Translate Last Epoch into any language

Translate Last Epoch into any language 1 -
Translate Last Epoch into any language 1 -

Translate Last Epoch into any language

Hey there! Before diving into the setup for the Last Epoch translation plugin, let’s highlight a few things:

  1. The plugin taps into the game’s RAM for data, which, in some cases, might be seen as cheating. While version 0.9 of the game doesn’t have protections against this, future updates might. So, if an anti-cheat system comes into play, it might be best to avoid using the plugin.
  2. Real-time translation is the game here, so an internet connection is a must. But don’t sweat it; it works offline too.
  3. It leverages machine translation, which means it’s not perfect but it covers all game text, including dialogues, item descriptions, and the UI.

Ready to get started? Here are the steps to install the plugin:

  1. Find your game folder via the library by right-clicking the game icon, selecting “Manage,” and then “View Local Files.”
  2. Download the BepInEx_UnityIL2CPP_x64 plugin from the provided link BepInEx.
  3. Extract the downloaded plugin into the game folder.
  4. Grab the main plugin, XUnity.AutoTranslator-BepInEx-IL2CPP, and the new fonts TMP_Font_AssetBundles from another link AutoTranslator.
  5. Unzip these files into the game folder too. If asked, go ahead and replace the existing files.
  6. Launch the game and exit after the main menu loads, about 10-15 seconds later.
  7. Edit the “AutoTranslatorConfig.ini” file within the “Last Epoch\BepInEx\config\” folder, setting your desired language and the game’s original language.
  • Language=(Replace ** with your language code, like ja for Japanese)
  • FromLanguage=en
  1. Adjust the font settings by finding and changing specific lines to include your new fonts.
  • OverrideFontTextMeshPro=arialuni_sdf_u2018
  • FallbackFontTextMeshPro=arialuni_sdf_u2019

Save your edits and close the file.

  1. Restart the game, and when ready, hit Alt+0 to access the plugin settings.
  2. Select your preferred translator and fallback options, considering reliability and translation quality.
  3. Enjoy your game in your chosen language!

If you hit any snags, check if your firewall is blocking the downloads. Also, ensure files aren’t set to “Read-only” in their properties. To revert any changes, simply delete the “BepInEx” folder from your game directory.

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