Hades Ultra Widescreen Support Guide

Hades Ultra Widescreen Support Guide 2 - steamsplay.com
Hades Ultra Widescreen Support Guide 2 - steamsplay.com

Patch for ultra widescreen support for Hades.

Hephaistos ultrawide mod

Hades has a fixed 16:9 aspect ratio. Game developers did implement some limited support for ultrawide monitors as two pillar boxes on each side.


  • Download patch from github repository releases (depending on you OS select accodingly): https://github.com/nbusseneau/hephaistos/releases – [github.com]
  • Extract files from archive to the game directory Steam\steamapps\common\Hades
  • Run Hephaistos executable and follow instructions in popped up console.


    Hi! This interactive wizard will help you to set up Hephaistos.
    Pick an option:
    1. Patch Hades using Hephaistos
    2. Restore Hades to its pre-Hephaistos state
    3. Check current Hades / Hephaistos status
    4. Exit


    Type 1 -> Enter ⏎ -> Select your screen resolution -> Enter ⏎ -> ??? -> Profit!

If you have some difficulties look through Install – [github.com]  section on github.


All thanks to Nicolas Busseneau aka nbusseneau.

If you discover any glitches related to ultrawide mod you are welcome to open a new issue – [github.com]  (with screenshots or videos and your resolution information).

Written by viteo

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