Albion Online Basic Gameplay Tutorial + Tips and Tricks – Multiplayer Guide

Albion Online Basic Gameplay Tutorial + Tips and Tricks – Multiplayer Guide 1 -
Albion Online Basic Gameplay Tutorial + Tips and Tricks – Multiplayer Guide 1 -

i’ll quickly explain how to start right if you want to be “competitive” in like 1 week


when you do the tutorial, just think of getting a bag, and then get 3x mule, 1 you use, +2 in your inventory.
when you out of tutorial go the the closest main city to sell 2 or 3 mules to make money.

Once you entered the real world (after tutorial)

i’d recommand not forgetting doing the 1 gold quest in the first village you arrive for extra money.
basicaly if you want easiest PVE farm build, you should focus on unlocking tier 4 cloth helm, tier 4 leather jacket, and both tier 4 leather and plate boots, and even cloth shoes (for pve and pvp).
I don’t know if the tier 4 sigil quest still exist in the first village you start but if it still exist do it, quests have changed a bit recently and on my last alt i didn’t find it, so maybe it’s not available anymore.
SO, you have you 3x mule, your 1 gold, what to do?
I would not recommand begging but telling in the general chat your a beginner and ask for 10k silver telling the city you in could end in very pleasant surprise.
So if you want a quick cleaning weapon for solo content i would recommand greataxe even if it have been nerfed recently it still on top for dungeon cleaning and value for money.
The Gear you need is :
Scholar cowl tier 4
Stalker jacket tier 4
Soldier boots and/or any Leather Boots tier 4 (using scholar boots which is light armor it also possible)
a Bag
a Horse or your mule Still.
as soo as you can afford it, a Thetford cape (since then keep your tutorial cloak)
With that gear try do like 2-5 tier 4 dungeons once you done get all your money together and you should be able to upgrade everything to tier 4.1 (to enchant gear meet the right NPC at center of main towns).
once you got 4.1 gear you can very easily do your daily expedition tier 4 or 5 (a blue crystal on main towns close to center of town), and sell the sigils for money around 30-40K for one expedition.
Actually the best way to get to elder reaver in 3 days to 1 week is not purely solo.
First you need to ask on chat for a good guild with a hideout in tier 7-8 zone, saying your a semi hardcore to hardcore player that wish to learn and improve fast (that worked 2 times for me finding a guild).
Once you done that and found a solution, what you need to do is find a guy, the best situation is a experienced guy with skilled ability tree and good equipment , and no premium. When you have find it, if you have premium, tell him that if he carry you threw tier 7+ solo dungeon in a 2 people group, you will open chests for him if he is not premium and you are (+50% reward) you’ll give him all the loots.
If you do so in 2 days playing like 5 hours with a guy you can be elder reaver.
If you not premium finding that kind of guy will be harder, but still possible, if you give loots.
You can even find a very nice guy that will even carry you and share loots.
Once you done all of that, you should be able to use tier 6 Great axe, and tier 6 armor i recommanded earlier, try get 6.2 gear (if you can use tier 7, use 7.1, will be cheaper). and then if your elder reaver your good for soloing tier 7 / 7.1 / 8. 0 solo dungeons by yourself and earn great experience!
when you solo tier 7 or more dungeon with that kind of spec, always run a tier 6+ fish ,and use tier 4 poisons on purple or harder bosses.

Alternative to greataxe

If you tried greataxe and really didn’t like it you can also try these for effective solo farming :
-Light Crossbow / Boltcasters
In fact i’d recommand AXE for overall speed cleaning, but for PVP content Spear is 1st followed by Crossbow, and then Axe (crossbow and the bear paws are close encounters).
a good thing to know is that if you plan doing HCE which is high end content dungeons, light crossbow works very well so you may like having high spec in it as soon as possible.
if you prefer to play light crossbow you can perfectly play it with tier 4 leather armor but some may prefer a Light cloth armor chestplate for this, so you will need to unlock it.
Anyway i’d recommand unlocking every part/type of armor to tier 4 as soon as possible.
The weapons you want to use aswell.

Written by Oktozomic

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