Deep Rock Galactic Understanding Machine Events + Pro Tips

Deep Rock Galactic Understanding Machine Events + Pro Tips 1 -
Deep Rock Galactic Understanding Machine Events + Pro Tips 1 -
This guide goes over the Machine Event system in Deep Rock Galactic, describing how each Event works and what the implications of these mysterious Machines are.

Note: this guide is partially-incomplete. The Branding Image is a placeholder. Relevant images will be added in eventually.


What are Machine Events?

Machine Events are randomly-spawned activities inside caves. They consist of a mysterious structure and a Core Infuser. You need to complete its associated task within the allotted time frame to complete the Event. Completion of these Events allows players to input blank Matrix Cores to acquire semi-random Overclocks. As of 4/3/21, there are four different types of Machine Events that can spawn: 

  • Ebonite Glyphid Attack 
  • Kursite Grinder 
  • O.M.E.N. Module Exterminator 
  • Tritilyte Deposit

The Korlok Tyrant-Weed and BET-C random bosses are not Machine Events, and will not be discussed in this guide. 

When you find a Machine Event

You’ll know you’ve found a Machine Event in your mission when you find a Core Infuser in the area. It will look like a white cubic device with wide grooves in the sides of it. 
To activate the Core Infuser and prime the Machine Event, interact with the Core Infuser to insert your Tritilyte Key into it. The Tritilyte Key is a permanent item given to players after they promote their first Dwarf class. Any Dwarf can participate in Machine Events, regardless of whether or not they have a Tritilyte Key or even a blank Matrix Core, but only those with Tritilyte Keys can prime Machine Events. 
Once the Tritilyte Key is inserted, the Machine Event will be primed. The Machine will pop up near the Core Infuser along with four glowing batteries at each corner of the Machine. To activate the Machine and start the Event, interact with each battery pack and hold your Interact key [E by default on PC] for several seconds. At that point, the Machine Event will commence. If you are not playing on Solo, make sure that at least the majority of your fellow Dwarves are prepared for it. You may want to call in a Resupply before or after the Event for the rest of your coworkers. 

Machine Event walkthroughs

Listed below is a description of each Machine Event and how to complete it: 

Ebonite Glyphid Attack


“Miners, a wave of heavily-armored Ebonite Glyphids are approaching on a direct intercept vector. Be advised: conventional weapons will be ineffective – stick to your trusty Pickaxes for this one!” — Mission Control 
Difficulty: Easy 
Once this Machine Event commences, you will face an incoming Swarm with unique Ebonite Glyphid Grunts and Ebonite Glyphid Praetorians among the hoard. They are your main target, but their heavy armor plating means that they are immune to almost every weapon you’ve got, save your trusty Pickaxe. It’s recommended to use your Pickaxe’s Power Attack against these Ebonite monstrosities – you can kill an Ebonite Grunt with just 1 Power Attack and an Ebonite Praetorian with 2-3. The Machine will also start periodically spitting out Overcharge canisters – step on them, and you will receive a massive temporary reduction to your Power Attack cooldown. Make liberal use of your Power Attacks once you’re powered up to decimate the incoming Ebonite Glyphids. Kill the amount listed in the upper-left corner of the HUD to complete the event. 

Kursite Grinder


“Analysis Engine activated! Kursite-infected enemies are being lured to your location! Harvest them for volatile Kursite samples and stick ’em in the machine! R&D are very interested in getting their hands on them.” — Mission Control 
Difficulty: Easy 
Once this Machine Event commences, you will be given a warm Hoxxes welcome with Kursite-infected enemies among the incoming swarm. You will face one of three types of Kursite enemies in each Event: 

  • Kursite Glyphid Acid Spitter 
  • Kursite Glyphid Praetorian 
  • Kursite Mactera Spawn

Each of these enemies will function identically to their uninfected counterparts, but will drop a heavy chunk of Kursite upon death. You will need to bring these Kursite chunks to the Machine and stick them inside. If you are far away from the Machine once a chunk of Kursite drops, you will want to throw it towards the Machine to save yourself time. Kursite-infected enemies tend to spawn somewhat infrequently, so be on the lookout for these enemies and kill them as soon as possible. Also, make sure to lure your enemy away from sheer drops before you kill them so as not to lose the Kursite sample. The Kursite samples are unstable and will explode if they are not deposited in time, so get them to the Machine quickly. Fulfill the Kursite quota located in the upper-left corner of the HUD to complete the Event. 

O.M.E.N. Module Exterminator


Difficulty: Hard 
This is arguably the hardest Machine Event of them all and will decimate any players who are not completely acquainted with and prepared for it. Once this Machine Event commences, the side panels on the strange hexagonal tower will pop off and a boss fight of sorts will commence. The O.M.E.N. Module Exterminator is a large metallic pillar composed of three Modules that will attack or divert the participating Dwarves in some form. The pillar is composed of three Modules, from bottom to top: 

  • The Radial Pulse-Gun: This will usually be the most dangerous pillar you will be facing. It fires energy arc blasts in each direction, similar to the Beach Cutter’s energy projectiles. Dwarves will need to be vigilant to either stay above these projectiles or sidestep away from them while on the ground. The Pulse-Gun’s projectiles can deal heavy damage to any Dwarf upon contact. 
  • One of two Modules: the Drone Replicator or the Heavy Burster. The Drone Replicator periodically deploys drones, which will fly into a player and deal heavy damage against them. Dwarves must be watchful for these drones, as their explosions can deal heavy damage to players. Make sure to shoot these drones down before they can reach you. The Heavy Burster is a large LMG turret that fires at Dwarves it finds. The turret can deal heavy damage to Dwarves over time, so make sure to stay out of its line of sight. Its line of sight is indicated by a red spotlight that roves around the area with the turret. 
  • The Twin Slicer: This Module consists of two laser turrets that fire laser-based cutting beams that sweep around the area at random. This module is usually going to be the least dangerous of them all, as it does not track players and moves and fires predictably. The cutting beams rove around the area, sweeping around at varying heights. As long as you make sure to avoid these lasers, which deal relatively low damage, you should be fine.

To defeat the O.M.E.N. Module Exterminator, you will need to expose and destroy the coolant tanks on each Module. You can expose the coolant tanks by standing on one of three platforms near the pillar. Spatially-relative to the Core Infuser and when looking at the Machine, the left-hand platform exposes the middle Module’s coolant tanks, the one behind the Machine exposes the bottom Module’s tanks, and the right-hand platform exposes the top Module’s tanks. Look for a glowing blue platform with a holographic display above it and stand on it for several seconds to expose its coolant tanks. You will need to shoot the glowing green tanks that expose on the sides of each Module to disable them. Contrary to popular belief, the coolant tanks do NOT have any weakpoint bonuses, so only raw damage will apply to it. Also, the coolant tanks are resistant to fire, chill, and explosive damage, so stick to direct damage (bullets) when attacking them. Once each Module is disabled, the Machine Event will be completed. 

Tritilyte Deposit


“Well, well! A Tritilyte deposit! We thought we’d lost this one! As you can see, previous teams tried getting through the outer shell of this thing, but failed. We’re sending in a Nanite Bomb Dispenser for you – if those can’t penetrate it, nothing will.” — Mission Control 
Difficulty: Medium 
Once all four batteries are plugged in, Mission Control will send in a Bomb Dispenser to assist with breaking the Tritilyte Deposit. The Machine Event will not commence until the Bomb Dispenser lands and deploys, so take the time to find the Bomb Dispenser’s red landing beacon before the mission commences. Your objective is to toss the bombs at the Tritilyte Deposit to break it apart. The bombs are very heavy and, unlike with the Kursite samples from earlier, they will explode once dropped on the ground; as such you will need to carry the bombs over to the Tritilyte Deposit and toss them at it to complete the event, avoiding the incoming swarm as well. 
Dwarves are encouraged to make liberal use of their traversal tools to make the path between the Bomb Dispenser and the Tritilyte as short and/or expeditious as possible. Drillers can easily carve out tunnels in the terrain to the deposit, allowing for a quick path to the deposit in most cave setups. Although a questionable method, the Engineer can use their platforms to create a jumping path up a ledge to the deposit. Make sure you are not forcing players to jump up a platform path on a surface with an outward-curving angle, as this could make players more likely to miss the mark. The Gunner’s zipline gun is the most useful tool of them all for making quick paths to the deposit, as they can create a steady way up to new levels in the cave, even for players holding heavy objects. Though the Scout’s grappling hook isn’t useful for other players, it can allow for decisive support fire strategies to be employed, escorting other Dwarves to the deposit while they are holding a bomb. Additionally, in missions with the Low Gravity Anomaly, Dwarves can both jump higher and throw objects farther, which makes this Event much easier. Throw the nanite bombs at the Tritilyte Deposit until you deplete its “health” bar to complete the Event. 

After a Machine Event

Congratulations, Miner! You’ve bested the challenge and you are now permitted to claim your reward! Once a Machine Event completes, the Core Infuser will activate. It will release a pulse of energy which neutralizes all enemies in the area and a number of computer terminals open up on each side of the Core Infuser. Players with blank Matrix Cores can interact with a Core Infuser terminal to claim one of three random rewards: a random weapon Overclock for one of two random classes, or a cosmetic Overclock for a random class. If a reward is not chosen by the end of the mission, one is granted to the player at random. If a player does not have a blank Matrix Core with them, they cannot claim the Overclock reward. Each player will receive a bonus stipend of Credits and EXP at the end of the mission if a Machine Event is completed, regardless of whether or not they claimed the Overclock reward. If a player has already collected every existing Overclock, both weapon- and cosmetic-wise, then they will be rewarded with a bag of 120 units of crafting minerals. None of the rewards scale with hazard difficulty. 

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