Suzerain How to fully convince Justice Edmonds

Suzerain How to fully convince Justice Edmonds 1 -
Suzerain How to fully convince Justice Edmonds 1 -
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Q1 – If you remove Justice Immunity: “Why should I vote for a proposal that will take away my immunity as a Justice? Was this the promised reform? Impeaching a Justice with the decision of the Assembly?”

A1: “We need proper balance of power, Mrs. Edmonds. Try to see the bigger picture.”

Q2: “Tell me, Mr. President. What are your real intentions?”

A2: “We need a better democracy. That’s all I’m striving for.”

Q3 – If you remove Justice Immunity: “Why did you include that in the proposal, knowing that you need our vote?”

A3: “I thought you would agree to that. I believed that respectable Justices like you are against the Old Guard.”

Q4: “…What will be your next move?”

A4: “To ensure the new processes are respected and executed in transparency.”

Q5: “I see.”

A5: “Mrs. Edmonds, please help us achieve this victory. We have to be together in this.”

Q6 – If you remove Justice Voting Rights: “Can you explain to me one thing. How come you think that the Supreme Court’s right to vote on constitutional amendments is a major problem with such priority?”

A6: “The judiciary should not have legislative powers, Mrs. Edmonds.”

Q7: “I want the Old Guard gone as much as you, but I am torn about this proposal.”

A7: “Don’t be. We are together in this. This will open the way for further reforms too.”

Q8: “Mr. President. I am also wondering… If you were in Soll’s position, how would you have structured the Supreme Court? What do you believe is its role?”

A8: “It must have the power of judicial review and to strike down laws that are against the Constitution.”

Q9: “So what do you think about the judicial review?”

A9: “It plays an essential role in ensuring that each branch of government recognizes the limits of its own power.”

Q10 – If you remove Justice Immunity: “…If I give you the power to impeach us today… What’s going to happen tomorrow? Can you even give me any guarantees that this will not result in the destruction of the Court?”

A10: “You have nothing to worry about. The Justices cannot be impeached so easily.”

Q11 – If you Remove Soll’s Immunity: “Tell me… Are you planning to put Soll to trial?”

A11: “I have no such plans. The important thing here is now he will be a regular Sordish citizen.”

Q12: “Let’s see…”

A12: “Mrs. Edmonds, I really hope you vote for the proposal.” / Stay silent



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