting the game, there are four NPCs who must be “invited” or “unlocked” to make them appear at the party. The others are already there, the “moresome four” are 
> Lety 
> Vickie 
> Arin 

Beam me up Vickie, it’s warping time

Since the update, the commands for warping have been altered slightly. If the character you want to have warped to you is not at the party when first loading (Vickie, Lety, Dan & Arin) need to be “enabled” 
The command is as follows 
EnableNPC vickie (or Lety, Dan & Arin). It must also be typed as shown, it’s case sensitive 
This will activate that character, allowing them to be warped to you 
The command to have a character warp to you is simple, you can do them singularly or all in one go (I do like being popular, until Patrick starts talking to me) 
The command to be typed is below 
Ashley warpto Player 
All warpto player 
or if you really want to get rid of someone near you, you can warp them to another NPC 
Ashley warpto Madison 
Remember, with great popularity comes great nights out 

It’s getting hot in here, how to take off all your clothes

So..the time has come (no pun intended) to show and get your birthday suit out. 
The command for stripping has been changed since the update, you will need to specifiy an ENABLED character (such as those already at the party, or those manually enabled via commands) 
You will then need to specify which clothing option to remove (or all of them and strap-ons are ignored in the all command). See the list below 
0 = top 
1 = bottom 
2 = underwear 
3 = bra 
4 = shoes 
5 = accessories (not entirely sure what this is) 
6 = strap-on 
All = removes them all in one go 
This is then followed by a value, which is simply “on” or “off” 
After that, the clothing set number is needed, the options are listed below 
Change = 0 
AssignDefaultSet = 1 (different outfits the characters wear, if they have them) 
Confused? Good so am I, here is what the command should look like to remove Madison’s Top 
clothing madison 0 off 0 
To remove all her clothing type the following 
clothing madison all off 0 
clothing all all off 0 (removes everyone’s clothing) 
Phew, crazy huh. Give it a few tries and you’ll get it sooner or later. Or just copy and paste if its easier 
If you want to add clothes on again (weird but sometimes happens) the command is slightly different. 
You need to put the command number for the item of clothing as well as its name 
For example, here is Vickie putting her top back on 
clothing vickie 0 top on 0 
the command to add all clothes back on to everyone at the party no longer works, you need to do it as a “set”. Here is an example 
clothing all 0 top on 0 (this will put the tops of everyone at the party back on) 
Have just found out the command to make everyone put all their clothes back on in one go…phew, this is getting complicated 
clothing all 0 all on 0 
If you want those who can wear a strap-on to do so, the command is as follows 
clothing all 0 6 on 0 (all the females have strapons) 
clothing rachael 0 6 on 0 (only rachael will have one) 
To remove the strap on, type the following 
clothing all 6 off 0 (everyone removes it) 
clothing vickie 6 off 0 (only Vickie does 
You can also change certain NPCs clothing to a default version, (not tested this much, but will update when I can) 
vickie assigndefaultset clothing
you get the general idea now i hope. 
If this still makes no sense, sent me a message and I’ll try to explain it better. 

Yup, time to know you deeper

Now that the person/all are nak*d, it’s time to get to the fun stuff. What’s the point of a house party is people don’t hook up right? (i dunno, never been to one) 
As always, open the console command here we go. 
This follows a same pattern, you type in the command, the person/people involved and what act they are doing. Here is an example 
>sexualact intimacy player ashley 10000 
This basically means the player will get some head. 
Of course, the names can be altered as well as the act involved. The list of people can be found in the “Getting Started” section. 
Dan and Arin are the exceptions. 
900. – make out 
1000. – giving head 
1001. – hottub handj*b (also works outside the hot tub) 
1003. – Missionary 
1005. – Do**y style 
1005. – C*wgirl 
1005. – cunnilingus 
1005. – 69 
1005. – against wall with leg up 
1005. – against wall doggystyle 
1005. – pick up against wall 
Usually its the male character typed first, followed by the female…but not always. 
Digging around in the darker corners of the game commands, the already mentioned strapons make this all the more interesting. 
If you give one of the girls the strap-on, then they get to have fun of their own. 
For example 
>sexualact intimacy vickie madison 10050 
That’s right, Vickie is using the strap-on to do Madison doggystyle. (or Patrick if she really wants to) 
You dont need the use the strap-on for it to work, but it looks weird without (play around and see for yourself, dont think steam would like the screenshots) 
Going Solo 
You can always have them enjoy some “alone” time if you get my meaning. Simply use this command 
>sexualact intimacy ashley 10051 
Ashley will please herself on the floor 
NB: A steam user recently contacted me and asked me a question about intimacy. Hope this answers this for you 
Do you think that you just want real good head…by which i mean not a slow “loving” style but a real gobble. 
Well now you can, by using this command. The command is called “increase action speed” and it does what it says on the tin…or does what the action shows more accurately. 
intimacy ashley increaseactionspeed 
Or if you want it slower, use this 
intimacy ashley decreaseactionspeed 
This makes Ashley give head faster/slower than the “standard” animation, might take a while to work but you do see a difference. Make sure they are engaged in the activity before typing this command or it won’t do a thing (that I can tell) mo, shouldn’t have “tested” this while typing this up….BRB 
Ah, that’s better…now where was I? Oh yes, of course, any NPC (even the player) can use this to make those sweet moments all the better. It works in all positions and with all people, who are activated. 

Get your fight on

Combat….what party does not end in a brawl at some point 
Do you want to see the girls going at it? Or the men have a fight just because you can. The here is the command for you 
>combat derek patrick fight 
this will make Derek and Patrick fight 
Not got you interested? How about this 
>combat all all fight 
everyone in the house will have a massive free for all (luckily this does not include the player so you can watch and laugh. if you do want to join in, hit someone and they will go for you as well) 
Lets say you want to watch Patrick passout and wake up over and over again as it amuses you (does me anyway). Type this in and enjoy the fun 
>combat patrick passout (he gets knocked out cold) 
>combat patrick wakeup (he’s back with us) 
you can of course use “all” to make everyone passout at the same time, or wake up. 
Remember you can change the names as you see fit. 
House Party Console Commands in 2021 
House Party Console Commands in 2021 
House Party Console Commands in 2021 
Always have fun times with the combat command, what strange positions can you make? 

The Personal Touch

You are able to alter the personality of the people who are currently active in the story. This allows you to make them more aggressive, nice, intelligent and even perverse. 
Here’s an example 
personality Ashley exhibitionism add 100 
This will make Ashley not cover herself up when nak*d, instead she shows off all her glory. 
You need to enter it as above, but can change the name to anyone (not the player) as well as the personality (see list below) 
If you want the number to be say… 100, you simply type “add 100” 
to bring it back to 10 you type “add -90” or “equals 10” 
this bring Ashley’s exhibitionism back down to 10. 
Here is the list of the personality traits you can change 
> Nice 
> Creative 
> LikesWomen 
> Optimistic 
> Intelligent 
> Perverse 
> Happy 
> Jealous 
> Aggressive 
> Energetic 
> Aggressive 
> Charismatic 
> Exhibitionism 
> Humerous 
> LikesMen 
> Sociable 
> Serious 
> Shy 

How to be Sociable

With the use of the commands, you are able to alter the friendship, romance and drunkness of your fellow party peeps. 
as well as force them to talk to others or even receive a text message 
Here is an example 
social friendship all player equals 100 
This makes everyone at the party instant BFFs with the player. Of course you can make it so only Leah likes you and all the others hate you 
You can change it so Leah and Vickie become worst enemies, this is what the command should look like 
social friendship leah vickie equals -100 
you can replace friendship with either romance, drunk or scared. Here are a few examples 
social romance vickie ashley equals 100 
social drunk ashley equals 100 (I recommend trying this, made me cry with laughter) 
social drunk ashley equals -100 (makes them sober again) 
social scared frank player equals 100 (frank is terrified of you) 
There are a couple of other social events you can try out. They are “talkto” and “sendtext” 
Talkto allows none player characters to mindlessly chat about random things, you mostly here this stuff during the course of the evening anyway. Here is what the command should look like 
social talkto ashley madison 
(they must be near each other for it to work, or they will just ignore each other and carry on with what they were originally doing. All is not supported) 
You can also make people recieve a text message 
social sendtext amy 
it will make Amy pretend to fiddle with a phone (one does not appear, all is not supported) 

Items my dear Watson, Items

With the console commands, you are able to manipulate the items used throughout the game. You can warp them to you or vise versa, mount, rename or itemfunction. But first, here is a list of the items I have so far been able to find (still checking to make sure I’ve not missed anything). 
natty lite (only brings one bottle, still finding names for the remainder) 
sd card 
pizza box 
usb stick 
skeleton key 
master key 
mysterious key 
foam finger 
gut grip 
blue hair dye 
madisons phone 
whizbanger poppers 
ashleys panties 
ashleys top 
whack spankiels (jack daniels) 
chicken nuggets 
chocolate syrup 
whipped cream 
money makers monthly 
motor oil 
mp3 player 
chocolate bar 
book (gastronomy book) 
cellphone (unsure) 
phone 2 or phone 3 (one is katherine’s phone) 
closed briefcase 
satchel (not sure what this is, nothing showed up) 
ripped whale poster (used for the quest for madison) 
House Party Console Commands in 2021 
Shows how fun this party can be at times  
You can also move the furniture around, so far these ones do work. (still testing others) 
whale poster 
It can lead to some interesting moments 
House Party Console Commands in 2021 
To use the power of the mind and bring the items you desire to you, simply type this command in. 
item itemname warpitemto player 
Just make sure you don’t leave any spaces when entering the item, for example 
item pizzabox warpitemto player (brings pizza box to you) 
item moneymakersmonthly warpitemto player (bring the magazine from the bin to you) 
This is still a work in progress, I’ll keep messing around with it and see what other commands are available 
Here is another item I completely forgot about 
Credit card 
still double checking, I’ll add more if any are found (or remembered) 

You should be Moving, Moving…Yeah

Are you sick of Frank sitting on that seat 24/7, come rain or shine, come gun or bomb…okay maybe not that far. 
Have no fear, there is a command Frank must obey that will get him moving 
Still will work for any enabled character at the party. 
This is done in two stages, I have tried a few other methods but this one seems to work okay 
firstly, you need to type this into the command bar 
roaming clearallroamlists frank 
This means that the list of places that Frank can move to is wiped clean. 
Then, this next command makes him move 
roaming frank allow true 
This means that Frank will now actually move (crazy huh?!?!?), but he does sometimes return to that seat of his. 
You can of course change to name to all to make even Brittney, Lety and anyone else move around as though they have a life of there own 
(any issues on this, let me know as I am still not 100% sure.) 

Open Sesame

Do you want to open a door without being near it? Do you want to magically lock a door that has no key to it? 
Well now you can, using the power of your mind (more commonly known as console commands) 
The command is very easy 
To open or close a door you type this 
door ~name~ open (or close) 
To lock or unlock the door, it is this 
door ~name~ lock (or unlock) 
Here is a list of the doors that can be closed/opened or locked/unlocked 
– laundryroom 
– studyroom 
– masterbedroom 
– spareroom 
– slidingdoor (glass door to the garden) 
– garage 
– roomdoor (the room with the paintings in it) 
– upstairsbathroom (one opposite art room) 
– masterbathroom (in master bedroom) 
– bedroomcloset (master bedroom, only opens left door) 
– bathroom (downstairs) 
– cabinet (where the popcorn is stored) 
– fridge 
– pantrycloset (opens the pantry doors) 

Life feels like Bullet Time

Sometimes, you get so drunk that the world is either slowing down or speeding up. I can tell you that is no due to drink, but because of these commands. 
To speed up the game type in timescale and a number between 1.1 and 3. 
To slow down the game, type the same command but with a number between 0.9 and 0.1 
The command should look like this 
timescale 2 (for a faster game) 
timescale 0.1 (for a really slow game) 
timescale 1 (resets to default) 
Whichever speed you set it as, remember it affects everything. From how fast you can move to how fast actions can take. 

I’m making a Pose you can’t refuse

Have you ever looked at Amy and thought. “Yeah, she’d look great laying on the floor suggestively” or “put your hands on your head where I can see them” 
Well, great new. You can 
The pose command allows you to put each and every Enabled NPC into a certain pose, which they will “show” until you tell them to stop or change to another pose 
The command has to include “CharacterName”, “pose”, “PoseName or ID#”, “true or false”. There are two ways to type the command, either with the pose name or the number of the pose. 
You must type true if you want the pose to be carried out, typing false will stop the pose and let them character go about their evening 
Here is an example for you, and let’s use Amy. “Not seen much action lately, the poor thing” 
Amy pose handsbehindhead true 
Amy pose 0 false 
Both of the above do the same thing, just depends which you remember better. 
Here is a list of all the poses available with their number, they are split into female/male. But anyone can do any pose. 
Female Poses 
HandsBehindHead – 0 
SittingOnFloor – 1 
BentOver – 2 
HandsBehindBack – 3 
StickingAssOut – 4 
Sitting1 – 5 
Sitting2 – 6 
Sitting3 – 7 
Sitting4 – 8 
BlowJobAction – 9 
BlowJobReady – 10 
FemaleLay1 – 11 
FemaleLay2 – 12 
FemaleLay3 – 13 
ModelPose1 – 14 
ModelPose2 – 15 
ModelPose3 – 16 
AllFours – 17 
MissionaryBottom – 18 
SexReady – 19 
DoggieStyleFront – 20 
CowGirlTop – 21 
CunnilingusTop – 22 
HotTubSit1 – 23 
HotTubHandJob – 24 
TakeCellPhoto – 25 
SixtyNineTop – 26 
Selfie – 27 
MissionaryTop – 28 
DoggieStyleBehind – 29 
CowGirlBottom – 30 
CunnilingusBottom – 31 
SixtyNineBottom – 32 
MakingOutPrimary – 33 
MakingOutSecondary – 34 
WallSexPrimary – 35 
WallSexSecondary – 36 
WallSex2Primary – 37 
WallSex2Secondary – 38 
WallSex3Primary – 39 
WallSex3Secondary – 40 
HotTubHandJobPrimary – 41 
Mast*rbate – 42 
SitInBathTub – 43 
Male Poses 
MissionaryTop – 0 
Sitting – 1 
Laying – 2 
DoggieStyleSexBehind – 3 
HotTubSit – 4 
CowGirlSexBottom – 5 
CunnilingusGiver – 6 
BlowJobGiverReady – 7 
BlowJobGiverAction – 8 
SixtyNineBottom – 9 
MissionaryBottom – 10 
DoggieStyleFront – 11 
CowGirlTop – 12 
MakingOutPrimary – 13 
MakingOutSecondary – 14 
WallSexPrimary – 15 
WallSexSecondary – 16 
WallSex2Primary – 17 
WallSex2Secondary – 18 
WallSex3Primary – 19 
WallSex3Secondary – 20 
HotTubHandJobPrimary – 21 
BathTubSit – 22 
StickAssOut – 23 
SitInBathTub – 24 
There, that’s all of them. Oh, but do you really want to type them in one after another to see what they are? No? Neither do I, here is another command you might find useful 
Amy pose test 
This will cycle through all the poses, it changes every 15 seconds. 

Welcome…to Emoticon

Sometimes, the characters at this house party do show a bit of life. Whether it’s dancing, drinking or showing emotions. 
So, how do you force an NPC to show some emotion? Simple, just follow this basic command. 
emote ~NPCName~ ~EmoteName/ID~ 
Here’s and example to make Vickie flirty. (Remember, the character must be enabled) 
emote vickie flirty – using the emote name 
emote vickie 5 – using the emote ID 
Both of the above do the same emote, just depends which is easier to remember. 
Here is a list of the emotes currently available 
Happy – 0 
Sad – 1 
Angry – 2 
Surprise – 3 
Scared – 4 
Flirty – 5 
Ecstatic – 6 
Laugh – 7 
OpenMouth – 8 
Squint – 9 
None – 10 
EyebrowsUp – 11 
EyebrowsIn – 12 
ClosedEyes – 13 
PuckeredLips – 14 
BreatheIn – 15 
Erection – 200 

Let’s be Plastic Surgeons…to some extent

Have you ever thought that maybe Patrick’s head is too big for him? Or Frank is well on the way to becoming the next Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Soberman? Well, with the power of your incredible mind (or commands) you can change the characters to more personal tastes. 
The “bodypart” command allows you to alter certain features of any NPC or even you. All you have to do is type the following 
~ Bodypart *charactersname* *bodypartname* *number* ~ 
Here is an example to show it clearer. 
>Bodypart Patrick Head 5 (this makes patrick’s head 5 x larger) 
Here is a list of the bodyparts you can change. Have a play around and see what you can create 
top (I’ll let you figure this one out 😉 ) 
The numbers can be changed from 0.1 to 10.0. If you set the number to 1, this will change the size back to normal. 
House Party Console Commands in 2021 
House Party Console Commands in 2021 
Ah Patrick, you never cease to amuse me 

It’s time to lock in the frames

This simple command allows you to remove the 60 fps lock. This can be useful for older PC that might be having trouble, or if you just want to test what you PC is capable of. 
Of course, if you do use this, the achievements will be disabled. 
The command is short and sweet, this is what needs to be typed in 
~ lockfps on ~ (or off) 
I said it was simple, how many did not believe me I wonder. 
Anyway, thats not all it can do. You can set your own FPS cap if you wish, but it must be between the number 15 and 300. The command will look like this 
~ lockfps 200 ~ (replace with a number of your choice) 
# Just be aware, it can have a negative impact on your game. It can affect animations, event timings and more. # 

Onwards…for the Quest

Have you seen the amount of quests you can do and think. “Can I possibly do all this in one night? without enjoying the booze here (and the removal of Frank”…Well you’re in luck for the QuestMaster will grant you unlimited wishes to starting and completing them without doing anything. 
Here is the basic command needed to get going (using a quest name as an example) 
quest start “hunt for red’s thermos” 
This will start Rachael’s quest “Hunt for Red’s Thermos”. Remember to include the quote marks otherwise it might not work 
There are a few changes you can make to this command, here is a following of the options available for you 
> list (shows a list of quests for the chosen character) 
> start 
> fail 
> increment (still testing) 
> complete 
Most of those are self-explanatory. I am still testing the increment sub-command but will update as soon as i figure it out. 
An example of the list command is below 
quest list ashely (this will show all of Ashley’s quests 
For those of you who are wondering why you would want to type in a fail command, this is due to a few quests needing others to fail. I can’t remember which ones of the top of my head, but I;ll get around to testing them all at some point. 
Here is a list of all the quests for the characters that are enabled at the start of a new game 
Ashley’s Quests 
Invasion of Privacy 
Ashley’s Wet 
A Change of Heart 
The Candyman Can! 
Military Precision 
Stud’s Search 
Signs of Affection 
Family Time 
Voicemail Vengeance 
Sibling Warfare 
Smooth Operator 
Drunk and Disorderly 
Road to Redemption 
Madison’s Quests  
Return Madison’s Phone 
Humiliate Ashley 
Crack the Code 
Sims Says… 
Vickie Vixen 
Smooth Operator 
Drunk and Disorderly 
The Muse 
Artsy Fartsy 
High and Dry 
Like a French Girl 
Magnum Opus 
Rachael’s Quests  
Hunt for Red’s Thermos 
Dare Interference 
Turnt Up 
Benedict Brahrnold 
Leah’s Quests 
…Screw Like a Bee? 
Causing a Ruckus 
Snake in the Grass 
Guiding Light 
Broken Code 
Frank’s Quests  
Looking at This Photograph 
Frankly, I Don’t Trust You 
Get the Man some Drugs 
F*ck Tuesday 
Patty’s Striking Resemblance 
Story Time with Patrick 
Palectrick Feels 
Cloud of Mystery 
Genie in a Brahttle 
Derek’s Quests  
Talk to Derek 
Derek Smash! 
Runner Runner 
Mission Impawsible 
Memory Lane 
Amy’s Quests  
Scavenger Hunt 
Chasing Amy 
Brittney’s Quest  
Br*ast Diversion 
Stephanie’s Quests 
I’m Not Whipped, Bro! 
Let’s Lower Some Inhibitions 
Follow Your Calling 
Apply Pressure 
Special Tutoring 
Drunk and Disorderly 
Katherine’s Quests 
Katherine Needs a Drink 
Katherine’s Dilemma 
Express Yourself 
Katherine’s “D”-Mands 
Game Jam 
Here is the list of those characters not Enabled at the start of a new game 
Lety’s Quests 
Vida La Lety 
Just in the KICK of Time 
Queen in the North 
Hunt the Hunk 
Try Anything Once 
Disrupt the Disruptor 
Arin’s Quest  
Return of the Grumps 
Vickie’s Quests  
Good Girls Gone Bad 
Training Day 

It’s all about the View Darling

By using a console command, you can change the field of view for you character. Just a simple little alteration that might mess you game up of you’re not to careful. 
Simply type in. 
CustomFOV # (replace the # with a number between 45 and 90) 


{had a quick look to see what might be changed, as far as I can tell most is still the same to what i have already written. There are some sections I have not covered, but I’ll get around to typing them up soon} 
Do you like to dance? Does it pass the night away? Shame you can’t join in, but can make everyone else do it. 
The command is simple 
dance all true – will make everyone dance (not the player) 
dance all false – opposite of above 
This can be used as above, or for each individual NPC. Remember, they must be enabled for this to work (see section above) 
Any important story missions will stop that character dancing, otherwise they will keep going all night. 

Written by Darkest Walnut

This is all for House Party Console Commands in 2021 hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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