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Hades Easy Way Clearing Chambers 1 - steamsplay.com
Hades Easy Way Clearing Chambers 1 - steamsplay.com

This guide’s aim is to make you clear chambers really damn quickly.
After several successful escape attempts, this is what I’ve found to be the most efficient way of clearing the Underworld regardless of what Pact of Punishment terms you agree to.
This guide is for players of all levels who wish to maximize their effectiveness at clearing chambers fast and efficiently, and GTFO of the Underworld at the cost of Darkness or Gemstones.


Always go for boons that grant you 2 things: more DAMAGE (to your Attack or Special) and STATUS CURSES.
Basically any God will give you some boon which elevates your damage, but some, like Artemis or Poseidon, are more generous in this regard since they offer some boons that makes your Attack, Special AND Cast deal more damage.
My personal Status Curses favorites are Doom(Ares), followed by Hangover(Dionysus), since they will continue to damage your foes substantially while allowing you to keep attacking them, dubling or tripling the damage you deal to them.
Btw, Aphrodite’s Weak sucks and wouldn’t recommend if you want to fly past chambers fast. Chill by Demeter can be good, especially if it freezes your foes completely.
Do not neglect your Dash and your Cast; they can and will be very valuable, especially in tight corridors (Dash) and while fighting Mini bosses and Bosses.
Once you have at least two or three Boons that deal more damage and afflict your foes with status curses, POWER THEM UP. You don’t need to have a million boons — I’ve escaped with as little as 4, but you will have to pump up their power with Poms of Power. Likewise, I’ve had as many as 10 or so boons, but if you wish to escape regularly you will have to power your main one to at least level 4.


  • When finding Eurydice in Asphodel, always go for the Pom Porridge. This will pump up several boons by one level, at the same time.
  • ALWAYS pick the Daedalus’ Hammer at least once. It’ll give you some super handy improvement to your weapon.
  • ALWAYS enter a Gate of Chaos at least once, ESPECIALLY in Tartarus when you can afford to sacrifice Health when entering it.
  • REVENGE BOONS are great, too. Mainly the ones offered by Zeus and Ares.



A successful escape attempt will normally have you be at 300-325 Health, though you can increase this by as much as 400 or so.
Never neglect Centaur Hearts, especially if you have a decent set up of Boons already in place.
USE DEATH DEFIANCE in the Mirror of Nyx — goes without saying this is an incredibly valuable perk, even more so when you can get to Hades without having died so, if you happen to die during that fight, you revive with half your health.


HERMESis your friend. Pick at least 2 of his Boons when available.
I always go for the ones which grant me MORE SPEED or an extra DASH (the one where you are impervious and gain %100 speed for a few seconds after dashing is also quite useful, especially when battling Asterius).
Be as QUICK as you can possibly be and also NEVER STAY IDLE during Boss fights.I can’t stress this enough, and this has proven to end fights rather quickly when they can’t keep up with you.


  • USE YOUR KEEPSAKES. Especially, those who guarantee a God will offer their Boons next.
  • Maximize your abilities and perks at the Mirror.
  • Be financially responsible. Gather as much Obol (coin) as possible, but refrain from using it on Charon’s Wells unless you need to replenish your Health or a Mini Boss or Boss fight is coming up and you could use the perks it offers. Otherwise, save up until you can spend it at Styx.
  • USE YOUR CALL. When available, choose a Boon that makes a God show up with their Call to aid you in battles. My favorite ones are Artemis’ arrow, Dyonisus’ or Ares’ ones which make foes suffer from the aforementioned Status Curses but by much more.



  • Start with Ares’ Keepsake. Go for Boons that inflict DOOM.
  • Power up my Attack and Special.
  • Enter Chaos Gate early, pick Boons who either give me more damage OR make me gain more Coin (as this wealth you’ll acquire will pay off later).
  • SWITCH Keepsakes in between Levels (buy this at the House Contractor guy or whatever it’s called),
  • Stack up on Health (Centaur Hearts).
  • Switch Keepsake again to find ARTEMIS. Pick her CALL, imo the best Call there is (tho Ares’ and Dyonisus’ are pretty sweet too).
  • Add boons to my Dash and Cast.
  • Get FAST with Hermes.
  • Use Spiked Collar (Cerberus’ Keepsake) before entering Styx, for a sweet 50 Health point bump.

By the time I fight Hades, I usually am at 325 Health, haven’t died so I can still revive with Death Defiance, inflict him with a bunch of status curses and, since I’m fast as ♥♥♥♥ by then, dodge his attacks easily and then use my Call combined with the status effects and my powerful attacks to ♥♥♥♥ him up.

A final word

This guide’s aim is to make you clear chambers really damn quickly. This is at the cost of Gemstones, Darkness, Keys or anything else that isn’t a Boon or Health.
Basically, if you build up on attack damage AND combine them with status curses (and power them up), you will get out of there fast with any weapon.
The rest is up to your abilities and, sometimes, luck, but this can be mitigated with a powerful build.

Written by Van Dough

This is all for Hades Easy Way Clearing Chambers hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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