Stardew Valley How to install perfect survival mods + Config

Stardew Valley How to install perfect survival mods + Config 1 -
Stardew Valley How to install perfect survival mods + Config 1 -

Tired of playing the end game? want to start over with new content? How bout playing starting with hunger and thirst level? This is a guide to how to install perfect survival mods for you.

Get Started

Disclaimer this guide is for people who are already familiar with installing mods or basic with variable and value in coding, this is not a guide about how to install mods tutorial. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

First you need to install these mods :

You also need to instal Additional files required :

If you never install a mods before you can read it here : – []

Note: I don’t own any of these mods. Every file or any mods is owned by the respective owner.

Configuration and tweak

The problem with this mod is more enjoyable in the late game or when you already have a stable income especially to buy some drinks. the problem is when you start a new game, it’s hard to manage the Thirst level even some food can help but not all edible items could be found every day.

So if you want to enjoy these mods using the new game follow my guide for the basic mechanic, after you understand you can modify it whenever you want.

Survivalistic – Hunger and Thirst Configuration

First configuration, you need to open the survivalistic mods file called “BaseGame_edibles.json” located in you mods folder :

Stardew Valley\Mods\Survivalistic\assets\Databases

open the files and scroll down to the bottom then add these lines :

 "Bottled Water",
 "Raw Water",
 ] #End of the added line.
 ] #Don't remove!
} #Don't remove!

Those codes were the food/drinks Id’s from the Drink More Water (JA) mods. as you can see :

 "Consumable Item Id",
 "Feed for hunger/hydrate for thirst"

So if you have your food mods these mods are compatible. you can also change the feed/hydrate value as you wish.

Drink More Water (JA) Configuration

Well, you don’t need this tweak, you can just leave this mod alone but I’m just gonna give some basic tips with this mod. Disclaimer the code you’ll see below is already edited by me so if you don’t interested to change it or you want to enjoy the survival mods without working harder you can just copy it and paste it to your line code.

First, open your mods folder for example if you want to edit the “Raw water” its located in :

Stardew Valley\Mods\[JA] Drink More Water\Objects\Raw Water

About First lines :

 "Name": "Raw Water",
 "Description": "A cup of Raw Water. Boil it first, if not you'll probably get stomachache.",
 "Category": "Crafting",
 "Edibility": 1,
 "EdibleIsDrink": true,
 "EdibleBuffs": {
 "Farming": 1,
 "Foraging": 1,
 "Mining": 1,
 "Fishing": 1,
 "Luck": 0,
 "MaxStamina": 0,
 "Speed": 0,
 "Duration": 100,

This line has “Name” described as the item id’s. It has a “description” for the item if you hover your mouse on the item, the rest it a configuration if you want to edit the item. Does it have buff or not, if you want it has no buff make it to 0 value. If you want a good buff make it positive to 1 or more, If you want a negative buff make it negative such as -1 or more. The duration means the time when the buff will remain after you consumed it.

About the second lines :

 "Price": 1,
 "CanPurchase": true,
 "PurchaseFrom": "Pierre",
 "PurchasePrice": 2, 
 "IsColored": false,
 "Recipe": {
 "ResultCount": 1,
 "Ingredients": [
 "Object": 92,
 "Count": 3,

The “Price” line resembles an item sell price which I put to 1. the next line “CanPurchase” resembles as if you want it purchasable in the shop, like the next line is “PurchaseFrom”: “Pierre”, mean the item is purchasable by Pierre. you can change Pierre’s name to another NPC that has a shop. when the two of those previous code has been true or enabled you can set the “PurchasePrice” value for the buy price in the shop to whenever value you want. if you set it to false you won’t see it in the shop.

Next is the recipe tweak, the “ResultCount” line means how many items you get after crafting the item. then the “Object” variable means the materials you need to be able to craft an item, I set it to number 92 which in the Stardew Valley database the number “92” resembles “Sap” item id. the next “Count” lines resemble how many “sap” you want to be able to craft raw water. yeah, I know turning sap into water right? brilliant.

You can see the object Id from : – []

About the last lines :

 "Love": [],
 "Like": ["Linus", "Demetrius", "Elliott", "Sandy","Alex", "Abigail", "Caroline", "Clint", "Dwarf", "Emily", "Evelyn", "George", "Gus", "Harvey", "Jas", "Jodi", "Kent", "Leah", "Lewis", "Marnie", "Maru", "Pam", "Penny", "Pierre", "Robin", "Sam", "Shane", "Vincent", "Willy", "Wizard"],
 "Neutral": ["Krobus"],
 "Dislike": [],

Well, as you can see I don’t really need to tell what these line codes do, so just a fast example, Move one of the NPC names to the “Love” category then in-game, give Raw water to the NPC that you’ve been set to “Love” Category then she/he will love it this also works as well as “dislike” category.

You get the points.

You’ve set!

Well, that’s all I can write for these mods set to make your game more “challenge” kinda sad we can’t edit duration for hunger or thirst level that’s the reason why I made these guides.

Overall these mods set is not for everybody who wants relaxed games but why not because challenge makes life fun.


Thanks to all the creators of these amazing mods. And of course from some wiki site as well.

  • Ophaneom
  • Warilized
  • spacechase0 and Pathoschild
  • Digus
  • Pathoschild
  • Stardew Valley Wiki


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Written by Rens Agatha

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