Albion Online Gameplay Tips – Solo Mode – All Dungeons – Crafting – Walkthrough

Albion Online Gameplay Tips – Solo Mode – All Dungeons – Crafting – Walkthrough 1 -
Albion Online Gameplay Tips – Solo Mode – All Dungeons – Crafting – Walkthrough 1 -

This is a guide for everyone that doesn’t know what to do in Albion Online. I listed and explained all the activities I recommend to other players. This guide covers solo, group, zerg and economical activities.


Hello everyone, I’m LForward, the author of various guides across different games and genres. I have already created a few guides for Albion Online before, but I felt that the different activities, that the game has to offer, were never listed and explained anywhere. That’s why I decided to write this guide. First I just wanted to provide a list of activities for my guild members, so they know what activities to expect, but soon it developed into more than just a list and I felt that certain mechanics need to be explained. I definitely don’t want to dictate what you should do, I’m just sharing my personal view of activities that I think players should try out if they feel lost.
I was also inspired by Elsa’s “What to Do in Albion Online” – []  from 2018 but as we all know, a lot more activities were added since then and many of them need some explanation. I will only cover activities that I participated in and that I can recommend to other players. If you notice any major activity missing, that every new Albion player needs to know about, please let me know and I will consider adding it.
If you want to know more about a certain activity I suggest looking up a guide that goes more into detail for that specific content.
Some of the activities will be added with the Lands Awakened Update coming Nov. 24th so they might not be on live server yet when you read this.

[Solo] Open World Mobs

Open World Mobs found in all lethal and non-lethal zones have received some major adjustments with the Lands Awakened Update. After a mob hasn’t been killed for some time, it will upgrade into a stronger version.
Killing upgraded mobs is extremely rewarding as it provides large amounts of combat fame as well as silver and black market loot. This feature is expected to pull a lot of players and groups into the open-world. Most mobs (inluding the highest rarity ones) can be killed solo while multiple strong mobs that are close together may be a better fit for a roaming group of players.
Going out and searching for these mobs is recommended to players that aren’t scared to lose some gear. It’s not necessary to bring super expensive gear to clear them as most of the mobs just require you to dodge certain abilities. You can of course also search for these mobs in blue and yellow zone where you don’t lose any gear but the rewards you get will be significantly lower.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Solo] Open World Mobs - E732A60

[Solo] Solo Dungeons

Solo Dungeons are multi-layer dungeons that can be found in every zone in the open-world. They generate randomly in the open-world marked as green cave entrances. They can be spawned via a Solo Dungeon Map. Entering one of these dungeons will require you to channel for a few seconds to get in. After 60 seconds of the last player entering, the dungeon entrance will disappear in blue and yellow zones. In red and black zones this process will take 90 seconds.
Solo Dungeons reward consistent fame and loot and are pretty safe to do. In terms of rewards they aren’t comparable to upgraded open-world mobs though, so this only serves as a safe alternative when the open-world is too busy. In addition to the open-world, solo dungeons can also be found in the Roads of Avalon. Here they show their location directly on the minimap. Unlike the open-world counterpart the entrance will not close after a player enters but will instead close a certain time after the dungeon was cleared. As compensation for the increased risk, these solo dungeons have increased modifiers for silver and loot rewards. Roads hideout zones also allow players to use Solo Dungeon Maps of the respective tier that yield normal black zone rewards and also close after 90 seconds.
Inside you’ll find a variety of connected tiles which lead you through the dungeon. You may find side bosses guarding treasures as well. At the end of every dungeon you will also always find at least a blue loot chest guarded by a boss.
I suggest running them solo, as the name suggests, although running them with multiple players will make this activity way safer while at the same time splitting the rewards.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Solo] Solo Dungeons - D8518C7

[Solo] Corrupted Dungeons

Corrupted Dungeons are a great introduction into 1v1 PvP. They look similar to solo dungeons but have an orange cave entrance instead. Like solo dungeons they also spawn in every type of zone and come in 3 different difficulties.
Hunter difficulty: Can be accessed from blue and yellow zones. It offers non-lethal PvP fights, a low item power cap and the lowest rewards.
Stalker difficulty: Can only be accessed from red and black zones, fights are lethal, they have a low item power cap and offer medium rewards.
Slayer difficulty: Permanently unlocked after reaching 100k infamy. Can also only be entered from red and black zones, fights are lethal with a high item power cap and they offer valuable rewards.
The so called infamy rating is gained by killing mobs, bosses and other players. It’s used for matchmaking but also modifies all fame, silver and loot rewards.
At the start of a corrupted dungeon, players can choose to activate a shrine that increases the chance of being invaded by another player and allows them to invade someone elses dungeon. During invasion there are 2 possible outcomes:
1) One player dies, in that case the other player will receive bonus loot from the dead body, gain a portion of the dying players infamy and will be able to continue their original dungeon.
2) 3 of the 5 demonic shards that spawn upon invasion are destroyed, in that case the defending player can continue their dungeon and the invader will be moved back to their previous dungeon.
Corrupted dungeons offer decent fame, silver and loot rewards on higher difficulties. If you’re an experienced 1v1 player you can make some decent bank from killing players alone. Due to the shard mechanics, some of the weaker 1v1 players can still complete many dungeons without dying which also makes this very profitable for them.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Solo] Corrupted Dungeons - 356ACCB

[Solo] Roads of Avalon Green Chests

The Roads of Avalon are a constantly shifting network of connections in between roads and clusters. They can be entered by taking any of the green, blue or yellow portals in the royals or outlands.
Inside of them you will find several activities. One of those are the green chests or also called solo chests, found in many road tiles. They are guarded by mobs of the avalonian faction. Upon clearing the vicinity of a chest area and slaying the boss you’ll be able to open loot chests. These green chest areas reward decent fame but are also often visited by groups of players so be on the lookout.
I’d recommend running green chests solo or with a group of up to 3 players. T8 chest areas can be quite challenging for solo players but will often be rewarding in return.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Solo] Roads of Avalon Green Chests - 6C23FE1

[Solo/Group/Zerg] Faction Warfare

Faction Warfare is a system that promotes war between the royal cities by letting players sign up for one of their factions. To participate, players need to sign and flag up at their local factionmaster before going out into the royal continent to do activities.
Most commonly players engage in fights over faction outposts. When attacking an enemy outpost you will need to take down the the boss guarding it. After doing so your faction can conquer this outpost. After taking the majority of outposts in a zone you will start pushing for victory in that specific zone. That way your faction can expand their frontline towards the enemy cities.
Being knocked down by other faction players is non-lethal in blue and yellow zones while being lethal in red zones. At random times of the day you may see a popup of a bandit event starting. During this time all red zones will change ownership to the caerleon faction. Factions that take back these zones and engage in faction warfare in the red zone will receive bonus faction points at the end of the event.
Conquering objectives as well as taking down enemy players will reward faction standing and faction points, the latter can be used to buy specific faction items like cape crests, hearts, cubs or special faction chests that contain a good amount of untradeable tomes. You can also gain faction points by doing PvE activities or gathering on the royal continent.
The system has no limit on how many players you can bring. You can join existing groups as a solo player or bring in a whole zerg to push further into enemy lines.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Solo/Group/Zerg] Faction Warfare - D3FD7EA

[Group] Roads of Avalon Blue & Gold Chests

Just like the green chests you may also find blue & golden chests marked on the minimap in the Roads of Avalon. These generally offer a challenge for groups of players although their difficulty can vary a lot depending on the mob tier and whether it is a small or a large chest area. The boss guarding the gold chest is also pretty tough to take down and may require you to field a second healer.
I’d recommend to running blue chests with 4-7 players and gold chests with 7-10 players to avoid blobbing. Keep in mind that you may have to wait an extended amount of time to zone through 7-men (blue) portals if you bring more than 7 players.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Group] Roads of Avalon Blue & Gold Chests - 0E29AEB

[Group] Static Dungeons

Static Dungeons have received a major rework with the Lands Awakened Update. Mobs guarding the inside and outside of the dungeon will now upgrade after they haven’t been killed for a while, offering greater fame and silver rewards than their original versions. In addition to that, static dungeons now have side entrances from neighboring clusters, making them PvE hotspots that need to be fought over.
There’s also a chance that a faction raid occurs which will upgrade mobs inside the dungeon way quicker than usual. These raids will be announced beforehand if you are inside or near the cluster of the static dungeon.
While making your way through this dungeon you will also notice special icons on the minimap that are leading you to points of interest. This will likely lead you to a valuable chest or a rare boss.
I recommend bigger PvE groups than usual since the mobs can be quite challenging and there’s a higher chance of meeting another group. Therefore personally I’d suggest bringing 6-10 players to these kind of dungeons. This can differ depending on the location and tier of the static dungeon.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Group] Static Dungeons - 747D4EB

[Group] Group Dungeons

Group Dungeons are multi-layer dungeons just like Solo Dungeons that are aimed at small groups. They offer consistent fame and rewards and can be found in any open-world map.
Their entrances can be faction-themed to give away the type of mobs that you can find inside. They are a good alternative when static dungeons are overcrowded. Clearing them becomes much easier if you have an actual comp consisting of a tank, a healer and a few dps players, although they can also be soloed with the right gear.
Just like Solo Dungeons, these can also be found in static places in the Roads of Avalon, where they give increased silver and loot rewards.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Group] Group Dungeons - E5E0683

[Group] Avalonian Dungeons

Avalonian Dungeons, also called Raid Dungeons are special avalonian-themed dungeons aimed at bigger groups. They can be found and spawned in T6-T8 black zones but also appear in a small quantity in the Roads of Avalon.
Mobs inside are similar to the ones you can find in the Roads of Avalon but offer a bigger challenge. Your comp will require 1 or 2 tanks that have experience in this type of dungeon, supports, some healers and a lot of ranged dps.
These dungeons can also have multiple layers and many bosses which can make this a time consuming activity. Upon defeating the last boss, up to 20 players will also be able to use a special shrine that buffs all fame gained by 10% for 7 days.
I recommend this type of content to groups of 12-20 players. It’s important that you have all important roles filled.
As an additional security measure, avalonian dungeons have multiple gates on each floor, which respawn after some time, they will announce a message if they have been destroyed. This way your group will be alarmed of any intruders.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Group] Avalonian Dungeons - E49E773

[Group] Crystal Spiders

Crystal Spiders are rare open-world mobs that can be found in any black zone map. They are points of interest and marked on the minimap.
When fighting a spider, it will jump towards players trying to poison them. If it moves in real time it will also reflect its movement on the minimap which makes the process more dangerous.
Upon killing it you will receive artifacts and black market loot while making progress on the guild might level for Crystal Spiders. These mobs are best taken down by a small group but can be killed solo as well with the right gear.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Group] Crystal Spiders - A36E523

[Group] World Bosses & Raid Zones

World Bosses and their Raid zones can be found in few specific locations around the outlands and the royal continent. They are marked with a big boss character on the world map.
In these areas mobs are substantially stronger so extra care has to be taken. Clearing elite mobs will increase all fame gained by 1% per mob up to a maximum of 50% for 10 minutes. Additionally this area also has spawns for 2 bosses. The main boss will reward the killers with rare loot and season points, it respawns on every odd hour.
Taking down the bosses can be done with a group of minimum 4 players while the elite mobs guarding zones are a better fit for bigger groups of 7-20 players. Be aware that doing these with 11 or more players might attract other players due to blobbing mechanics.
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[Group] Castle Outposts

Castle Outposts can be found in almost every other black zone cluster. They are protected by multiple waves of guards that have to be taken down. After you have slain the castle lord, the outpost will change ownership to whoever dealt the killing blow.
During a guild season, castle outposts will reward the owner with season points every 3 hours while spawning a lootable valuable treasure every 6 hours (the treasure will be spawned in offseason too).
The suggested group size for this content is 4-10 with at least 1 tank, 1 healer and some damage dealers. Like many other group objectives this one can also be done solo with the correct gear but it will take a lot of time.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Group] Castle Outposts - 16B5DCA

[Group] Open-World Treasures

Open-World Treasures appear in the outlands at random intervals during the day. They will show a timer on the mini- and worldmap when hovering over them. You can gain this information about upcoming chest locations and spawn timers while being inside or near the cluster that the treasure chest will spawn in.
Chests may sometimes be surrounded by mobs that need to be cleared.
There’s no limit on how many players will show up to a treasure, you may see solo players claim one for themselves from time to time while especially bigger and more rare chests might attract bigger groups of players fighting over the objective.
They drop large amounts of artifacts, black market loot and silver bags while also advancing the respective guild might level.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Group] Open-World Treasures - 122954F

[Group] Hellgates (2v2/5v5/10v10)

Hellgates are a PvP activity for a defined amount of players. They are available for groups of 2, 5 and 10 players. The groups will have to clear a set amount of hell-themed mobs in order to advance between hellgates. Reaching the set amount of infamy points will spawn a small loot chest and allow the team to advance to the next hellgate.
At any time during clearing a hellgate an invasion can happen where 2 teams will have to face each other. A hellgate is won when the enemy has no more players alive. Upon winning you will receive a special chest with buffed loot.
As with corrupted dungeons, this content also uses infamy rating for matchmaking and reward modifiers.
Non-lethal hellgates can be accessed via the yellow zone while lethal hellgates require you to enter them from a red or black zone. All of the hellgates can be spawned via maps that you can craft at the artifact foundry while 2v2 hellgates can also naturally spawn in the open-world.
I personally suggest this content as it almost always guarantees you to get fights with other players in a fair environment. On top of that lethal hellgates will advance your respective guild might challenges and offer great rewards if you can manage a positive winrate. Even non-lethal hellgates can yield good rewards if you’re consistently winning against other teams.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Group] Hellgates (2v2/5v5/10v10) - 9432651

[Group] Crystal League (5v5/20v20)

The Crystal League is an event that happens multiple times a day at set timers. 5v5 and 20v20 teams can sign up for it by purchasing crystal league tokens at the energy manipulator located in the conquerors hall in every major city.
Winning a match will upgrade the token to the next level and give out season points in addition to silver and fame. The rewards get increasingly better with the levels but so do the item power requirements.
Level 1 matches are always non-lethal while all higher level matches follow the lethal ruleset. The best 5v5 teams of the season are also invited to the Crystal League Championship, which takes place in between seasons, teams competing have a chance to win extremely rare and valuable mount skins.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Group] Crystal League (5v5/20v20) - D9AAC69

[Zerg] Castles

Castles are open-world structures scattered across the black zone. Just like Castle Outposts, these can be captured by guilds. There are a few differemces though:
1) To get to the first wave of guards you will need to destroy at least one of the outer castle gates. You can achieve this by equipping a demolition hammer and starting to bash them.
2) Since castles are way bigger you will need to take down a lot more guards and elite guards than in an outpost. Also the time in between waves is 3 minutes, which is longer than in outposts which only take one minute in between waves.
3) Castles score season points every 6 hours during seasons and will only hand out loot on weekends.
4) Castles distribute an increased amount of season points and loot which usually makes them targets for bigger guilds and alliances to fight over.
It’s hard to make suggestion on a perfect group size for this as it depends on the castle location, time of day and amount of competition that is actively seeking to take castles. I would recommend trying to take castles with groups of 20 or more players on non-loot days to get a feeling for it.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Zerg] Castles - EC720E4

[Zerg] Territory Battles

Territories are something that almost every guild wants to conquer at some point. But taking one and then more importantly keeping it is rather difficult. There are 2 ways of how you can capture a territory:
1) You go out on invasion day, take down one of the territory guardians and claim the territory.
2) You attack a territory by taking down the sentry mage guarding the tower, launch on it and come back the next day to fight over control of it.
As you can see it is rather easy to just launch on a territory and that’s where it becomes hard for a small guild to keep their property. Territory launches are split into 7 different timezones. This means there are rather limited amounts of them up for grab on each timer. Due to this issue, many alliances or coalitions can hold territories in multiple different timezones. When they aren’t under attack, they can instead launch on someone else to expand their possessions.
The correct amount of players that it needs to take or defend a territory is therefore also very dependent on the location and time. There may be territories that a group of 20 players can hold and defend if there isn’t too much competition but at the same time other territories might be the focus of entire alliances. Territories close to the center are more valuable than the ones on the outside or close to portals which makes this another good indicator on how disputed they are.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Zerg] Territory Battles - 09289A9

[Economy] Personal & Guild Islands

Your personal island is a place for you to calm down after a long day of activities in Albion Online. The personal and guild islands can be utilized in many ways:

  • Storage space: Storage chests to sort your items can be placed inside houses or guild halls. You can also place certain containers outside of regular houses as well. On guild islands you additionally have access to a guild bank and guild tabs, which have a lot more storage space than normal chests.
  • Laborers: These are workers of different professions that will return resources to you in exchange for filled journals. There are laborers for every gathering profession (need gathering fame to be filled), different crafting professions (need crafting fame to be filled and mercenary laborers (need combat fame to be filled). Many players use guild halls for laborers to have many of them in one place. These can obviously only be built on guilds islands though.
  • Farming: You can construct farms, herb gardens, pastures and kennels on fertile ground. This allows you to grow different crops, raise livestock and cubs. Farming is only possible on player islands though where you get 1 farming plot for every island level between 2 and 6 for a total of 5 farming plots.

There are a few differences between player islands and guild islands that need to be mentioned here as well:
Player Islands: Require at least 1 month of premium to be acquired, after having purchased it once you get to keep it forever. Can have farming plots.
Guild Islands: Require you to create a guild. To join a different guild or to create more guild islands you will need to give your characters access to the island before leaving the guild. Has space for a guild hall. Has a big chest where you can create guild tabs for bigger storage space.
What you do with your islands is up to you. Most players use them for a mix of storage, laborers and farming. Placing down crafting stations is not recommended since you don’t get the bonus resource return you would otherwise get in the city.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Economy] Personal & Guild Islands - 7C81F1F

[Economy] Gathering

Gathering resources is one of the pillars of Albion Onlines economy. Resources can basically be found in every zone. What resources you will find in each zone depends on the following:
Biome: The biome defines which resources will spawn in the zone. Each biome has a primary, a secondary and a tertiary resource as mentioned below:
Mountain (Snow): Ore > Stone > Fiber
Forest: Wood > Hide > Stone
Desert: Hide > Fiber > Ore
Highland: Stone > Ore > Wood
Swamp: Fiber > Wood > Hide
Tier: The tier indicates the max level of resources found in the zone. Most zones will also include resources of up to 2 tiers lower.
The royal continent offers a higher enchantment and respawn rate on resources of up to Tier 5 while the black zone has higher enchantment rates for Tier 6 and higher.
The Roads of Avalon are also known for having interesting resource hotspots which can range from T4 all the way to T8. These zones are usually less populated so they can be a good alternative to gathering in the royals or outlands. In the Roads you can also stumble upon resource aspects and bosses that can yield hundreds of resources. Some of them can be soloed while bigger resource bosses often require you to group up with other players to take them down.
To start gathering a resource you will need to unlock the gathering profession of that particular tier and carry the corresponding tool with you. Unenchanted resources can already be gathered with the skill and tool of a tier lower. Important: You don’t need to equip tools, having them in your inventory is enough.
If you enjoy gathering you will want to progress as fast as possible in order to unlock new tiers and get better tools. Many players therefore suggest that you use your learning points on advancing between the tiers as it’s very efficient and saves you a lot of time.
If you want to learn about fishing I recommend checking out this fishing guide – []  as I don’t have a lot of experience with this specific profession.
Albion Online Gameplay Tips - Solo Mode - All Dungeons - Crafting - Walkthrough - [Economy] Gathering - 3739DB9

[Economy] Crafting

Crafting is another big economy topic in Albion Online. Every equippable item is player-crafted. That might seem like a daring statement at first, since you’ve probably received items from chests already that seemed like they were system-generated but we’ll get to that in a bit.
To start explaining what crafting is, we need to first split it into 3 major categories:
Refining: When you acquire raw resources you will have to make a choice. Either sell them on the market or use them to refine. If you choose the second option you will quickly understand that you will always need a lower tier refined resource in order to craft the next tier. It’s inefficient to try and gather resources of lower tiers when you have access to higher tiers already, so it’s better to just buy them off the market.
If you have the resources ready there’s a few more things you will need to know. Tiers need different proportions of refined vs. raw resources. For T3 & T4 it’s 1:2, for T5 1:3, T6 1:4 and T7 & T8 both use a 1:5 ratio. Another thing to keep in mind is the location where you refine these items. Currently it’s best to bring your resources to the city with the best resource return. It’s always a city that has a scarcity for that resource to promote transporting and trade. The best places to refine a specific resource and their respective crafting stations are as follows:
Wood (Lumbermill) → Fort Sterling
Cloth (Weaver) → Lymhurst
Stone (Stonemason) → Bridgewatch
Leather (Tanner) → Martlock
Bars (Smelter) → Thetford

You will want to refine them on one of the city crafting stations as these give the best resource return.
Crafting: Crafting is the collective term for the production of equippable gear. It’s further split into 4 categories that each have their own crafting station and journals. In general they all work the same by requiring refined resources in order to craft certain gear parts. These manufactured items also have bonus resource return bound to cities and biomes. They get their highest return in outlands hideouts near the center of the map. Here’s an overview over the different item categories and their crafting stations:

Crafting Station Weapons Armors
Warriors Forge Swords, Axes, Maces, Hammers, Crossbows, War gloves, Shields Plate Helmets, Armors & Boots
Hunters Lodge Bows, Spears, Nature, Daggers, Quarterstaffs, Torches Leather Hoods, Jackets & Shoes
Mage Tower Fire, Holy, Arcane, Frost, Arcane, Tomes Cloth Cowls, Robes & Sandals
Toolmaker Gathering tools, Demolition hammers Gathering gear, Capes & Bags

Each of these items has their use and while some of them are more used than others it doesn’t mean they can’t be sold. Here’s where the black market comes into play.
Black Market: The black market is located in Caerleon. In contrast to the normal market place, players can only sell items here. Here’s a quick explanation on how it works: Every time a player generates silver by killing a mob or opening a chest, a portion of the silver was already taken away before that to sponsor the black market. While that player killed a mob or opened a chest, he also rolled for black market items. If the item is currently in stock, it will drop, if not the silver value of that item will keep going up on the black market until someone sells it.
To summarize what that means for you as a crafter: Every item has a value and with the exception of gathering gear & demolition hammers all of the items mentioned above can be sold to the black market. Figure out yourself which items work for you. There is no „best item to craft“.
Alchemy, Cooking And Saddling: Back to our crafting categories since we have a few professions left that didn’t fit into the 2 previous categories.
Alchemy describes the brewing of potions made from herb and crop products as well as using arcane essence for enchanting. Potion crafting has the highest return rate on Caerleon crafting stations.
Cooking describes the preparing of dishes made from crop and fish products. Food crafting has the highest return rate on Caerleon crafting stations.
Saddling is the process of converting animals from pastures and kennels into rideable mounts with the help of some refined resources. The animal itself will never be returned when using focus, highest resource return is the same for all cities.
Crafting Focus: When crafting an item you will have noticed that you’re given the option to add so-called crafting focus. This is a limited resource that allows you to increase the return of resources and raising the chance to craft better quality gear. Crafting focus is a premium resource that automatically replenishes over time at a rate of 10000 per day. Increasing your crafting mastery and specializations will decrease the amount of focus needed for specific items.


I hope this Guide helped a few players to get an idea of what they can do. I noticed that a lot of people feel completely clueless after finishing the tutorial and not finding any additional quests. So to better explain what Albion Online is, it’s about making your own quests, setting yourself goals and trying to achieve them, be it alone, in a group of friends or with a guild or alliance. No matter what goals you set yourself, enjoy the journey.
If you’re interested in doing various group or zerg activities but don’t have people to play with yet, I can offer you to apply to my guild. We are a mix of veteran players that have played on the highest level competition as well as new players that just started out. We’re looking to teach you everything you need to know and take you with us on the activities mentioned above. To apply, simply join our guild discord – []  and read the instructions, we don’t bite!
As usual, let me know if you have any additional questions but keep in mind that I posted this guide on different platforms so I might not check it regularly. Easiest way will always be contacting me through discord.
– LForward

Written by LForward

This is all for Albion Online Gameplay Tips – Solo Mode – All Dungeons – Crafting – Walkthrough hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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