Stardew Valley The Sorcerer’s Daughter Story Guide

Stardew Valley The Sorcerer’s Daughter Story Guide 19 -
Stardew Valley The Sorcerer’s Daughter Story Guide 19 -

Hello everyone! Continuing the stories, I will now tell you about the mysterious Wizard of our Valley and his (!) daughter who was never in the game. Although the story here is not as precise as the previous one, most players accept it as true. This time, get ready for an adventure where we will brainstorm theories!

Forbidden Love in the Town

Well, there is no quest start here (unlike our previous post) but there is some sharp information we learn through the dialogues. I have compiled all this for you, my readers. Before looking at all these conversations and the summary of the event, let’s briefly get to know the main characters of our story (there are some of us who don’t know just in case). In this way, you can have more control over the subject. If you want, you can go directly to the second part. ^-^

Know the Lead Roles

Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Forbidden Love in the Town - CB2A043Pierre

Pierre is the charming shopkeeper of our town. He can be found running his own general store every day from 9am to 5pm (except Wednesday, when the shop is closed – open every day after the Community Center is built). Pierre lives in the shop with his wife Caroline and daughter Abigail. Let’s note that Pierre has a very jealous personality and is troubled by economic matters because of Jojo Market.

CarolineStardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Forbidden Love in the Town - 8593B20

Caroline is a villager living in Pelican Town. She is very friendly and very happy to be a housewife. She wants her daughter to have a more traditional nature. He is very disturbed by Abigail’s behavior. She loves spending time with her family and wishes that her husband does not always work on holidays.

Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Forbidden Love in the Town - F532C0CAbigail

Abigail lives in the market with her family. He sometimes fights with his mother, who worries about Abigail’s “alternative lifestyle”. You can find Abigail alone in the cemetery, or you can see her playing the flute outside in a rainstorm.

Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Forbidden Love in the Town - 4216692Wizard

The Sorcerer, also known as M. Rasmodius, is a villager who lives in the Sorcerer’s Tower. It hardly leaves its tower (except for festivals and cutscenes) and can be found there whenever the tower is accessible (06:00 – 23:00). The sorcerer studies the spirit world from his tower in the ash forest. He is fluent in many basic languages.

JasStardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Forbidden Love in the Town - 793F2EA

Jas lives with his aunt Marnie and godfather Shane on his farm outside of town. She is a young girl and can often be found with her best friend Vincent.

Details to be Mentioned


  • First of all, we need to know that Abigail is a young girl who is constantly in conflict with her family. In fact, her mother, Caroline, said of her: “I wish Abby would dress more appropriately and stop dyeing her hair blue. She has such a wonderful natural hair color, just like her grandmother did. Oh, and I wish she’d find some wholesome interests instead of this occult nonsense she’s into.”
  • The second is about Jas. It is known that Jas’ parents died, but due to his age, we understand that this is a new loss. As I mentioned above, Shane is his godfather. In the game, Jas also confirms this. (I know it sounds ridiculous, it’s been discussed a lot on forms and reddit, but it’s the truth.) What’s even weirder is that for Jas Shane, he’s a close friend of his parents.


Dialogues Bundle

Now that we have learned all this, we can now examine the relationships. We already get Pierre, Caroline and Abigail, they are a family but I know why you said Jas and the Wizard. Rest assured, everything you will read will surprise you. Let’s take a look at our innocent family first:

When you talk to Pierre after a while, you will have a conversation like this:

Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Dialogues Bundle - 9B9F7C8

Abigail was born 1 year after Pierre and Caroline moved to town.

As you get closer to Abigail, you realize what kind of character and mood she has. Abigail, who you usually see playing games in her room, even invites you to play if you get too close. In general, you can find Abigail, who likes to hang out alone, sitting in the cemetery. Abigail, who is often in conflict with her family, tells you about her father:

Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Dialogues Bundle - 0519069

with his mother, you can probably find him talking like that:

Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Dialogues Bundle - 480AED4

I’m so sorry about Abigail 🙁

If all this is okay, let’s come to the main striking part. If you get 8 friendship points with Caroline, she will tell you:

Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Dialogues Bundle - 081DEBD

In fact, everything is slowly surfacing, but this is just the beginning! Caroline also complains that Pierre is not very interested in her conversations with her home and family.

Well, what if we get 8 friendship points with the Wizard? Then it’s like this:

Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Dialogues Bundle - 4358E38

NOTE: At the end of the “Magic Ink and Dark Talisman Quest”, the Sorcerer talks about his wife, “The Witch”. If you get close to the Sorceress in the future, she states that they had a hard separation in this marriage and the Witch was very angry:

Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Dialogues Bundle - F777091

Finally, we’ll take a look at the following conversations between Abby and Caroline.

  • First of all, Caroline says that Abby constantly dyes her hair purple, and her main hair color is chestnut, like her father Pierre, and she is very uncomfortable with her daughter’s dyeing her hair purple.
  • Abby, on the other hand, states that she does not remember when she dyed her hair, and that this hair color has never left her hair.



We have given all the information and now I know how it is seen from there. By compiling all these, I will also tell you my own opinion. I say my opinion because the game maker does not give any definite information on this set of events. It wants players to gain new information by researching and producing theories. So I’ll start with the first and most widely accepted theory.

  1. Abigail

    The most common theory is that she is the daughter of Abigail’s Wizard. Here’s the evidence together. Let’s examine:

    • There are 3 people with purple hair in our valley. One is the Wizard, as we know, and the other is Abigail. (I’ll mention the last person in a moment.) Even though Caroline says how much she dyes her hair (she says even if you have 0 friendship points, which she lies to everyone), Abby doesn’t remember it. It is thought that this hair color is inherited from his real father, the Wizarder.

      Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Theories - 89764FF

      But the thing is, when Abby was first added to the game, her hair color was designed as “blue” and later changed to purple. We don’t know if the producer did this for the story or if it’s something different:

      Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Theories - 3BDD216

    • Caroline, who says that she is constantly wandering around the Wizard’s tower, says that she has a daughter one year after she moved with Pierre, but Pierre complains that their daughters do not look like him and that he has doubts. This greatly increases the odds. Players It is thought that the Sorcerer cheated on his wife with Caroline during the Witch’s breakup with the Wizard (Pierre is said to have become close to the Sorcerer out of her disinterest in the house). This is why it is believed that he got angry and left a great wrath.
    • Abby says she will tend to eat whatever you give her in the game. This includes diamonds. It is thought that Abby may be a Wizard’s daughter, as she is not a normal human trait.
    • Also, when you look at Abigail’s movements and get too close, you can see her interest in the occult. This was also featured in Major Update 12. His interest in paranormal events, such as trying to communicate with spirits and wandering in the cemetery, deepens the suspicions:

      Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Theories - 38D5E94

    • And Abigail says she wants a cat, and cats are put with witches and witches are just a female wizard
    • Finally, Abby wanders around the Wizard’s tower every Sunday. From here, we can see that he has a definite relationship with the Wizard:

      Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Theories - 5E3CF5A

    • One of the fan modes, “Stardew Valley Expanded Mode”, has dealt with this issue and a story has been fictionalized that the Sorcerer is Abigail’s father.
  2. Caroline

    Another focus of discussion is Caroline. Some players think she is the Wizard’s daughter and Abby’s granddaughter.

    • Pierre’s suspicions are considered unnecessary and his character is skeptical. He actually knows that she is Abby’s daughter, but he doubts it with his paranoia.
    • Pierre is jealous by nature. When Pierre is going through a crisis with Joja struggling to stay afloat in business to support him family, he resorts to him old habit of jealousy and doubts him daughter’s legitimacy. He cannot take a break and is mentally unstable.
    • Also, the fact that the Sorcerer does not know who his daughter is, strengthens this theory. If he and Caroline had a daughter, they would remember it, but the fact that the witch’s daughter is Caroline and the Wizard has never seen her daughter causes her not to know who she is.

      Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Theories - 5DE9DF2

    • Finally, the fact that Caroline’s hair color is green, not a natural color, suggests that she constantly dyes it. The Witch is very vengeful, I’m sure she would even harm the Wizard’s illegitimate daughter, so it makes sense that if Caroline moves to Stardew Valley she will have to dye her hair a different color. Caroline is her secret daughter who dyed her hair green to hide from a local witch, and Abigail is the Sorcerer’s granddaughter.

      Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Theories - 347482D

  3. Jas

    The last person with purple hair in the valley is Jas. That’s why some players think she might be the Sorcerer’s daughter too. But this can be refuted.

    • The only common point in the game is the hair color. In addition, the age difference between them is in the form of grandfather-grandchild rather than father-daughter relationship.
    • When you enter Jas’ room, you see the dollhouse and each doll represents a family member. However, the toy that was his grandfather was tucked under the bed. We know there’s a problem here between Jas and his grandfather.
    • The unexpected recent death of Jas’ parents confirms that he has different parents. This is backed up by Shane.
    • In one of the secret notes added to the game with the 1.14 update added in 2019, the following is seen:

      Stardew Valley The Sorcerer's Daughter Story Guide - Theories - 75CF661

      Why do you think this picture is in the secret notes? I think it’s about Jas’ family.


The End

This is how we examined the Wizard, who do you think her daughter is? Could it be none of these? I would be very happy if you let me know your thoughts in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed the information I provided. I tried to present you a pleasant article again. I wrote this article in Turkish, and I will share it soon. I put a lot of effort into presenting the images/gifs. So I hope it was worth the effort. Please let me know if you see a missing spot. If you appreciate this effort, I wouldn’t say no to a little gift ‘-‘ At least one like would be nice…

Should it be about our next story?

Written by Minerva

Hope you enjoy the post for Stardew Valley The Sorcerer’s Daughter Story Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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