Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Tips & Trick for Reaper Nurse

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Tips & Trick for Reaper Nurse 1 - steamsplay.com
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Tips & Trick for Reaper Nurse 1 - steamsplay.com

How to be successful with Reaper Nurse in Dark Deception: Monsters and Mortals.


Whelp, the day had to come eventually. The day where I have to put more than one word after “How To:” in the guide’s title.
It may not be Halloween, but this is certainly a great time to get spooky. The Halloween update introduced a ton of Halloween-themed skins into the game for all the base game characters (R.I.P. Pumpkin Brute and Pumpkin Fiend), as well as a brand new Monster for us all to enjoy. Better hold in your temptations, because the Monster being covered on the early Halloween special is our very first Chapter 4 enemy, the Reaper Nurse.
Reaper Nurse is the first Monster encountered in the Chapter 4 update of Dark Deception as the primary enemy of the level, Torment Therapy. It is shown that they are incredibly seductive and charming, but are also extreme feminists, as they are VERY hostile to Mortal men. I say Mortal, because they are quite hospitable to the Gold Watchers, even offering them tea. Voiced by Harley Quinn herself and armed with giant needles, just how do they fare in Dark Deception: Monsters and Mortals? Are they just as difficult to face without Vanish and Telekinesis as they are in Dark Deception, or are those looks just for show? Are we getting treats, or getting tricked? Let’s rush in and find out!

Background Info

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Tips & Trick for Reaper Nurse - Background Info - 83EFCAB
Reaper Nurse is a Monster belonging to the Speed cla*s. This means she is excellent at gathering shards and playing keep away from her opponents, while having quick attack speeds. A unique attribute Reaper Nurse has is the fact that she’s a Speed Monster with a long range heavy attack. This makes her deadly when in combat, as this attack has little cooldown like other Speed heavy attacks, meaning she can deal damage at a longer distance (about Clown Gremlin range), making her superior to Agatha and Fiend in 1v1 fights. However, she lacks Fiend’s ability to pull in targets when they’re hit, forcing her to be more precise with her movements to compensate for this. Just like the other two Speed Monsters, her initial damage is low, meaning she very much appreciates the Frenzy Mode item and stun support in order to really rack up the damage. On top of this, her attacking hitboxes appear to be narrow, meaning precision is very important if you choose to engage.
While she has Agatha’s characteristics minus the ranged heavy attack, she has almost as much, if not more versatility than Fiend thanks to her Ult, which will be discussed later on. These characteristics combine to make her almost like a combination of the two Speed Monsters, on top of having that heavy attack so she doesn’t have to put in as much effort. Despite this, she is currently viewed as an aggressive Speed Monster that requires high experience in combat to wield effectively, as one of the things her Ult doesn’t do is give her a free target or free damage, so she’ll have to be on the prowl much more often than the other two. She also has the loudest footsteps of the speed Monsters so far, so she’s easily able to be discovered from a distance, giving the opponent time to prepare and/or get some ground covered.
So what is this Ult she has that makes her this powerful? We’ll get into that right about…now!

Ultimate: Vaccination Time

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Tips & Trick for Reaper Nurse - Ultimate: Vaccination Time - FE9E6BA
Remember how the Reaper Nurses are a pain in the butt with their ability to vanish into thin air? Well, that returns here, unfortunately. Reaper Nurse’s Ult is referred to as “Vaccination Time,” and upon use, Reaper Nurse vanishes for 20 seconds, while gaining a 15% buff to her speed and damage output. With these values, Reaper Nurse becomes THE fastest character in the game; even PenPen and Brute with Ults active cannot catch up to her. Not only that, her damage output increases to 20 damage for her light hit and 41 damage on her heavy hit. The buffs combined with the inability to see her turns her into a ma*sive threat if you lack the Telepathy item, as you’ll have to rely on sound to figure out her exact location, which isn’t always reliable depending on the map. On linear maps like Monkey Business, she’s relatively easy to pinpoint, while more open maps like Deadly Decadence gives her more space, allowing more confusion to the poor victims. While this Ult is primarily designed for offensive purposes, it also has more uses. Another good use for this Ult is to use it to hide yourself from view to make escapes much easier in the event you’re low on health. Additionally, it is helpful for stalking purposes, as the increased speed lets you cover more ground quicker, as well as letting you approach undetected since your name tag and character will be invisible. Finally, it can be used to collect shards even faster in Shard Mayhem, as the Ult is technically a self-buff, and with all the benefits it provides, this can be a viable use of the Ult if you’re not particularly busy in combat for the moment. However, be mindful of using this if you’re in Shard Mayhem, as Primal Fear will disable it early.
Overall, Vaccination Time is very versatile and has a use in almost every scenario you can think of, making this a powerful Ult in the right hands. This also places it as one of the best Ult’s in the game, as the best ones are either usable in almost any scenario, or are so strong that they’re guaranteed to net a kill or do something impactful every time it’s used. Examples of these kinds of Ults include Clown Patrol and the dreaded Ducky Surprise and Hello Friend!. If you follow that definition of what makes an Ult one of the best in the game, then Vaccination Time fits that bill in my personal opinion. If you don’t…it’s still a very strong Ult regardless, that’s the point I’m trying to make.
Did I mention this also stacks with speed boost and frenzy mode items as well? Let that sink in…

Maze Escape

In Maze Escape, Reaper Nurse is exceptionally powerful. Her ability to catch up to Mortals very easily and ambush them basically anywhere thanks to Vaccination Time allows her to be a major threat to the Mortal team, perhaps even moreso than Fiend and Agatha if used properly. The lower power level of the Mortals means her low damage output is somewhat offset when not using her Ult, allowing her to slaughter Mortals with ease if she managed to evade their own attacks. Due to her frailty, this trait is especially important since she is vulnerable to pressure and Power Mortals just like the other Speed Monsters. Unlike them, however, she has the best time compensating for that weakness, as Vaccination Time gives her a 20 second damage and speed increase as well as Invisibility, allowing her to throw them off by constantly attacking in different directions and giving her a huge edge against the Power cla*s in particular. PenPen in particular is also heavily screwed if Reaper Nurse targets her, as she outruns her even with Shooting Star. However, being debuffed, using items, and the use of the Telepathy power will give away her position if she’s cloaked, meaning she must be careful around Mortals such as Borisov, SuperHorrorBro, and 8-BitRyan if they have their Ults ready. Overall, Reaper Nurse has to play cautiously to avoid being slaughtered thanks to her frailty, but when properly utilized, she can be an absolute terror.
In terms of maps, she enjoys Stranger Sewers and Silent Sacrifice because of their open space and linear layout, allowing her to catch Mortals quickly. She is also the only Monster who can ambush effectively on those maps in particular since Vaccination Time hides her completely except her skating noises. Deadly Decadence is a good pick as well since there’s plenty of spots to stalk from while invisible, as well as being able to take shortcuts to reach Mortals even quicker. Elementary Evil and Monkey Business are good maps on their own, but the banana traps and fake portals can get in her way while running, leaving her open to attack or whittling her down if she fails to clear the portals’ range respectively. Monstrum Madness is probably her worst map since the steam covers a lot of the map, cutting off routes she could take to reach players easier, making Vaccination Time use harder. Don’t a*sume she’s bad on these maps, though, as Reaper Nurse is very oppressive if used properly.
PvP Matchups:
Performs Well Against: Doug, Bierce, PenPen, Nikson, Cybil, SuperHorrorBro
Performs Decently Against: Evans, 8-BitRyan, Dawko, Heather
Performs Poorly Against: Vince, Borisov
Overall, Reaper Nurse has a very strong matchup chart against the Mortals. The only real problem matchup she has is against Vince. Vince is because he shuts her down with You’ll See threatening to remove her from the game with her own damage. The reason Heather is a decent matchup is because Reaper Nurse can still damage her (albeit barely, plus this isn’t the main reason), as well as being able to safely wait out Seal of Metatron thanks to being able to “bravo six, going dark” on her once she uses it. Not only that, but Vaccination Time lasts 10 seconds longer than Seal of Metatron, allowing her to a*sault Heather afterwards for an easy kill. Dawko is a more iffy matchup because of a similar case I talked about in How To: Nurse and How To: Heather/Dawko; thanks to Reaper Nurse lacking an Ult that does direct damage, Dawko completely shuts her down for 10 seconds as him and his team have free time to collect shards. However, the same tactics used on Heather affect Dawko as well, so caution should be taken. Borisov, SuperHorrorBro, and 8-BitRyan can use their Ult’s debuff effects to temporarily reveal her, so she needs to be extra careful around them while vanished. Otherwise they aren’t too bad matchups for her. Borisov in particular screws her up bad if he manages to land Cool Down, leaving her exposed and easy pickings.

Shard Mayhem

In Shard Mayhem, Reaper Nurse solidifies herself as one of the best PvP Monsters in the game thanks to her general speed and the effects of Vaccination Time. Being invisible as well as the fastest Monster in the game on top of a respectable damage boost means Reaper Nurse can play “silent, but deadly” very well, as unless the other Monsters are able to pinpoint her location, she can mess them up easily. She is even stronger here than in Maze Escape since Vaccination Time gives her an upper hand in combat, unlike Fiend and Agatha, while also being the fastest character in the game under it lets her collect shards at an unparalleled rate. This means she is a gla*s canon character; very offensive, but must be played carefully since she is very frail. This frailty leaves her to become Hello Friend! food for Agatha, but if she doesn’t have that ready, Reaper Nurse absolutely crushes her. She even gives the Powers and Dread Ducky a run for their money thanks to invisibility being a part of her Ult causing them to panic and/or potentially waste Ducky Surprise respectively. Overall, Reaper Nurse is essentially a superior Fiend in this gamemode, as she is better at collecting shards, and a superior Agatha in the shard department, as her speed increase from Vaccination Time makes the little brat curse under her breath. Fiend has his own little niches, however, so he can continue to be relavent. Agatha also still has Hello Friend! as well, so…
Maps remain the same, although she now has to beware of bosses and primal fear. Phantom Malak is not an issue for her under normal circumstances.
PvP Matchups:
Performs Well Against: Murder Monkey, Agatha, Clown Gremlin, Brute, Fiend, Robbie, Nurse
Performs Decently Against: Gold Watcher, Dread Ducky, Malak, Reaper Nurse (herself)
Performs Poorly Against: ???
Reaper Nurse is able to dominate the vast majority of the Monsters if she’s used properly, as the power of invisibility, speed boost, and damage increase all at once allows her to overwhelm many Monsters if they can’t pinpoint her, especially on more open maps. Now, Gold Watcher, Dread Ducky, and Malak still have their Ults, so they can get lucky and still snipe her, and the Reaper Nurse ditto is obnoxious since both players cannot see each other. The reason she beats Brute is because even with Magma Charge, Reaper Nurse’s Vaccination Time is able to outrun even the colossal burned flesh Monster, rendering him helpless unless he gets lucky and/or figures out her position while Vaccination Time’s active.


Reaper Nurse’s introduction was a surprise to many, and it created a lot of hype since that meant we were finally getting new content. The last time we got something was the Creators DLC that released back in April 2021. The hype delivered as well, as Reaper Nurse proves herself to be one of the strongest overall Monsters in the game. Reaper Nurse is a gla*s canon, meaning she excels in combat and is very good at killing, but she dies quickly. However, unlike the other Speed Monsters, she can overcome this weakness with her Ult, allowing her to turn invisible and either flee encounters she’s close to dying in, or use her invisibility to her advantage on top of her speed and damage buffs to attack from all directions, making her a volatile, unpredictable Monster overall, as she has a lot of options available to her with Vaccination Time. As of writing, she can be considered an A tier Monster since no one has mastered her yet, but once someone does, I can easily justify her as an S Tier Monster and one of the overall best in the game. If you enjoy playing offensively, I would absolutely give Reaper Nurse a shot (no pun intended); she may not be easy to use thanks to frailty and narrow attacking hitboxes, but once mastered, she has the potential to reward your hard work in learning her heavily.
All guides will be updated with matchup info once the rest of Chapter 4 enemies, Yandere DLC, and Crazy Carnevil map comes out. More efficient that way.

Written by Ketchup

Hope you enjoy the post for Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Tips & Trick for Reaper Nurse, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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