Last Epoch Game Optimization + Tweaks for Best Gaming Performance

Last Epoch Game Optimization + Tweaks for Best Gaming Performance 1 -
Last Epoch Game Optimization + Tweaks for Best Gaming Performance 1 -

Overview (1080p).. what to expect from your system.. how to tweak settings..


Welcome.. to the possible solution of your problems.
Since there is a real lack of basic info regarding FPS-settings for Last Epoch,
I made this Guide in hopes of saving the forums many threads about
“new system still performs poorly” in a Unity-game from 2019 ^^

System Requirements listed on Steam..

  • Minimum:
    Win7 (64bit) + 4core (3,3-3,7GHz ;2011) + 6GB RAM + GTX 660ti / R9 270
    DX11, Internet connection, 20 GB (SSD)

    If you play on mobile device and 720p / 900p is enough, it works.
    -> 1080p will be a struggle for 30fps ;((

  • Recommended:
    Win10 (64bit) + 4core (3,2-3,6GHz ;2015) + 8GB RAM + GTX 1060 / RX480
    DX11, Internet connection, 20 GB (SSD)

    If you want to enjoy 1080p: “Recommended” is the baseline.
    -> baseline means ~45fps.. (60fps requires quite strong gfx-cards)

note: keep reading and learn about FPS-Fixes !!

Overview – GFX card requirements

Now the big question: “What specs can your graphics card run smoothly ?”

FPS* @1080p Nvidia AMD Quality
60+ fps: gtx1070(8GB) / 1660super(6GB) rx5600xt (6GB) very high / ULTRA
55 fps: gtx980ti (6GB) rx5500xt (8GB) very high
45-50 fps: gtx970 (4GB) / gtx1060 (6GB) rx480 (4GB) / rx570 (4GB) high / very high
35-40 fps: gtx960 (4GB) rx470(4GB) medium / high
30 fps: gtx660ti (2GB) medium
20-25 fps: R9 270 (2GB) / rx560 (2GB) low / medium

* average stable FPS // __ recommended cards

Performance (Medium /High /ULTRA)

The good news: ..most players can enjoy 40-60fps @1080p
The catch: ..LastEpoch is very demanding, better reduce some settings


Performance Cost :

The performance cost (better visuals) is quite high for an ARPG.
Most players will experience the best results by following my Overview-table above.
WHY?.. I´ll give an example by using the “recommended” gfx-cards:

Gfx-Card Preset average stable FPS
rx480 / rx570 1080p @ HIGH 45-50 fps
rx480 / rx570 1080p @ ULTRA 35-45 fps


  • Even using NVMe SSD.. Ultra-Preset feels extremely “volatile”
  • Almost no difference between “High” and “Very High”
  • Modern cards don´t benefit much by using “Medium”


LastEpoch is still in EA (Beta) with estimated Release 2022. Performance needs more focus.
Despite the numbers above.. some regions have encounters that "half" your FPS for 2-3 sec !!


Settings (ingame)

Last Epoch Game Optimization + Tweaks for Best Gaming Performance - Settings (ingame) - 3A64C81
Last Epoch Game Optimization + Tweaks for Best Gaming Performance - Settings (ingame) - 01F1E0E
Last Epoch Game Optimization + Tweaks for Best Gaming Performance - Settings (ingame) - CB0BC9F

Tweaks + Fixes

…it´s still EarlyAccess and hopefully Performance becomes a priority before Release (version 1.0)

FPS -Goal ??

While 30fps is playable, you really want 40+fps during fights ^^

60fps+ Issues :

If Vsync = OFF , make sure to LIMIT your FPS (eg: 60,120,144)

FPS -Reduction ingame :

– some Regions on each Map reduce your FPS significantly
– some Monster Types create unholy FPS-drops (~40%) ..kill them fast

Best Preset (Master Quality):


  • Medium -> solid Performance issues
  • High -> ideal Setting ..for solid Quality + Performance
  • *Very High -> quite choppy ..unless your gfx-card is a beast
  • ***ULTRA -> beware! ..prone to drops ~30-50% ;((

*/**/*** = risk of Screen-FREEZE (1-3sec)

Aspect-Ratio (16:9 / 4:3):

Games only support the Aspect-ratio listed ingame.
-> other Resolutions would be stretched or have black bars


Vsync – HALF (50% Monitor fps) : Don´t use it.. the polar opposite of “smooth”
Limit Background FPS : helpful whenever you TAB out of the game briefly

Warning : 
ULTRA -Preset will create a Benchmark-Stresstest. Make sure your Gfx-Cooling is perfect !!
"Very High" is not much better, but depending on your Hardware (+Cooling) manageable..


Troubleshooting – Display & Settings


  • Locate the .ini file LastEpoch uses (for Linux check ->Links below)
    Win (64bit): Last Epoch -Folder is Hidden and can be found here..
    “C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch”
    Last Epoch Game Optimization + Tweaks for Best Gaming Performance - Tweaks + Fixes - C189844
  • “le_graphicsmanager” shows all info as described above (->Settings)
    Last Epoch Game Optimization + Tweaks for Best Gaming Performance - Tweaks + Fixes - AEB8FA5
    I added the common resolutions for 16:9


Benchmark Test

Test cycle with “recommended” rx480/rx570 (vers.0.8.2H – 06/2021)
Resolution: 1080p (Fullscreen)
All Presets: V.Low – Low – Medium – High – V.High – ULTRA
Additional Parameters: Vram – RAM – CPU

 Since LastEpoch is extremely volatile we can´t use a Preset and take that FPS !!
-> any serious test requires a real Scenario to understand the huge fps-Scope 


Observation: CPU goes crazy even in IDLE (menu)

OK, let´s give this a closer look:
– CPU Utilization: uncapped fps 20-24%
– CPU Utilization: 60fps 10-13%
– CPU Utilization: 45fps 7-10%
– CPU Utilization: 30fps 5-8%
-> Great, the problem only exists with uncapped FPS – lucky us ^^

  • Vsync/FPS-cap : CPU load -50%
  • Vsync HALF: CPU load -70%

-> This will also reduce System-Heat (+ power consumption) when idle or in menu..

Now for our Benchmark: “Menu – Camp – WelrynDocks”

Scenario: For reliable figures each Preset is measured over several minutes (FullClear-run)



PRESET : VeryLow Low Medium High VeryHigh Ultra
Vram (max): 2,0GB 2,5GB 3,7GB 3,7GB 3,7GB 3,8GB
RAM (max) : 6,2GB 6,6GB 6,8GB 7,8GB 7,8GB 7,8GB
Menu (fps): 105 90 77 75 70 65
Vram (max): 2,3GB 3,0GB 3,8GB 3,8GB 3,8GB 3,8GB
RAM (max) : 6,9GB 7,1GB 9,0GB 9,0GB 9,0GB 9,0GB
WelrynDocks (fps): 72 63 55 53 42 42 (*50)
Crowdfights (fps): 60 55 47 35-45 30-35 30-35 (*40)
SpecialEnemies (fps) : 23 21 19 19 19 19 (*30)

*DetailShadows OFF
What did we learn?
-> it´s a Unity game and Zones are instanced, so killing mobs (removing NPCs) frees RAM ^^
-> depending on Zone (..even within same Zone) overall FPS can vary ~30% by moving around
-> not really much difference between Medium <-> High (Placebo??)
-> ULTRA with DetailShadows OFF is actually similar to HIGH Preset with slightly better gfx !!
-> Those special enemies and their casts need to be fixed!! Esp. when playing on HC chars
-> FPS all over the place, even without any MULTIPLAYER, Trading, Services ..this means no networking issues or server lag!

Links – [] – [] 

Written by wespe___o=/;;;:*

Hope you enjoy the post for Last Epoch Game Optimization + Tweaks for Best Gaming Performance, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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