House Party Beating Frank in Game Tips

House Party Beating Frank in Game Tips 1 -
House Party Beating Frank in Game Tips 1 -

So, you want to beat Frank to a pulp?

Maybe you need access to booze, maybe you want the achievement(s), maybe you just hate this guys guts, as most do.

(It’s Frank, you don’t really need a reason. You want to beat him up, I ask no questions.)

Let me tell you how!

This will explain how to beat Frank, without having to use exploits, without having to revert to previous versions (door exploit), without having to run around to find booze or whatever, and most importantly (if you want the achievement) no combat training.

This guide will work at any stage of any playthrough (in fact, it’s quite handy to bypass alot of nonsense, you want/need booze, well, help yourself now (just watch out for Leah though)).

All you need to know

It’s really quite simple..

All you need to do, is to go and whack Frank where he sits. This will of course anger him, and now he will chase you to fight you.

Perfect, step into my web Frank.

Now, you will want to run outside (although, this can be done in the living room, I just prefer to give myself some more space in case I need it).

Get outside, turn around, and you will see Frank following.

The game plan, is to wait for him to approach you, then whack him ONCE, and SPRINT off to your RIGHT. Doesn’t matter if it’s hard right, or diagonally (NE).

Frank will almost always try to retaliate with a right hook, which will miss you, as you are running to HIS left.

So basically, give yourself as much room as you need/feel comfortable with, turn around, wait for him to approach, hit him and then SPRINT to YOUR RIGHT . You really don’t need to be running all over the yard/house, a few steps or so will be fine. The longer you run, the longer the fight drags on for.

Rinse and repeat.

Utilising this strategy, Frank may hit you once, or even twice if you are unlucky, but you will not be knocked out.

It may take some practice, one or two runs at most, but once you have this down, you will NEVER need to worry about Frank AGAIN.

Beating Frank, without any training, will give you the The Harder They Fall.. Dood achievement. Once you have knocked Frank out, go and raid the booze cabinet (again, watch out for Leah) this will give you the Do You Smell Blood? achievement.

Written by Space Jesus

Here we come to an end for House Party Beating Frank in Game Tips hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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