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Deep Rock Galactic All Classes Information Guide 1 -
Deep Rock Galactic All Classes Information Guide 1 -

So, you’ve just signed your soul to Deep Rock Galactic. Congratulations! This guide will hopefully provide some tips for newly assigned recruits to help get acquainted to the hellish world of Hoxxes IV.


We’re all glad to have you here. While some high rank players aren’t too excited to have a Greenbeard fresh out of the tutorial in their lobby, most people are happy to help and guide you!
Let’s face it- we were all Greenbeards once; lots of us are still Greenbeards! The new recruits deserve just as much respect as any other player, no matter how long it takes for them to realize they have a grappling hook.

General Tips

Before we go over specific classes, here are some things everyone wants you to know (and you should know):
Never be afraid to use flares. Light is your best friend in the caves of Hoxxes IV, but don’t just dump all four of your flares in one spot. Make them count!
Communication is key! Even a simple button press, or a ping (if you didn’t already know, hold CTRL to take out your laser pointer, and left click a location to ping it!) will make your teammates despise you that much less.
You can press CTRL + E to set a permanent waypoint anywhere you mark. This is extremely useful for things like cargo crates, or clumps of heavy objects you intend to deposit later.
Don’t waste your ammo! If you’ve been caught in a swarm, I’m sure you’ve heard someone say something along the lines of “make every bullet count!”. Yeah. Do that. Most glyphids have light to medium armor, and all but the Dreadnought and Oppressor have a weakspot right in their goofy a*s mouth. Shoot that.
Some enemies have impenetrable armor! Shoot them in the a*s! (or any glowing spots on its body)
Never double dip! Double dipping is referring to the act of taking more than one resupply on each resupply. If you haven’t been given explicit permission or if it isn’t an emergency, you don’t need to take more than one.
Avoid fall damage whenever applicable! Some ways you can do this are edge vaulting (pressing space while falling by an edge, this takes some practice to get right), landing on a fellow Dwarf, or landing on a large bug like a Praetorian. You can also try landing on platforms, using Hoverclock or anything that propels you in the opposite direction, or by aiming for a zipline or pipe and holding E as you fall. Holding E will automatically attach you to said zipline or pipe.
Don’t be a leaf lover! In other words, don’t be an asshat. This one’s not like, 100% necessary, but people will most certainly be less annoyed with your existence if you abide by this rule. Don’t spam C to call Molly, as far as I know it just makes her have a stroke and move really slow. Don’t teamkill unless it’s really funny or you’re tking a griefer, nobody likes a bad sport.
Please, for the love of Karl, don’t mash X when you’ve been downed. It’s annoying. We’ll get you when it’s safe to do so.
Completing the secondary objective is basically a necessity.
Another unspoken rule of dwarven decency is to always order a round of the Daily Special if you’re the host of a lobby. Again, not necessary, but much appreciated.

Tips for Scouts

Well well well, look at you! Following the bandwagon, are you? I don’t blame you, Scout is super fun.
As a Scout, the whole team is not only relying on you for light, but also to, well, scout! You’re equipped with a super handy flare gun, a mildly dangerous grappling hook, a mediocre assault riflethat you should swap out as soon as possible for the much superior M1000 Classic,and a boomstick which will massively boost your movement after you unlock the Special Powder overclock. Now let’s get into the tips:
Your team relies on you for light. You have a flare gun, please use it. Don’t bust your load too quickly though, you’ll run out of ammo. Light is essential in every mission.
You synergize extremely well with Engineer’s Platform Gun. Spotted an ore vein that you can’t reach? Ask your team’s engie to platform it, and use your handy grappling hook to get up there. Easy as pie. Got a braindead engineer? Ask him nicely, and if he retaliates, ask him with bullets.
Don’t get too cocky. Yes, you are the fastest moving class in the game relative to the others’ traversal tools. But don’t start thinking you’re invincible. You’re just as squishy as all the other dwarves, and going into a cave alone will likely get you killed.
Your damage is considerably more lackluster than other classes. Instead of focusing entirely on getting kills, make good use of your Flare Gun and Grappling Hook to gather minerals and provide light/supporting fire when applicable.

Tips for Engineers

So you’ve chosen the smart guy, good choice. Very good choice.
Engineer is easily the most versatile class in the game, and a good Engineer player is always appreciated. Whether you’re playing solo, or with 3 other dwarves, you should be able to get by just fine. You’re equipped with a highly powerful auto shotgun, grenade launcher, and a platform gun. Not only that, but you have a highly customizable turret, useful in almost every situation. Now, into the tips:
Make good use of your tools! All of your weapons fulfill their purposes, and they do a damn good job of it. Your shotgun is great at taking out big targets (if you’re shooting their weakpoints) and can still reliably take out swarms of medium enemies. If you’ve got a fatass horde of swarmers and grunts headed your way, blast a grenade in their direction and most of them will melt.
You synergize extremely well with the Scout’s Grappling Hook. For minerals on the ceiling or on the walls, an Engi and Scout combo is the best way to get the job done. You also synergize well with Gunner’s Ziplines, but they move about as fast as old people shag.
Your platforms are quite versatile. Use them. The Plascrete MKII mod for your Platform Gun is probably the most useful upgrade Engineer has in his entire arsenal. It greatly reduces fall damage taken when landing on a platform. This also has a rather high skill ceiling, allowing you to clutch falls much easier than other classes (with minimal practice).
You can also use your Platforms to protect Doretta on Escort Duty! Once phase 2 of the Ommoran Heartstone begins, connect some platforms from the wall and over above Doretta. Don’t put them too close though, as the flying rocks are capable of breaking your platforms. Your grenade launcher can also be used to destroy the tips of the Ommoran Beamers.
Engineers can refill other Engineer’s sentries. If you’ve got spare ammo, help a fellow techguy out and top off their sentries. They’ll appreciate it.

Tips for Drillers

The beefmaster himself. I respect it. Unless you picked this class specifically to blow up your teammates with Satchel Charges. If so, I despise you.
The Driller has access to what is easily the best traversal tool in the game, his, well, drills! These bad boys allow him to not only shred through anything unfortunate enough to get in his way, but instantly destroy any terrain in front of him. The Driller also has unparalleled crowd control with his gargantuan Flamethrower. His pistol is pretty a*s though. Now, into the tips:
Your whole team relies on you to get to areas usually inaccessible to wimpy pickaxes. Whether it’s compressed dirt patches, Aquarqs, Enor Pearls, Jadiz, Bittergems, Compressed Gold, you name it, you have the easiest time getting to these. You’re also very good at making Lost Packs far more accessible to the team, so everyone can gather the loot.
Familiarize yourself with the Terrain Scanner! By reorienting yourself with the terrain scanner and pressing the spacebar, you will automatically turn into the direction you were facing in the scanner. This is extremely helpful for reaching things such as eggs or lost packs, or just getting back to your teammates.
Don’t get lost. The caves of Hoxxes IV are extremely unforgiving, even to a beefy chongus of a Driller. Try your best to stay at least somewhat close to your team.
Destroy the Ommoran Beamers! Your drills are capable of completely destroying the Beamers that spawn during phase 4 of Escort Duty missions. Get to it!
You have multiple ways to trigger the Vampire perk! Your Drills, Impact Axes and pickaxe can all trigger Vampire! This is great when combo’d with Iron Will or the Cryo Cannon, as frozen enemies take massively increased damage.
Your flamethrower sets the area surrounding your cursor on fire. This can be extremely useful for creating strong points and barring enemies from reaching a specific area. The flames don’t last forever, though.
Your Impact Axes can be retrieved if they did not hit an enemy! Before taking a resupply, if you have more than half of your axes, you can toss some of them out, resupply, and pick up the ones you threw later!

Tips for Gunners

The big man with a big gun. Probably the simplest class to play at a first look, hence why the game throws you into the tutorial as this guy.
As a Gunner, you have access to what is arguably the best damage dealing weapons in the game. Your minigun is good for focusing a single target, but with the right upgrades, can also be used for crowd control. Your revolver is decent for long range engagements and single target, but is most useful for finishing off targets. Your grenade is standard, but you have something exceptionally useful: a Shield Generator. This thing will save your a*s more times than you can count. It blocks projectiles from going in, and causes almost every creature nearby to run away, giving you time to revive a teammate, or grab a resupply. Into the tips!
Be extremely cautious of your overheat! Allowing your Minigun to overheat will leave you nearly defenseless for several seconds, forcing you to switch to your sidearm. In swarm situations, you’re going to have a hard time.
Ziplines are slow, but versatile! Yes, the ziplines are extremely slow going anywhere but down, but that doesn’t mean they’re useless! They can be used to cancel fall damage, similarly to Pipes, and can be used to cheese large swarms of enemies by shooting them in the air whilst on a zipline. Don’t forget about them!
Your Shield Generator is arguably the most important support tool in any class’ arsenal. Aside from Shellbacks and Patrol Bots, it blocks any mobs from getting anywhere near you. Perfect for clutch situations, resupplying during swarms, or just supporting your team! When you’re under heavy fire and being clowned on by a bunch of insects, throw down a shield and mow down!
You’re also probably the toughest dwarf in the game. One of the tier 5 upgrades for the Thunderhead allows you to take half damage whilst fully spun up. That’s busted as hell. Use it. You unlock the Thunderhead license at rank 10, and I highly recommend you get it. It’s very good.

Other Tips

Some things that just don’t fit into a specific category here.
Sticky Goo from Goo Bombers or naturally spawned in the Fungus Bogs reduces fall damage.
Some animations can be cancelled. I don’t wanna type it out so here a video on how to do it:

YouTube player

Friendly fire damage increases with hazard level.
You can somewhat control when swarms appear on Egg Hunt Missions. Freeing an egg from its fleshy cage will cause bugs to spawn. Use this to space out swarms, or spawn them all at once for some reason. Up to you.
There is no wrong loadout. Every weapon is viable. Ammo efficiency is an issue for some, but feel free to try any set of upgrades or weapons you like.


Thanks for reading my guide! Hopefully now you’ll have a better understanding of how to play the game. I love this game with all my heart and want new players to stick around. Greenbeards are the future of DRG, after all!
If I missed anything or if you’d like something added to this guide, leave a comment below!

Rock and Stone, miners!


Written by jimzzyy

Here we come to an end for Deep Rock Galactic All Classes Information Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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