The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations

The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations 1 -
The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations 1 -

To help with recovery, you can search for trays containing meals after the plane crashes. Also, you will find medications, soda, a complete list of all passengers, and a tray for exchanging (items for multiplayer). Depending on where it crashed and its position, you might be able to go back inside. You can then use it as shelter until building a base. If you can’t reach it, open the Survival Book and inspect the stairs building. You should also keep in mind that natives may also be able to enter. Passenger bags could be looted (, and then broken with an axe) to get more items. These are some quick tips:

  • You should throw out tennis balls that have been found in suitcases. They can be used to incendiary weapons, but they are also dangerous if they are lightened. They are not transferable to your inventory. Also, they rarely serve as effective distractions.
  • Campfires can attract cannibals to your area.
  • You can harvest the body to get the flight attendant dressed. You might also find clothes inside suitcases.
  • Wash your body in a lake to get rid of the blood (.
  • In settings, Gameplay, Colour Grading:texas and modernseems the best to brighten the night and caves (at least for PC players).
  • settings, Display: night brightness, set at maximum. Same with night brightness and caves.
  • To see the bottom and the submarine entrance caves clearly, in Settings, switch FLAT. This is a great way to see all the animals, even sharks.



The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - Starting - E2A728B

[1]. The inventory (i on PC) opens and a gear appears. Point to the gear to display a list all crafting items associated with that object.

[2]. To set Keys 1 through 4 (quick-access menu), choose the backpack and then select the object to combine. To set it, press the desired number.

[3]. [3]. Crafting – Gear Icon .


A single player is recommended for the first run. This will make the game more immersive, systematic, easier, and more enjoyable than multiplayer. The game balance is achieved when there are more players to help eachother, build faster, get more resources, and a greater number of (enemies. Multiplayer is fun with your friends Although you may achieve some great results, It’s serious play for those who aren’t involved. . It’s a good idea to hold games in private with trusted people. Last, multiplayer players who have fallen must retrieve their backpacks where a skull icon appears.

The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - Starting - 394AB5BRemember, you should save your game progress every now and again.

Overlay Map

This map is part in a video. I show how to interpret the map, but not the underground caverns, to avoid spoilers. Caves are the stars of this game. The information bellow covers most of it.

Greenish-blue areas are found in the ocean

Blue areas of the main lake

Yellow: Rock wall entrances

Purple: ground entrances

The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - ⚫ Overlay Map - 199D8E5

Caves – Part I

If you don’t have one, the high snow mountain can be found NORTH. The main-lake’s southern end is located south.

Before you go exploring caves, ensure that you have enough food, leaves, sticks, booze, and fabric (to make more molovos). Also, have water, energy, and health mixes. You also need a basic bow and plane axe. You will be able to defend yourself at first. Fabric can be combined with weapons to brighten and defend the environment. If you run out Molotovs, you can make new ones with booze+fabric. Some caves can be ‘easy’ while others may surprise you; it is better to be prepared.

  • Dead Cave connects to: Wet Cave & Ledge Cave
  • Hanging Cave connects To: Baby Cave
  • Chasm Cave connects (sinkhole hell cave)
  • Waterfall Cave connects to Lawyer Cave
  • Submerged Cave: There is no connectionThe Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - ⚫ Caves - Part I - 8CA489F
    D E A D _ C A V E

    The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - ⚫ Caves - Part I - E592F2A

    Three entrances are available: two at the south west hill and one at a rock wall. It is also known as Katana cave. It is located on its west-south edge, near the big lake. It’s easy to find the ground entrance. Ascend the cave and climb up the 1st rung.

    Do not follow a path that isn’t right for you.

    Follow the wooden floor boards to the left tunnel. Findings passengers, cassette 5, clues. Money, Timmy’s body, flashlight, watches. Coins. Soda, soda, soda, circuits. Katana sword, fabric. Dynamite. Fuel.

    The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - ⚫ Caves - Part I - C8868A7

    If you are going (where the mutant is) after some walking, you will find path division () blue containers. Continue straight ahead and break the wooden barricade. The rock wall exit is marked by a skull totem, a camera, and roots. You can move right but ((where the blue containers are)), to a flooded place, more suitcases, and soda can be located. You can see two wooden barsids that break down the large area. After walking a connection wall, you will be able to descend a long rope that leads to the Wet Cave. If you are moving up (leaving), there will still be an area with tents. There will also be ropes leading to the surface. As a reminder, it is possible to open a narrow passage leading up to the Ledge Cave once inside the Wet Cave. IMPORTANT! A narrow passage runs between the 2 wooden barriers and the large flooded space with suitcases, this passage leads you to the sinkhole. It contains Dynamite that can be used to open Ledge Cave.

    H A N G I N G _ C A V E

    The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - ⚫ Caves - Part I - D1AFFBE

    At the south-west is the first ground entrance, located near a tennis player, and a skulltotem. Findings is a compass, the map and hairspray (which can be used to light a flamethrower). It also contains dynamite, flares. Rope, medication, paint, a flashlight and more clues. It is located at catch. It is for finding the stash path. It is hidden behind a rock and must be climbed to reach the secret stash. NOTE: In this Main Village, explosives may be found in one box inside a building.

    The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - ⚫ Caves - Part I - 8951D5F

    After descending a small rod, move straight ahead to a narrow passage that leads to a division. You can move straight ahead or go left. You should not go into the floorboards from the left. Instead, look for a small entrance with a skull lamp hanging. That is the entrance to Baby Cave (.  If you continue straight ahead, descend to the area where a worker’s hat and a bench-like object are located. This area is difficult and quite large, 3 tunnels.  The exit is located at the middle of the circle. The left one leads you to a large area, with water, skulls, and suitcases. There is a division again. Find the one marked with a skull-lamp. Move down and enjoy the looting.  The last of the tunnels, the right one with a rock all the entrance, leads to a cave with no exit. Just some suitcases or loot.

    W E T _ C A V E

    The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - ⚫ Caves - Part I - D5D9FD5

    Two entrances, main lake (and wall (, are both very close). The Lake entrance is not ready for re-breather. It leads into the rock-wall entrance at same starting area. The wall is located close to the big lake. On its southeast side, there is a tree trunk that has fallen, camping beds, tents and some books. After descending (, you will need to make a small jump to). To return to the Ledge Cave(ground) where the climbing knife is, it is very important. You may also leave at Dead Cave and the other Ledge Cave exits close to Sinkhole. Findings chainsaw, clues. Booze, another Timmy’s part, drink, dynamite and gas.

    S U B M E R G E D _ C A V E

    The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - ⚫ Caves - Part I - 2008088

    The site has three entrances: wall, ground, and lake. Near the Yatch (is the wall rock entrance.) has more clues. Turn your back toward the Yatch. Walk along the shoreline to the forest, up this hill, and then turn left. Walking straight ahead, pass a small pound filled with fishes and then a few meters ahead you will see some totems. A few bats may appear. You can see a large trunk at the back of the tree further ahead of the ground entrance. Findings – clues, rebreather, oxygen tank, rusty knife, energy bars and soda, and many more.

    After entering, you will see a large area with crucifixes ahead. A narrow passage leads you to a rope, another, and the diver’s tunnel. This tunnel opens up to a large area with snacks, drinks, flares, and drinks. Continue diving to reach the exit at Geese Lake. You will need one oxygen tank to cross the entire path.


Caves – Part II

L E D G E _ C A V E

The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - ⚫ Caves - Part II - 6F1AB83

Three entrances are possible. One involves exploding the wall in the Dead Cave. Another is at the East side on the Main Lake. There is also a ground entry near the Sinkhole. Again, there are tents. This requires a quick dive and no rebreather. Walking north, keep your back to the rock wall entrance Wet Cave, you might see a hill with yellow containers inside. A bit further east, you may see two tents. There will be several mutant babies and cannibals. To explore the Ledge cave, you will need a climbing axe. Findings: climbing knife, clues and videotape

L A W Y E R S _ C A V E

The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - ⚫ Caves - Part II - 153BE8C

There are two entrances. The rock wall entrance is located near the containers and the ground entrance is near the Geese Lake. This entrance is located south-west of Sinkhole. It contains mutants and has many climbing ropes to reach the exits. The re-breather is required, and to descend, two explosives (must be used one after another) to gain access to theWaterfall Cave. Findings: keycard. Camcorder, videotape 1 and 2, several passengers. More clues.

W A T E R F A L L _ C A V E

The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - ⚫ Caves - Part II - 1C11E47

One rock wall, and ground entrance, are located at North-West of the Map, near the Sinkhole. Some orange camping tents can be found (, as well as the 2nd Ledge Cave ground entry). You can see the ground entrances by going around Sinkhole. A mutant may be found inside if you descend several ropes. You will also find a round pond and a boat. To explore it, you’ll need to have the rebreather and explosives (, at least two). Behind a small wooden barrier, with briefcases, is the Lawyer’s Cave. Findings: cassette 3. Booze, snacks, rope. Lots of camping tents inside for more clues. Large caves can be dangerous so make sure to take a full inventory.

B A B Y _ C A V E

The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - ⚫ Caves - Part II - 88D1D4F

One ground entrance, located near a small lake of a cannibal village. A pan is also available. It is located in an open, undeveloped area to the east of the Yatch. Connects to Hanging Cave by a rock wall entrance. After walking up, a hanging skull lamp will lighten its path, leading to a larger Hanging Cave. This route can be dangerous. Findings: fuel. Cassette 2, clues. Rope, booze, and other items.

C H A S M _ S I N K H O L E _ C A V E

The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - ⚫ Caves - Part II - BE1D9EF

Endgame cave. Follow the isthmus north to find the rock-wall entrance in the woods. It leads to Sinkhole (, or Hell Cave). There will be many mutants as well as regular cannibals. Re-breather, climbing knife, and explosives are required. Be ready for a Boss battle. Findings: tennis racquet, 3rd flashlight Timmy’s toy foot and left hand, videotape 4, modern bow and two additional clues. Five passengers (, or more).

The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - ⚫ Caves - Part II - C642F1B

Pass several bodies, remove two wooden barricades, and descend into the cave to find an orange tent. Save your stuff and continue to another barricade that leads to a large shelter. Divided into three paths: a flooded tunnel equipped with a generator, an area with a skull-lamp, and a smaller corridor with a generator. Go the totem path, break the barricade, swim the other side, and blow up the wall. Pass the 1st Stone Gate and 2nd Stone Gate. Cross the stone bridge. To close the lake, go through the last gate at Sinkhole. You can return to the large cave by following the skull-lamp route. A second flooded tunnel (leads to a small stash and cave with wall drawings and 2 tents. The large cave is now gone, but the tunnel with the generator has been flooded. It leads to a cave that contains the Modern bow and tents as well as other objects.


A R T I F A C T _ C A V E

Only will be revealed at the end, depending on the decision made by the player (. It’s near).

Other Locations


Large boat on the southern coast, with an inside save-sleep. It is possible to see sharks from the boat, so it is best to be cautious. OYSTERS can also be found by diving where the Yatch is located, to the corals below. A few suitcases can be found at the shore along with a cross/grave and more clues. Nearby is the Submerged Cave. Cannibals patrol the area frequently. Findings – Fabric, snacks and soda, booze. Oxygen tank, skull, rope. Cassette player, cassette 1. An artifact, golden card, picture of Virginia. Other clues.

O C E A N _ C A V E S

The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - Other Locations - E6C9F3E

The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - Other Locations - 7348730

Three caves form submarine caves. They have four blueprints and a Crossbow. A rebreather is necessary. One is the Destroyed boat, or shipwreck Nearby an island to the south near an Anchor. Each cave has a board floating on top (, see detail). Another cave, Kanji Cave, can be found near the small island (. It’s the nearest island if you keep your back to the northern mountains and look where the containers point. Last, the coastal Caveat very south. Make a small boat and go to the right. It’s possible to see the entrance from the area where Main Lake ends. Remember to Flatten the ocean quality These caves can be reached by setting up a climbing system.

The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - Other Locations - 71E66C7


You can find a part of the aircraft in the very north. The temperature is very low. To keep warm, you should carry a stick and fabric. Findings: Flaregun and an outfit. The snow region is one of the best places to find warm suits.


You can find some camping tents by walking around the map near the shore and in the forest (at the Hanging Cave entrance).

Final Tips and Info

FENCES: wood, the first option in the Survival Book, is best. But, pilfering rocks on its side will add extra strength to its defenses. The rocks+spikes are also very valuable, increasing strength by at least 3x.

TREE HOUSES: even if building destruction: -off In order to avoid trees falling on fences, a mutant could easily cause damage to a tree, causing it to fall on any other structures. If a house was constructed, it is important to protect the tree.

WINDOWS: Avoid making campfires inside the house. Instead, move away quietly from the windows. Cannibals can see movement and fire. (I wish there were curtains!)

SAVING GAME: If you do not have aTemporary Shelter in order to save game, a bed (or a Hunting shelter) Small or large cabin These beds are highly recommended and can be used as a base for two or three players. A bed is essential for large bases so all players can save their games.

BUILD A HOME FOR BIRDS: Many birdhouses will ensure that you have enough feathers to make arrows. While killing birds may be an accomplishment, the meat and feathers will not suffice.

EFFIGIES: appears only after a while when a player kills and dismembers several cannibals. See the Survival Book 2nd page. You can build anything, from a simple one to a complicated one, and light a fire which burns for many hours. Infigies are used to scare the cannibals() is like a territory.

22A30072834If it is placed on land, it takes one shape. If placed in the water, it transforms into a fish trap.

WEAPONS STAND: The Survival Book shows an example of a tree trunk placed in the floor. But, moving the ghost to the wall and it transforms into two hooks to display weapons.

The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - Final Tips & Info - D6FE86F

HOLDER FOR LOGS & ROCKS, STICKS: The Survival Book shows only the smaller/simpler version. Once the ghost is in the ground, however, look out for the “reverse of change” symbol (and two arrows). Press it, and a larger container will appear.

Ghosts are holograms with a colorful, hologram-like appearance that indicate what’s being made. They can also change color via Settings.

ANIMAL HEADS: You can place them as wall trophy but they cannot be removed. Instead, you can place them in a catapult to store until you find a place. Animal reads cannot be removed once they are placed, but can still be destroyed.

COLD: increases the energy cost, however LISTENING MUSIC can recover energy. You can also recover energy sitting on a chair.

ENEMIES: is a pale cannibal that will appear on the surface within 6-7 days. They are often armed with incendiary Tennis balls. The (mutant spider lady Virginia) Armsy will appear around 8-12 days, and Fatman around 14 Days. But it’s very relative in multiplayer. Multiple mutants may appear. Cannibals who are killed in caves won’t respawn. They can’t swim or climb ropes and can’t swim. In panic, climb a rope. They will not dodge traps. If lights are off and the environment is quiet, they may ignore players within bases. To defeat mutants, use explosives, molotovs and incendiaryarrows such as the flare guns. Armsy can easily destroy trees and fences, as can Virginia, who can jump. She can even produce babies to fight back. Fatman can be avoided by running around in circles. Make sure to keep energy mixes in stock.

SANITY: gamers start with 100% and can drop to zero at any time. This can interfere with some actions. After a certain level of decrease, you can see the EFFIGIES blueprints. When you have blood for long periods (, don’t wash yourself), kill cannibals and eat their limbs. You can increase your health by sleeping, eating animals or plants, listening to music, and sat in chairs to improve stamina.


Conflower, aloe, marigold, and chicory Combining plants/flowers can improve stamina or health. It is recommended that you plant them in your base, so that they are easy to access. You can also assign one slot from the quick menu to make a mix. Marigold, Aloe and other plants can be found in the south-east. Aloe is also found near the Crocodile hunting area at north east. Coneflower located east of the main lake at the Ledge Cave entry.

Final Notes

The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations - ⚫ Caves - Part I - 8CA489F

This is all for the moment. I tried to be concise, hope it helps with your gameplay.

ENDNIGHT developed the FOREST

Written by Skyellander

Hope you enjoy the post for The Forest Overlay Map + Items + Caves & Locations, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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