Insaniquarium! Deluxe How to Install Fishinator 2 Extreme Mod

Insaniquarium! Deluxe How to Install Fishinator 2 Extreme Mod 1 -
Insaniquarium! Deluxe How to Install Fishinator 2 Extreme Mod 1 -

This guide will show you how to install Fishinator 2 Extreme and what it does

  • Restock Virtual Store
  • Improved Fish editing, with fish preview functionality
  • The ability to create a new fish from scratch for your Virtual Tank
  • Save changes directly to the fish you are editing
  • Rename fish
  • Improved User Data editing, including the ability to unlock stories, unlock challenge modes, unlock all the pets, and more
  • Improved Fish Transfer with the new ability to move, copy, and delete multiple fish at once
  • A new Tank Check-up utility, that will not only correct the Tank 6-1 bug, but will remove a user from ANY invalid tank number in the game. The new Tank Check-up utility also re-indexes the fish in your tanks, to fix and prevent the issue introduced by the original Fishinator of allowing you to purchase more than 20 fish for your tank, along with several other checks and fixes
  • Feed all the fish in all your tanks with the click of a single button. You can also set up a link to the program with a command line option to run with Windows scheduler to feed your fish automatically each day
  • Are your fish depressed? Use our new, improved Fish-Nip utility. It’s like Cat-Nip, but for Fish! Click the Fish-Nip button to instantly increase the mood of all fish in all tanks to their maximum mood
  • Backup and Restore your UserData files! These are the files that store your information for your Virtual Tanks, Adventure mode games in progress, list of Users along with their information, high scores table, etc. You can now safely backup and restore these files. Yes, the original Fishinator did this, but this version will allow multiple backups, and give you a list of what has been backed up by date and time, so you can select which one to restore.
  • Game directory backup: It will now back up your game executable and subdirectories in case for some reason the game files become corrupted and need to be restored. This is especially important for anyone editing their game files manually in order to make game modifications


How to Download

Visit – []  and scroll down to Fishinator 2 Extreme! section below Visual Mods. Either download from the original website or direct download which is faster.
On Firefox you may need to click the arrow in the Downloads tab and click Allow Download.
Insaniquarium! Deluxe How to Install Fishinator 2 Extreme Mod - How to Download - 0D2BB99
On Chrome click Keep at the bottom.

Install and Configure

Run the Setup exe you just downloaded and install the app. Open the app and click the Config tab. This is where you will paste the file paths of the required directories.
To get the file path for every directory location except userdata, right click Insaniquarium Deluxe in your Steam Library and hover over Manage then click Browse Local Files. Copy the file path. My path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Insaniquarium Deluxe but it may be different for you. Replace the entries in each Location box with the file path except for “Location of ‘userdata’ directory”.
For the userdata file path, it should be located in C:\ProgramData\Steam\Insaniquarium\userdata
If navigating there manually and you don’t see the ProgramData folder, click View at the top of File Explorer and enable Hidden Items in the Show/Hide column.
Insaniquarium! Deluxe How to Install Fishinator 2 Extreme Mod - Install and Configure - A6428C0
While you’re here I recommend backing up the userdata folder to another location i.e. Desktop for good measure.
Replace the entry in “Location of ‘userdata’ directory” with the copied userdata file path. Your config should look something like this.
Insaniquarium! Deluxe How to Install Fishinator 2 Extreme Mod - Install and Configure - E763DAD
Close the app and then relaunch it. It may popup saying one or more paths are invalid but it should work properly. You’re ready to edit Insaniquarium!
On the User, Fish, and Transfer tabs you must first select your username from the dropdown before you can make changes.

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