House Party Characters Achievements Guide

House Party Characters Achievements Guide 1 -
House Party Characters Achievements Guide 1 -

Simple guide on how to get in Ashley’s pants with little to no hassle.

The Full Run Patch 0.20.0

Items Needed: 1 Natty Lite, Merlot, Chardonnay, Whipped Cream, Madison’s Phone

  1. Immediately head upstairs on starting the game and take a right into Madison’s room. Madison may be in her room and if this is the case, do not take anything and simply talk to her. Say that she is doing fine, say that brownie points are the way bakers keep score and say goodbye.
  2. Look to your left and up as you enter the room. Grab the Natty Lite on the shelf.
  3. Go into the bathroom. Grab the phone on the sink.
  4. Exit the room, head straight and enter the laundry room which will be the second door on the right.
  5. Open the closet to your left and grab the Chardonnay sitting on the top shelf.
  6. Exit the room, turn right down the hallway and enter the study on the right at the very end.
  7. Talk to Brittney. Say that her top looks great and end the conversation.
  8. Head downstairs and find Ashley.
  9. Talk to Ashley ask her if she is the co-host of the party. Answer co-host it is
  10. Tell Ashley that she is way hotter than her sister, Madison.
  11. Then, ask Ashley about the other guests at the party. Ask her about her friends. Then, tell her “me and Derek go way back. He’s a great pal.”
  12. Ask Ashley about Brittney and that you intend to help her.
  13. At some point during this exchange get behind Ashley and select her top straps. Secure her top. If you untie it, you will lose the opportunity.
  14. While this is happening, Rachel and Patrick may start fighting. This will always trigger a dialogue and they will always be close to you while they fight. When this happens, drop everything and walk towards them. Patrick will drop his bottle of Merlot for a short while during the fight. Pick it up immediately. If you don’t, this achievement will take twice as long as you have to manipulate Katherine into taking a topless pic for Frank.
  15. If Frank is near, (the fight is in the tv room or kitchen) don’t grab the wine as he will fight you.
  16. If you do not get the wine, you can either reset or do the Katherine strat.
  17. Find Stephanie dancing in the living room. Say hi to her and ask if she is having fun. She will ask for whip-its. Go to the fridge and grab the whipped cream from the middle shelf.
  18. As you head back to Stephanie, go to the thermostat next to the garage door and tamper with it.
  19. Give the whipped cream, bottle of Merlot, and the bottle of Chardonnay to Stephanie.
  20. Ask Stephanie to go topless. If she says it is too cold, you didn’t tamper with the thermostat yet.
  21. After Stephanie strips, go upstairs and talk to Brittney.
  22. Ask her about joining the party. Then, exit the conversation and start it up again, telling her that Stephanie is dancing topless.
  23. Find Madison. Ashley will approach you to thank you for Brittany. If you haven’t talked to her yet, you can check the first part of this guide for the best opening dialogue. Give Madison her phone from your inventory. She will ask you to join her in pranking Ashley. Agree and end the conversation. Click on Madison one last time and choose to throw beer on her. (If Ashley hears you agree, you will lose the opportunity.)
  24. Ashley will come and thank you for embarrassing Madison.
  25. If you have gotten Brittney down from the study, mentioned that you and Derek are friends while talking about the guests with Ashley, secured Ashley’s top straps, and thrown beer on Madison, Derek should come up to you and start congratulating you on being so smooth. These are the five required actions to complete the quest line. Any other conversation mistake can be fixed by gifting alcohol out of sight of Frank.
  26. Talk to Ashley again. Ask to see her room. Ashley will agree and walk upstairs to her room. Close the door and follow her prompts. Ashley will have s*x with you after a short conversation and complete the achievement: Smooth Operator: Ashley


  • If Derek does not come talk to you after you completed all of these steps, keep on following Madison’s prank quest line. Bring Ashley the towel from the downstairs bathroom and offer to wash her clothes. Wash and dry her clothes in the laundry room. Give her clothes back to her and Derek should come to congratulate you. If you don’t do this and give her the laxative filled soda or do anything else bad to her before completing the achievement, you will be unable to finish it and have to restart in order to get the achievement.
  • After continuing after finishing Smooth Operator, you will be able to finish any other character’s quest lines except for Vicki Vixen’s Practice Makes Perfect and lose the chance to he s*x with her.
  • While seemingly having a long list of things to do, in game this process takes about two minutes or less if done quickly. This is the fastest way to go all the way with someone in House Party in the games current state patch 0.20.0.
  • If you waste the Natty light, there are 5 more in the house. One is behind the microwave in the kitchen, one in the study under the desk, one in the upstairs bathroom behind the hamper, one in the downstairs bathroom by the toilet, and one in the garage in the rack on the far wall above the motor oil.


Written by deegerminator

Here we come to an end for House Party Characters Achievements Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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