Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide

Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide 1 -
Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide 1 -

This guide will go over the base stats, strats, builds, and more! I’ve put in several hours and promotions with the Hurricane and have used several different builds. Before making the guide I asked the DRG forums for some help, and I would like to thank you all.
Without further-ado, lets get started!


You probably know what these mean but just in case you don’t here are some terminology for you too know.
DPS: Damage Per Second
OC: Original character OverClock
AoE: Area of Effect
T: Tier. As in Tier of weapon modifications.
1: first option in a weapon tier
2: second option in a tier
3: third damage in a tier.
x: Anything in a tier
Weapon Builds: How the weapon is upgraded.


The hurricane is an interesting weapon.
Pros: Does both decent single target and AoE, very accurate, and the missiles are manually guided, and has a faster reload than the auto cannon, and can still damage enemies while running (if you shoot, stop shooting, then start moving), and it is ammo efficient once you learn to use it correctly.
Cons: It has less sustain then the other guns, it is not hit scan, and without OCs and upgrades its a “Jack of all trades master of none”
I remember when season one came out and the patch that nerfed napalm rounds and everyone was like; REEEEEEE HURRICANE RUINED (this is an over exaggeration by the way). Once the dust settled and people (like me ;D) actually spent time to learn how to use the weapon, they realized it was still a good fit in gunners arsenal. If you are here than you are probably looking for weapon builds and tips for using the hurricane. Well i got you covered. After several hours and promotions with the gun, as well as tips from some very patient steam forum members (I especially thank Chibbity and Frisky :D). I am confident this guide will serve you all well.

Base stats and weapon mods.

Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide - Base stats and weapon mods. - 9A3882B
So we got some respectable stats.
16 direct damage.
20 AoE damage.
1.4 AoE radius.
36 magazine size.
288 ammo
3 RoF
3.5 Reload time (made even shorter with reload canceling. After the mag is in the weapon and when your HUD says your weapon mag has been reloaded quickly press right mouse button or ctrl).
Pretty good, I’d say, but what about the weapon modifications?
T1: Missile belt gives 72 extra ammo. Useful, but the other mods I find are much more useful. I’ll explain soon. Pressurized Gas Cylinders mod adds a nice 4 extra damage. Increased Blast Radius adds a good plus 0.8 AoE radius. All good options.
T2: Bigger Jet Engine adds +60% Projectile Velocity and +125% Turn Rate. Anti-tank missiles adds +%100 armor break. This armor break mod competes well against bigger jet engines, though I think overall the faster rockets are more useful. Both are good options.
T3: Nano missiles add 36 extra mag size (72 in total) but Improved feed mechanism adds +1 RoF, but that +1 RoF increases DPS by %33! I will talk about these next section.
T4: Shrapnel load adds %50 weak point damage. Very good when combined with the T1 damage upgrade. Zip fuel adds +4 area damage. Great when paired with T1 AoE radius.
T5: Napalm rounds converts %33 of both direct AND area damage and converts it into heat. Uncontrolled Decompression adds %25 chance of stunning an enemy and the stun lasts 3 seconds. Nitroglycerin Rounds adds +1 area damage every 0.75 seconds your missile is in the air. I’ll talk about this tier later as well.
That took longer than I thought… Let’s move on!

About t3 and t5…

So I just wanted to talk about T3 and T5. T3 we have the question what is better? While both upgrades have their place, I think RoF is better in most builds. That %33 increase in DPS is really good, and when you consider that the hurricane has a fast reload speed that can be made even faster by reload canceling, then RoF is better in most builds. However, if you are OK with not having at least 4 RoF then please take the mag mod. It will GREATLY increase your sustained firing, so its not a bad option to take either. Use what YOU like.
In T5, however, does have a clear winner. %25 stun chance is GOOD. Especially when compared to how napalm rounds hits your DPS and how bad nitroglycerin rounds are. Nitroglycerin rounds are not good. Napalm rounds, however, can at least preform decently at AoE builds as a kind of mimic to the engineers PGL fire upgrade. For almost all of my builds, I use the very useful stun. Go ahead and try using napalm rounds. Maybe you’ll like them after all?

Hurricane Strategies.

The reason why I don’t really recommend the ammo mod is for one reason: learn how many rockets kill certain enemies and estimate how many rockets it will take to kill swarms/groups of enemies. Lets pretend You are in a mission. You see a group of grunts near you, and a praetorian and some mactera are coming for you. You think “Ok. I will shoot 8 rockets at the grunts, switch my attention to the mactera and shoot 8, then keep firing at the praetorian until it dies or i need to reload” That’s what I love about the hurricane.
Many people find gunner to be point and shoot kinda guy, and even though he is my favorite, you do a lot of point and shooting with my boy gunner. Then the hurricane comes in and is like “what if you add some thinking to that point and shooting?” and I like that. Also if you don’t want to guide your rockets then equip your secondary weapon. That will do the trick.
Alright, enough info, time for the builds!

Builds! (Finally)

Without any more waiting, lets get onto the builds!
Yaaaaay :>

The overtuned generalist. (Overtuned Feed Mechanism)

Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide - The overtuned generalist. (Overtuned Feed Mechanism) - 61EF4CC
21112 Overtuned Feed Mechanism
Even though Gunner seems very “Point and shoot” Gunner is a very versatile class with many builds for many situations. Need to take down priority targets? Bam! Gunner Can do that. Need some sustained firing to stay in the fight? Gunner has got you covered! Need to clear that swarm coming at you? Gunner can do that as well! When I was a new player I wanted a gun that could do both those things well. Sure you might argue burning hell or Big Bertha, but those were never my thing. So instead I have devised this build.
Overtuned feed mechanism allows for two very important things. Gives us a DPS increase while allowing us to take the expanded mag mod in T3. The mag mod will give us a lot of extra sustain which helps the hurricane a lot. Sure, you could double down on the fire rate, and while that helps DPS a ton, you won’t be able to fire your gun as long (T3 fire rate still a good choice but in practice i think mag size helps in the most amount of situations).
In T1 we take damage as 1.4 AoE radius is decent enough and you should learn how many rockets it takes to kill certain enemies so you don’t have to take ammo. Plus the damage will help kill things like bulkier enemies and mactera more easily.
In T2 we take Bigger Jet Engine in addition to overtuned feed mechanism faster rocket speed and the maneuverability is just very useful to have (though armor break is a decent choice too).
In T3 either option is good, but overall I find bigger mag size to be much more helpful.
In T4 we take shrapnel load for added damage and because 20 AoE damage is plenty respectable.
In T5 we take stun because %25 stun with a 3 second duration is always helpful.
This is probably one of, if not my favorite build despite it being so general. It works wonders in most situations on Haz 5, EDDs, and nearly all mission types. The main weakness of this build is that it is a “Jack of all trades master of none” sorta deal. Though if you do want something more specialized I got some more builds for you!

The Fragmentation Generalist. (Fragmentation Missiles)

Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide - The Fragmentation Generalist. (Fragmentation Missiles) - F4B4150
31222 Fragmentation Missiles
This one is similar to the last build in the sense that it is very generalist, but this time its specked for AoE. While it’s no Nuerotoxin Payload, this build will serve your AoE needs Very well. It has a suprising amount of splash effect while dishing out great AoE damage.
In T1 we take splash radius for an extra 0.8 splash radius, which is pretty darn good when paired with the base weapon AND the OC.
In T2 we take bigger jet engine for faster rocket speed.
In T3 we take faster RoF for DPS. Sure you could take more mag size but I find the faster RoF to be so much better on this build.
In T4 is a simple choice as we take more splash damage for our AoE build.
In T5 we take stun, but I actually see napalm rounds as a decent alternative. I don’t use it that often because the DPS takes a hit.
For our OC we take Fragmentation Missiles. This is a clean OC that increases AoE damage and radius even further with no downsides! What could be finer?
This build is another great generalist build and I like it very much. It is surprisingly a lot of fun and I highly recommend you try it out. While you may not have as much sustained firing you sure as hell heck have a lot more AoE.

The Almighty Minelayer!

Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide - The Almighty Minelayer! - 7251BE8
I bet many of you have been waiting for this bad boy. When I first got the Minelayer I though it was trash. Mines? Really? No guided Missiles? Sounds pretty bad, right? Then I try it out in game and I was like, “Whoa. This is really cool and good!” and boy is it fun! So Minelayer is a weird and funky OC. According to the DRG wiki it works like this;

Originally posted by DRG wiki:
When missiles impact terrain, they transform into mines that will detonate when enemies get too close. Mines have a 15 second lifetime, do 2.75x Area Damage, have a x1.5 AoE Radius, and trigger when enemies get within 2m.

So the gear mods we choose here will be very similar to the last build because the AoE mods also benefit minelayer.
In T1 we take bigger AoE radius in addition to the OC bonuses.
What we take in T2 might confuse some people. We will be taking faster rockets over the armor break. “But Coach!” you might ask, “The rockets are not guide-able! Why take faster rockets?” Simple. Faster rockets means you’ll be putting more mines down faster.
You can take anything in T3. Do you want more mines out faster? Take faster RoF. You want more mines overall without reloading? Take extra mag size. I usually prefer extra mag size but both options are good.
In T4 we take more AoE damage in addition to the OCs benefits.
In T5 we take stun because stopping enemies in their tracks with mines are very useful.
This OC is actually very versatile and works in many situations, but I’ve found that it really shines during escort missions and salvage operations. Though I would not recommend it for mactera plague missions. Also if you ever find yourself surrounded by a pack of grunts then try jumping up and down while placing mines around. The results can be pretty funny as the grunts brainlessly die to your mines!

Grandpa’s recipie! (Jetfuel Homebrew build)

Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide - Grandpa's recipie! (Jetfuel Homebrew build) - ABFB5AB
22×12 Jet fuel Homebrew
Ever since I got this OC I hardly used lead storm or big bertha, seriously! This is another one of my favorite OCs and I think you’ll like it too. It SIGNIFICANTLY increases direct damage and projectile speed and rockets start at max speed when fired. And these upsides feel great! Though the rockets are much stiffer to control, so for Karl’s sake, I hope you have good aim. It comes with some downsides: Less AoE damage and radius. Ok, fair. Less ammo. Not a big problem as jet fuel can be very ammo efficient because it kills bugs so quickly. Less mag size, so only 27 rockets in one mag. That one kinda hurts. That brings down the sustain of the gun down, you can build around it or embrace it in T3. Alright, let’s get into weapon mods!
In T1 we take damage. You don’t need ammo after you get used to jet fuel and you can always use your high AoE secondary. Not to mention that if you take damage, it doesn’t increase by 4, but it instead increases by 10! Nice.
In T2 we take armor breaking. You’re rockets are already fast enough and they’re much harder to maneuver, so taking armor break will help by striping those bugs nak*d of their armor.
In T3 you can take either one. RoF increases DPS, but with all that damage with jet fuel your DPS is already pretty good and you might want to take mag size for extra sustain. Keep in mind that if you choose to take mag size you don’t get a mag size of 72, but instead you get a mag size of 54.
In T4 we take weak point damage. This boost up your damage to 11 when hitting weak points.
In T5 we take stun. The other options are pointless when running jet fuel. Do not take them over stun unless you want to lose the very useful stun upgrade.
Jet fuel is cracked at taking down bugs of all sizes, and shines during elimination missions. You can even take them on regular missions as long as you have an AoE secondary to back it up. I also find it to be useful on mactera plague missions because the hard easy to hit high damaging weak points. Enjoy one shotting grunts in their sexy stupid faces.

Fricken Rocket shotgun! (Salvo Build)

Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide - Fricken Rocket shotgun! (Salvo Build) - 51B9117
x2xx2 Salvo Module
Here we have another fan favorite; the Salvo module. You may be wondering how these salvo rockets work. According to the DRG wiki they work like this;

Originally posted by DRG wiki:
Hold down the trigger to load up to 9 missiles into a single, unguided shot. Salvo Missiles have their Starting Velocity and Max Velocity increased to 20 m/sec by default. For each additional missile added to the salvo all missiles deal bonus area and direct damage up to +4 Area Damage and +4 Direct Damage. The minimum damage bonus is +1 Area Damage and +1 Direct damage for only one missile launched.
Bonus Damage Formula: 0.625 + (0.375 * Missiles Loaded)

In simpler words, the more rockets are charged the more damage they do. To charge rockets simply hold down the left mouse button. You may think that this is the only way to use this gun, but if you tap fire you can still fire singular guided missiles, albeit at a slower fire rate.
In T1 you could take anything. More ammo if you find yourself running out of ammo to quickly, more damage for taking on bigger threats, or bigger AoE radius for taking on those crowds. You can’t go wrong here.
In T2 we take armor break. Faster rocket speed is a good option, but I don’t think its as useful on this build. With armor break you can s*rip bugs of their chitin armor to make them nak*d armor-less in a blast of salvo rockets.
In T3 I’ve found both options to be useful. Faster RoF here actually means faster charge rate. The faster charge rate is probably the better option for getting full charge salvo blasts out quicker, but I much prefer having the extra mag size. I find it to help very much in terms of weapon feel with being able to shoot twice as many fully charged salvo blasts with one mag before reloading.
In T4 it depends what you wanna do with the weapon. More single target damage? Go for the weak point bonus. More AoE? Go for increased AoE damage.
In T5 we have stun. Blast those bugs so hard that they get stunned right in their tracks! It is possible if you build salvo for AoE you could get away with using napalm rounds, but I find the stun to be more fun.
Using Salvo really makes you feel like a bad-a*s, and It’s no wonder why so many people like this. I found it to be very flexible when choosing base mods, which is great! You can use this on tons of different missions. Sure, you might find yourself wanting more primary ammo, but that’s what your secondary is for! So make sure you bring a primary with plenty of ammo to make up for you primary. Other than that, blast away wherever and whenever you feel like it!

About Manual guidance cut-off and Plasma burster missiles…

These are the only OCs I didn’t cover on this guide. Mainly because they kinda suck. Manual guidance cutoff takes up your OC slot for something you could already do by switching weapons.
Plasma Burster Missiles nerfs your AoE damage, AoE radius, Direct Damage, Ammo Count, and rocket speed, AND puts a cap on how many missiles you can have in the air at once (18 at once). For what? Extra turn rate and the ability to hit targets 5 times. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!
I got a little emotional there for *some* reason. Lets move on!

What about secondary weapons?

Alright! I got some Extra builds for you! These are secondaries I recommend while running the hurricane
Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide - What about secondary weapons? - 09467CF
231×3 Hellfire
For use with generalist builds and High damage low AoE builds
Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide - What about secondary weapons? - 4EB3225
221×3 Triple Tech Chambers
For generalist builds. While not as good as hellfire, it is very fun.
Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide - What about secondary weapons? - 0885CFE
23231 Compact Mags
For use with generalist builds.
Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide - What about secondary weapons? - BE158C8
13232 Lead Spray
For use with High AoE builds. Even though they do good damage as is you might want some extra damage. This has got you covered.
Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide - What about secondary weapons? - 661648D
13212 Magic Bullets
For use with high damage low AoE builds.
Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide - What about secondary weapons? - E3D0FD8
2332x Volatile bullets
For use with Napalm rounds.
I personally like Hellfire the best. Because it can penetrate multiple bugs and inflict fire damage and electric damage. Triple tech is fun but I think I like my compact mags build a little bit better than it.

And what about Grenades and perks?

I’ll make this one short. Any perk can work well, but Born ready does help a lot. Any grenade can work too. I like incendiary grenades the best.


RoF in T3 is usually better. Though Mag size has its place in many different uses and builds.
Napalm rounds can work decently in AoE builds. But poorly in most other builds due to that lowered damage.
Nitroglycerin Compound, Manual Guidance cutoff, and Plasma burster missiles are just bad.
Hurricane is good and fun 🙂
Without an OC you can use a build of 21212 or 31222
Don’t let anyone persuade you not to use a weapon you like because they think its bad.

Closing thoughts.

WOW! That took a long time! I really hope you guys enjoyed this guide as I enjoyed making it! If there are any mistakes what so ever please tell me. I also have some balancing ideas, like making Napalm rounds for AoE focused builds, Stun Single target focused builds, and nitroglycerin a middle of the road option. Manual guidance cutoff should be part of the base weapon. In Half life you can toggle whether you want guided rockets or not. The hurricane should be that way I think. I’m not sure how to balance Plasma burster missles as they are my least used OC for the weapon. Anyways, tell me what you think in the comments. Feedback is welcomed!

Hope you enjoy the post for Deep Rock Galactic Hurricane Build & Stats Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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