Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals How to Play as a Nurse in Game Tips

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals How to Play as a Nurse in Game Tips 1 - steamsplay.com
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals How to Play as a Nurse in Game Tips 1 - steamsplay.com

How to be successful with Nurse in Dark Deception: Monsters and Mortals.


Welcome to Silent Hi- I mean, the “How To:” series. Today we’ll be covering our first Silent Hill character. The debate was between Heather alongside Dawko since those two are very similar, and Nurse. I was gonna do Heather/Dawko first, but due to lack of a SINGLE bit of info regarding a scenario utilizing Dawko’s Ult, Darkest Desire, I decided to work on Nurse instead while I await an answer from the Dark Deception: Monsters and Mortals Community Discord.
So Nurse, what can I say about her outside of this game…? I never played Silent Hill before, so I’m unfamiliar with anything not named Pyramid Head lol. I know there’s multiple types of Nurse, and I think this game uses the Homecoming version of it. Other than that…that’s about it, sorry guys ;-;. In this game, however, she’s a rather overlooked character due to a variety of reasons. During the Silent Hill trailer, she was appearing to be broken due to her Ult buffing her already decent damage and lowering her opponent’s at the same time, but there ended up being a good amount of flaws with her. So is she still good, or did someone waste their time at medical school? While I know VERY little about her in her home series, I know plenty to answer that question here, so let’s find out!

Background Info

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals How to Play as a Nurse in Game Tips - Background Info - B5AF15F
Unique to the Nurse herself, Nurse is classified as a Support class Monster. Yeah…a Support class Monster, in a game lacking team games for Monsters…makes complete sense. Anyway, as a Support class among her fellow Monsters, she has above average mobility and hp for Monster standards, but has below average damage output to compensate for it. Not as fast as Agatha and Fiend, but does more damage than them. Not as strong as Balanced Monsters, but bulkier than them. Not as bulky as Power Monsters, but is much faster than them. However, like many of the other monsters in the game, she has a fair amount of weaknesses. She makes loud footsteps that sound like shuffling among the ground, which gives away her identity, as well as her position if a skilled player keeps track of it. Not only that, but her hitboxes when attacking can feel deceptively short at times, making you approach closer than you’d like when in actuality, the hitboxes are about the same as everyone else’s average hitbox size. If you can get past this illusion though, you’ll operate just fine. Finally, her Ult is somewhat underwhelming for the time being. It’s designed for a team game setting, which Dark Deception: Monsters and Mortals lacks at the moment for Monsters. When one gets added though, her Ult will likely be a lot better than it is now, as it affects a group instead of yourself. In terms of her playstyle…if she can’t support at the moment, then how does she play? The easiest way to describe it is “she plays like a bait and punish character.” She’s at her best if she manages to make opponents whiff their attacks or even waste their Ults, then pops Fear Cuts Deep (details below) on them after they’ve made their mistake, allowing her to secure her kill.
Fun Fact: It is confirmed Nurse heals other Monsters by 5 hp per hit with her heavy attack. However, this information is meaningless for the time being due to the lack of team games for the Monsters. It is useful to know, however, as sometimes Maze Escape will bug and allow two Monsters. If Nurse happens to be one of said Monsters, then the healing mechanic works, but in most cases, this won’t be seen until Monster team games arrive.

Ultimate: Fear Cuts Deep

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals How to Play as a Nurse in Game Tips - Ultimate: Fear Cuts Deep - CDB6303
Remember the Ultimate I was talking about earlier? This is that Ult, and it’s referred to as “Fear Cuts Deep.” When activated, all enemies take a 70% damage penalty and a 50% attack cooldown increase, while Nurse (and assuming teammates) receive a 10% damage buff for 10 seconds. Yes, the in-game description says 20% increase, but it’s actually 10%. That means either we have a typo or yet another bug on our hands.
Either way, as a self buff, it’s really good for PvP, as it allows Nurse to flip matchups that are otherwise hard for her to win without it. Power characters get a lot weaker, Speed characters suffer nonexistent damage output since theyre damage is already bad, and Nurse gets her damage output improved. Think of it as Seal of Metatron, but in reverse. However, there’s a catch to this, and this catch is the reason she still gets bodied a lot. This Ult does NOT affect the damage of other Ults. If a Dread Ducky got affected and didn’t have Ducky Surprise ready, Nurse would walk all over it, If it did, Ducky dances on her grave like it does on everyone elses. Another downside of this Ult is the fact that it leaves Nurse without a reliable finishing move like many other Monster Ults do. As a result, this means the player using her will have to be good at landing light and heavy attacks, while also increasing the learning curve on Nurse in a solo setting…the only setting we have at the moment.
In a theoretical Monster Team game, these would be the Monsters that would benefit the most from Fear Cuts Deep, assuming the 10% damage increase applies to teammates as well:
Works Well With: Agatha, Dread Ducky, The Fiend
Works Decently With: Murder Monkey, Clown Gremlin, Robbie, Nurse
Works Poorly With: Gold Watcher, Malak, The Brute
Agatha and Fiend would obviously benefit from an Ult like this since they attack quickly, but have low damage output overall, and a 10% increase would result in 19.8 damage for a light hit and 39.6 damage for a heavy hit. It would also reduce the damage coming from other attacks, allowing them to survive a lot longer. Dread Ducky already has a spammy, ranged light hit with a surprisingly quick heavy hit to counteract those who manage to get close, so any sort of damage increase, Frenzy item or not, makes it even more dangerous. The Power Monsters are already strong and tanky enough as is, Fear Cuts Deep wouldn’t really do much for them.

Maze Escape

In Maze Escape, Nurse definitely has a learning curve for those interested in playing her. She isn’t bad per se, but most Mortal Ults are self buffs, meaning they can interfere with Fear Cuts Deep when Nurse decides to use it while engaged. That said, it proves to be very useful if Nurse successfully manages to make her quarry waste their Ults or if she has another way to confirm they don’t have it ready yet, such as the Ultimate Drain item. Being a Support class, she outruns all Mortals except PenPen, which Nurse is forced to try ambushing like every other Monster not named Agatha and Fiend has to. Other than that, not really a whole lot to say. She does well when Ults aren’t available since that means nothing will get in the way of Fear Cuts Deep, but if other Ults are ready or if the Nurse player isn’t good with her, she can struggle. There’s a reason Nurse is not easy to use.
In terms of maps, because she’s a bulky, speedy PvP Monster, she enjoys having a lot of space to move around and weave past attacks, but she also enjoys chip damage since she’s entirely reliant on basic attacks to deal damage. Monstrum Madness and Silent Sacrifice fits this description perfectly, as the bosses and traps of those maps are of massive assistance to a character of her playstyle. Elementary Evil, while not as open as the previously mentioned maps, can still be of use to her, as the ABC Letters and Fake Portals are known to be a nuisance to most players, and even gives her ambush opportunities. Monkey Business, Deadly Decadence, and Stranger Sewers are not worth mentioning since there’s not enough activity or danger with the traps or bosses to help Nurse much.
PvP Matchups:
Performs Well Against: Doug, Nikson, PenPen, SuperHorrorBro, Prisoner Borisov
Performs Decently Against: Bierce, Detective Evans, Vince, CYBIL
Performs Poorly Against: Heather, Dawko, 8-BitRyan
Most of her good matchups don’t really appear so much anymore except maybe PenPen and Nikson. If anything, her bad matchups are the ones that tend to be meta atm. Heather and Nurse have Ults that are the inverse of each other; Heather takes barely any damage, while she can barely do any to Nurse too, meaning no one’s happy. Vince can make a Nurse take her own medicine, but ideally Nurse would’ve baited out “You’ll See” before popping Fear Cuts Deep. 8-BitRyan shreds her due to Ult reasons, and finally, we have Dawko…oh sugar…
This matchup is the hardest I’ve ever seen a Monster get countered ever. Dawko COMPLETELY shuts Nurse down if Darkest Desire is up. Fear Cuts Deep will not penetrate the glitch effect, meaning Dawko and his team have 10 seconds to get shards, and Nurse can’t do anything about it. The Heather matchup is almost as bad, but at LEAST Nurse can still hurt them, even if it isn’t for very much. If a Dawko is in the game and you’re using Nurse, might not be a bad idea to make him top priority to make sure he doesn’t get Darkest Desire. Still drops 35 shards, so not a horrible victim to spam target.
See “CYBIL” in all caps? Nurse is actually one of the few counters to Cybil Bennett as of writing (other is Dread Ducky, but if you need a broken character to check a broken character, it needs fixing lmao). If Cybil doesn’t have Incapacitate or she missed, you can activate Fear Cuts Deep and tank all the bullets as you close the gap between you and her, then kill her. However, if she lands Incapacitate…you can figure the rest out.

Shard Mayhem

Ahh~ feels good to talk about Shard Mayhem again. Soul Collection sucks imo.
Being fast and the only Monster with a self buff Ult, Nurse is LEAGUES better here than in Maze Escape. She has no risk of other Ults getting in the way of Fear Cuts Deep, allowing her more freedom of when to use it. However, while she does have more freedom with her own Ult, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to other Monster Ults as well, as they can easily kill her if she doesn’t stay true to her bait and punish playstyle when engaged in combat. Due to being just behind Agatha and Fiend in speed, she is very good at collecting shards when not currently in combat, and due to being relatively bulky with acceptable damage, she can actually defend herself if she has to against anyone daring to fight her, especially if Fear Cuts Deep is ready. Also due to her speed, she isn’t as fazed about Phantom Malak now posing a threat, as she is fast enough to outrun that broken excuse of an item. However, she does have to pay more attention to the bosses in her favorable maps, as the Super Brutes and Pyramid Head can spell trouble for her.
Maps remain the same, as per usual.
PvP Matchups:
Performs Well Against: The Fiend, Murder Monkey, Robbie, Clown Gremlin
Performs Decently Against: Agatha, Dread Ducky, The Brute, Nurse (herself)
Performs Poorly Against: Gold Watcher, Malak
Not a bad matchup spread overall, although most of these are based on if she survives an Ult or if she successfully baits it. That’s her whole thing tbh; if there’s no Ult to worry about, she’s very good. If there is or is unsure, she has to stay defensive until it’s over, she uses Ultimate Drain, or she successfully baits it. If she stays to her strengths and playstyle, Gold Watcher and Malak are her problem matchups since Golden Demise and Eye of Suffering will chop her up and eviscerate her. She can handle Brute better since Magma Charge has the same weaknesses as Slicer Dicer, only more dangerous if you slip (check out “How To: Brute” for more info).


Nurse is a character I only know about because of Dark Deception: Monsters and Mortals. She has a unique set of traits that certainly make her stand out in the current selection of Monsters to pick from. However, these traits also make her hard to use in high level play since she’s heavily reliant on baiting her opponent, then attack when they make mistakes. In other words, to play Nurse effectively, you need to be patient, have a lot of skills, plan ahead, and know how to work around her matchups. If you’re good at this game and have those traits, you want a challenge, or a die hard Silent Hill fan, who knows. Nurse might be the character for you. Also, Monster team game when?
How To Heather/Dawko is next, guaranteed. Half of that guide is already made, I was working on this one just because I was still awaiting answers.

Written by Ketchup

Hope you enjoy the post for Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals How to Play as a Nurse in Game Tips, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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