Hades How to Unlock All Weapons

Hades How to Unlock All Weapons 1 - steamsplay.com
Hades How to Unlock All Weapons 1 - steamsplay.com

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How to Unlock Weapons Hades

How to Unlock Weapons – (Infernal Arms -)

How to Unlock Weapons – (Infernal Arms -)
There are 5 main weapons available in the game, each with its own style. Titan Blood can also unlock many aspects of each Hades weapon.

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What is Titan Blood?
Titan Blood is one of the many Artifacts available in the game. It can be used to purchase currency in Hades. This currency is available in the Underworld. These are resources that can be obtained through Bounties. Titan Blood is primarily used for unlocking different Aspects to Hades weapons. You can unlock aspects within the Courtyard of Hades, which allows you customize the Infernal arms to your liking.
Stygian Blade Unlock
You don't need to do anything to unlock this weapon. The default Hades password unlocks the Stygian Blade. Stygian Blade swings wide and in the right direction. The special creates a burst of energy around your character, but this can only be used for a brief moment.
Unlock Heart-Seeking bow
You can unlock Heart Seeking Bow weapon by purchasing 2 Chthonic Keys. The weapon can be used for damage at distance. To increase range and damage, the primary fire can be altered. Extra damage can be done by releasing the bow at just the right moment. Heart-Seeking bow special sprays the arrows in a cone.
Unlock Shield of Chaos
This Hades weapon can be unlocked with 3 Chthonic Keys. This weapon's main attack is an attack that hits in an arc to the front and has knockback effects on the enemy. To shield damage from your front, hold down the attack button and release it to do the shield bash. Shield of Chaos special makes your shield bounce between enemies and then come back to you.
Unlock Eternal Spear
The weapon can only be unlocked with 4 Chthonic Keys. Eternal Spear does exactly the same thing as its name, it stabs at long range. It can do a lot of damage in a short distance. You can use the Eternal Spear to fire the arrow at enemies. To activate the special again, you can call it back.
Unlock Adamant Rail
To unlock this Hades weapon, 8 Chthonic Keys are required. This is only after all other weapons have been unlocked. The weapon can be used in both manual and automatic fire modes. It depends on whether you press or hold the button. The special is powerful, as it launches a bomb to bombard the targeted area.


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