Albion Online Basic Farming Skills – Resources – Tier Tools in 2021

Albion Online Basic Farming Skills – Resources – Tier Tools in 2021 1 -
Albion Online Basic Farming Skills – Resources – Tier Tools in 2021 1 -

Guide from a Beginners to a Experts Standpoint about Gathering in Albion: Online

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Beginner info

Resources go from T1 to T8 and can have enchantments of uncommon, rare, or epic (.1 / .2 / .3)

Each tool can gather a single type of resource.

The Tier of your tool means you can gather everything of that tier including enchanted resources and non enchanted resources one tier higher. (ex: With a T4 sickle you can gather T5.0 , T4.3, T4.2, T4.1, T4.0 fibre and lower)

Fiber spawns near cliffs and water

Ore and stone will spawn near elevation changes or impassible terrain

Wood spawns in a spread out manner

Leather is acquired from killing animals. You still have to skin them after.

There are 5 different biomes. Each biome has 3 resources that will spawn in that area. This can been seen by looking at the maps ingame or . It will also display what Tier of resources are available.

Advanced info

When gathering in blue zones use an ox and bring at least 2 tools. This will save trips to town.

When gathering in yellow zones use an ox or horse. It depends on how confident you are. If you are downed (knocked out) in a yellow zone you will lose a portion of your durability (10%) for each item / stack of items you have. Meaning a 999 stack of iron will become 899.

Red and black zones horse only. Oxes are easy to take down if they have a bleed or dot that prevents you from getting into gallop. Also if you get dismounted you will likely be so overweight that there is no chance of running.

Always stay on your mount or in the mountable circle. If you see a red player on screen mount up and run (or fight if you want) right away. If you get dismounted and can’t get away (overweight) fight back. You may win or some help may come. Don’t just try to run at 1 m/s.

In red and black zones best weapon to use for escaping is bloodletter (artifact 1h dagger) It has two dashes and you can use a cool down reduction item in your off hand (Mistcaller artifact or torch). If bloodletter cost too much other daggers also also quite good for getting away as they have the dash on W.

Expert info

It is always beneficial to spend LP as soon as you can if you have the next tier tool and gathering gear available. This way you get up to a higher tier faster and get more fame per gather.

When gathering it is less efficient to gather resources higher then the tier of your tool. (Ex: If you have a T4 tool T4 resources will give you the most fame per time. T5 will be less efficient then even T3 since T5 takes so long to gather). That doesn’t mean don’t gather above the tier of your tool just don’t focus on it only.

Gathering gear increases your yield %. This means more fame which means quicker leveling and more resources.

Gathering food (pies) also increases your yield % and weight limit. Use food, it will make its cost back.

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