Terraria Making All NPC’s Ultimate Happiness Tips

Terraria Making All NPC’s Ultimate Happiness Tips 1 - steamsplay.com
Terraria Making All NPC’s Ultimate Happiness Tips 1 - steamsplay.com

This will be a guide to making all of your NPC’s as happy as possible!


Hello, and welcome to my guide
If you are here then you are most likely wanting your NPCs to be as happy as possible.
Lucky I can help with that.
Each of these sections will follow a NPC and show you how to make them as happy as possible.
Note: The Princess will not be listed on any other NPCs sections, as she makes them all happy!

The Actual Guide

Now, I could go down a list telling you all you need to know about each NPC, but let’s be honest if your here than that means you have internet, right? Well that means that you could go over the Terraria Wiki and look up what you need there. But I want to give you something the Wiki can’t,
So Behold,

The Forest

The Forest is the first biome you will encounter, it consists of mostly flat land and trees, and quite a few of NPCs prefer to call this their home.
NPCs to put here :
The Guide,
The Merchant,
The Truffle,
The Clothier,
The Wizard.
NPCs to avoid :
The Zoologist,
though it might be tempting as the Wiki says that the zoologist like the forest, there is a much better place for here later down the road so avoid putting here in the forest, at least permanently.

The Snow

The Snow is another common biome that you will encounter pretty early on, the cold might not be your thing, and it seems like the NPCs agree with you on that.
NPCs to put here:
The Mechanic,
The Goblin Tinkerer,
The Cyborg,
The Steampunker,
Santa Claus.
NPCs to avoid:
Extra Notes :
The Mechanic and The Goblin Tinkerer love each other which means where one goes no matter where they will be as happy as possible, so you could put them together in any biome but here is prefered as the other NPCs might not take to kindly.

The Corruption/Crimson

Though no NPCs like it, it is still a biome so I should still cover it.
NPCs to put here :
Ones you hate.
NPCs to avoid :
Ones you like.

The Underground Layers

There are quite a few of underground layers consisting of Underground, Cavern, and The Underworld. Quite a few of NPCs actually like it here.
NPCs to put here :
The Demolitionist,
The Tavernkeep.
NPCs to avoid :
The Clothier,
The Mechanic,
The Goblin Tinkerer.

The Jungle

Overgrown with murderous bats, and man-eating vines, it would seem like no one would want to live here, but that’s where your wrong.
NPCs to put here :
The Witch Doctor,
The Zoologist,
The Dryad,
The Painter,
The Party Girl.
NPCs to avoid :
Everyone else

The Desert

Sandy and hot, and filled with killing bugs, it would suck to live here. Maybe these NPCs just hate themselves. . . Yeah, that’s it.
NPCs to put here :
The Arms Dealer,
The Nurse,
The Dye Trader,
The Stylist.
NPCs to avoid :

The Ocean

On either side of the world the Ocean is filled with wonderful coral and fish, this would be a wonderful place to live!
NPCs to put here :
The Angler,
The Golfer,
The Pirate.
NPCs to avoid :
The Stylist.

The Outliers

There are exactly two NPCs that don’t really have a special spot these are the 2.
The Tax Collector,
The Princess.
Now, The Princess loves everywhere and everyone, and everyone likes her, so you can put her wherever you want.
But the Tax Collector is the opposite, he only likes people that don’t like him, so he is a paradox, my best guess, put him away from everyone else.

The End

This was the Ultimate Guide to you NPCs Happiness, hope you liked it in the future I might end up doing this with mods, maybe.
Hope you enjoyed Until next time,

Written by A_Simple_Boi

Here we come to an end for Terraria Making All NPC’s Ultimate Happiness Tips hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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