The Forest Sharks and the Achievement

The Forest Sharks and the Achievement 1 -
The Forest Sharks and the Achievement 1 -
This isnt going to be super long with videos and pictures, so beware 2nd graders.


Why so low?

Why is the percentage for getting shark hunter achievement so low? all you have to do is find a shark (or maybe because its so rare, people can barely find it) and i’ll tell you how through this guide.

Dont be super afraid

You may be thinking “OH MY GOD I CANT NOT BE AFRAID THIS GUIDE IS TRASH” and for those people just wait. if not, then great. you have already completed step one

As far as i can tell, sharks are kind of passive, they wont even attack if you shoot them but more on that later.

What you need

So im making a list of items for you to use

Any size raft, small one is best for just achievement

Any weak ranged weapon. dont waste your high quality spears and modern arrows, a crafted bow and arrows will do

For the raft(s)

Small raft
7 logs
4 rope
4 Sticks

4. logs
4 rope
4 sticks

Large raft
5. logs
3. sticks

That’s the stuff you need
No i’m not wrong about how much rope for the large raft it doesn’t use any

How to do it

So you’ve built a raft and have a bow or weak spear or something and you’re ready for action.
Also you dont need a dock

First you’re gonna go out to the sea like a coral reef or something so you can find a shark which can be hard so just wait and be sure to bring supplies and wait

once you see it throw your spear at it or use a bow (my preferred method) to shoot it twice and guess what? You’re DONE! you got it! now, this may be the reason not many people have it is because its so rare to spawn so i think thats another reason but thats all for today and i hoped this guide actually helped someone out there.

Thanks for reading


This is all for The Forest Sharks and the Achievement hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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