Gamedec – Definitive Edition Basic Terminology in Game

Gamedec – Definitive Edition Basic Terminology in Game 1 -
Gamedec – Definitive Edition Basic Terminology in Game 1 -

This Handbook simplifies terms and lore for every player. It can be used even when starting to build your character. Keep it handy or keep it in your hoof.

The Basic

Gamedec = people who save others from bad gaming situations and stop cheating. Detectives and problem solvers.

Deduction = Your choice selection based upon the gathered clues

Infotainer= An independent news creator.

Realium = Real life.

Genglish = Universal language used on Earth

Polis = an enormous city.

Holo = Homographic photograph.

Holm = Holographic 3D movie.

NLSD = drugs containing nanobots, ex: N-cocaine, N-ampletamine.

Infolia= data retention.

Reism = physical items and interactions in the real world.

Chi-Tong = Ingame Programming Language Based on Ideograms Resembling Kanji Characters

Gaia= An actual planet in Realium. Terraformed by FreqNoir Heavy Industries.

Codex = This is the game Wiki that updates as more information is discovered. Highly recommended to be read.

Virtualium = A high-tech VR game and all its complexities.

Sensory Worlds = official title to describe VRs.

PvP is the code for fighting other players.

PvE is a digital way to fight against something.

Virtualia is a digital universe that is controlled and developed using AIs. While programmers keep an eye out for AIs, they can be considered to have mostly failed as they cannot control their universes. This is not a secret.

Enpecs = virtual NPs

Synesthesia = concomitant multi-sensory perception.

Net = The in-game name for the internet.

Dark Web is the dark side. It’s where you will find disturbing, unacceptable, and scary things.

Games for Adults = VRs (subject to age restrictions Ex. Twisted & Perverted, Goodabads).

Gametech aka Players’ Equipment

Computer= I think you know what that is. The difference is that this game allows you to enter digital worlds with your senses fully immersed.

Couch = players must take a seat on them so their bodies can fully disconnect with reality.

Suit = armor to real life troubles (stiffen, muscles and joints pain, dystrophy and contractedures)

Helmet = let the game play in your head. Players need to be able to connect with other people. The downside is that it can be dangerous to remove. This helmet controls (vitalization and devitalization, as well as the activation or deactivation gaming chemicals).

Skin is a costume worn in a gaming environment. Imagine an avatar skin with many customization options. The skin is mostly the same for the player. No, you won’t get wings or horns.

Gaming Chemicals

Nutrifluid = your temporary water and food that you need to eat before your long gaming sessions. It is supposed be healthy.

Gamepill = metabolic modifier for those who like to play longer. This pill contains nanobots, so you don’t have to worry about your bladder or intestines. You don’t have to worry about urinating while gaming. It won’t happen.

This is done via a process called devitalization.

revitalization refers to the reverse process where gamepill action is canceled.

Plex is a neurodrink that has been uploaded into the brain using a Brainfix () machine). It is intended to stimulate neural areas.

Ethical Controversies

Diginets = Artificial people with a synthetic brain and their own unique psyche. They can also purchase an artificial body for a small fee. Imagine a possible E.D.I.

Zoenets = An individual that exists only in the Internet and sensory worlds. It has an artificial brain kept alive in a netrium ((). They are known as cyberghosts.

Semi-zoenet = Someone who is able keep a body alive but prefers its existence in sensory realms.

Rendan is a synthetic structure, which is an exact copy or a replica of an individual brain. It can also be called a synthetic brain. It will be most commonly used to describe a diginet’s mental state.

Rendanite = The name of a diginet, zoenet, whose psyche is contained within a rendan.

Mobrium = A self propelled container for a brain, rendan, or other humanoid items.

Netrium = A self-propelled container for a brain, or rendan that is shaped as cuboid boxes

Brahma = A sensory universe created by Interscope Corporation to ensure that diginets, zoenets, and other animals can live in a world similar to Realium.

L-Pill= Love Pill that contains nanobots which cause infatuation towards the person whose DNA is in the pill


A.I. = artificial intelligence.

Servobot = Robotic butler

V-Ghost = software that uses psychoscans and makes people’s behavior appear under holographic forms.

Sensing is the act of making visual and auditory contact with another person via a device.

Viper = This is a call that allows users meet via VR to have private conversations. This can only happen via a chair.

Ilgen = An illusion generator, devices that produce holograms through the air.

Hexel = a fractured pixel of a screen in 3D; makes a flat screen behave like a window.

Bio-estates = Self sufficiency villages using genetically modified crops

Aurocars = Public transport in the Low City, based off anti-gravity generators.

Pneumobile = Flying passenger vehicle.

G-Pod = A helmet that allows the wearer to feel the close presence a divine uncondionally loved being used by technoworshippers.

Hef = Head firewall, a piece that prevents hostiles and hacking the user’s psyche.

Exuter = External uterus created with the aid of technology.


This section is not intended to give a complete overview of all the major organizations in Gamedec. There are no spoilers. The truth is that each organization only becomes apparent as you progress through the game. This section is not recommended if you are just starting the game. I have listed the organizations in the order of their discovery. Each organization has its own spoiler tag.

Blue Whale Interactive (BWI) = game company that created Paradise Beach & Knight’s Code, and the Pygmalion service service (. This is the service that creates the diginets. artificial people) and luxury helmet Golden Thought.

FreqNoir Heavy Industries is a company that operates in the transportation industry and creates Anti-G (antigravity) Technology as well as polymer ropes for skyliners.

Nanette Foundation = This is a youth-oriented charitable organisation that takes care minors from Low City by engaging them with virtualium activities and also takes care terminally ill kids whose parents/guardians cannot afford treatment.

The Interscope Corporation = international transonic company that created Brahma, mobriums, and rendans. It also collaborated with BWI through the Pygmalion Service.

Closing Notes

New terms will inevitably be added to the high tech realm. This allows the player to get immersed in the story without having to look up what NPCs are talking about. Gamedec wins 100 points for creativity. The in-game Codex contains so much more. The writing quality and depth are excellent.

This dex was created to simplify things and create a “dictionary manual”. I tried simplifying the terms and removing any spoilers, except for organizations.

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Written by Amaryllis

Here we come to an end for Gamedec – Definitive Edition Basic Terminology in Game hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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